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RNAs Techniques

June 13, 2012


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The Acid Desoxirribonucleico, (DNA or ADN, as some literatures use) is a organic made up constituted of two ribbons of nucleotdeos that contains all the information necessary to co-ordinate the development and functioning of all the beings livings creature (and some viruses). The DNA has as main function the storage of the information necessary to construct proteins and RNAs. Until the beginning of the decade of 70, the DNA was a difficult made up very of being analyzed. For having a great extensive sequncia of nucleotdeos and ' ' repetio' ' chemistry the DNA was generally analyzed for indirect ways. New technologies had been developed throughout the decade of 70, allowing the isolation, the purificao and the study of specific genes in a known process as Clonagem Gnica. Many of the discovered techniques are fruits of the Microbiology, Imunologia, Biochemist and Microbiana Genetics and, the practical discovery and of these techniques had allowed that the DNA analysis had a new approach. technology of the recombinant DNA (currently called also Genetic Engineering), is a set of techniques of ample application, that allows to study, to analyze, to identify, to isolate and to multiply genes of any organisms, being one of the used sets of techniques more in the Biotechnology. Through it we can study mechanisms of response and gnica expression, to develop cultures of procariotos capable to produce substances extremely useful as, for example, the insulina or to determine the sequncia of a gene (and for consequncia the protein that it codifies). The application of these techniques has biotechnological, commercial and medicinal a potential inexhaustible. Currently, we can observe as benefits of the development of this technology (between that they exist): The identification of genetic illnesses, the production of agricultural insumos and the identification of kinship.

New Technologies

June 7, 2012


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Sandra Maria Hisses Oak Graduated Modern Letters, (UNIAP). Postgraduate in Inclusive Education for the UNIVERSE. Attending a course currently Visual arts for the UFG Teacher of Art and Portuguese Language in the State Net of Education. School x new technologies dichotomy or symbiosis? Summary The present work looks for to approach the relations that if they form between pupils, school, professors in face to the development of more advanced and efficient technologies each time in the communication and the social relations and its use as important part for the education process learning. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Education, technology, relationship the technologies evolve in four basic directions: Of the analogical one for the digital one (digitalizao) Of the physicist for the virtual one (virtualizao) Of the fixture for the furniture (mobility) Of the massivo for the individual one (personalization) Carly Fiorina, former-president of the HPackard the education in Brazil developed it the flavor of the interests politicians and economic of each moment of the national scene, to analyze this contemporaneidade without searching a referencial historical that justifies this present time it is to run the risk of a superficial analysis and inefficacious, throughout the times the Brazilian professional corresponded what she desired herself of it following norms and rules according to interests of the moment. When if he arrives at a chaotic moment and of impasse as our last times are these where to the more advanced technologies they are each time and its domain for young a natural situation, it has that to reflect themselves and to rethink the pedagogical practical education and so that the school does not incur into the error to be as institution to the edge of all the social system. 1. Soon historical panorama of the education Brazilian The formal education in Brazil, except for an exception, always was based on the structures and models foreigners since its invasion.

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