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Sectional Doors

July 17, 2012


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Sectional – a good alternative to swing gates. In a relatively short period of time – about 10 years from an attribute of luxury sectional doors have become a convenient object of necessity. Cloth sectional door is made up of separate sections – "sendvichpaneley with polyurethane foam filling. Closed circuit panel is made of galvanized steel sheet with a polymer coating that protects the gate from the environment and mechanical damage. The thickness of the sections in these gates are usually 45 mm, the drag coefficient of heat transfer of 1.6, which significantly exceeds the existing standards. / Lifting and lowering the gates manually or by using actuator.

Management may be carried out manually using the handles, fastened to the door leaf, as well as the rope or gear, actuated by the chain (depending on the sales package). Locking gates, non-electric, by means of a spring bolt lock or crossbar, which allows you to lock the doors, both inside and outside. Depending on the design, sectional doors can be equipped with Electric with remote control. On a signal from the control actuator pulls the top edge of the gate, and sections, bending at an angle, leaving the ceiling. Gate weight is compensated by the torsion mechanism, located over an aperture or the end of the rails on the ceiling in the garage depending on the arrangement. The design of garage doors must be used at least two torsion springs in all sizes gates. Because of this they are so balanced, that they can quickly raise or lower a girl or even a child, with weight canvas 14.7 kg/m3.

Company Management

July 13, 2012


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Customers now ask questions, complaints, claims and want to know about the status of your requests or orders. They are taught to new technologies information. Prefer the convenience of your house or better from her bed with a remote control, see what they will buy and that this comes through a phone call at the door of his house (or your bed?). The world changes. The largest cities became complicated mobility, overcrowding eliminated the possibility of personalized contacts. But this is where ICT began to adapt to the changing needs of the convenience of humans.

The internet, cell phones, IPTV is the result of these trends. The survivors of this era of information and knowledge, will see a new world that was never viewed by any writer verniano. Perhaps the predictors of future changes as Alvin Toffler, they could see the skyline. Our interest is not delve into the complex problems of pollution and global warming may lead him to the planet. We assume that some rational planetary leaders take timely measures to curb fossil fuel use and the elements we have the edge.

From that perspective, that is if the planet is saved and we are still here in 15 or 20 years, it\’s best that already begin to adapt technologies to the new demands of customers of all private or public institutions. What is at stake is the survival of businesses and products in the coming years. If you save the planet as we all want, the responsibility within modern enterprises of the state or individuals, is to save customers. Customers will not tolerate us that we address them with the intensity and quality they expect. ICT use, call, internet, IPTV, mobile phones, vehicles, advanced communication systems. The modern company can not go to the saga is a need for innovation, renewal, research and development of best practices of modern marketing, or CRM, in terms of total customer satisfaction through the appropriate use of technology information and communication. Is your company prepared for this?.

School Learning

July 8, 2012


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In the last few decades, in the majority of the areas of professional performance, it is visible the process of modernization and insertion of tools of technology of the information in the processes and routines of work of diverse professionals. For example, a worker of the automobile industry that worked in this sector has thirty years, probably without the adjusted training, would not possibly obtain to work in this area. Currently, had to the constant process of modernization and automation of the work routines. This picture happens again in almost all the professional sectors that if can imagine, as the medicine, the banking institutions, the area of the telephony, among others. The dumb reality when we say on the process of pertaining to school learning of young and children in the public net of education of our country. A professor who lecionava has thirty years could continue to lecionar without problem some nowadays. The routines and methods of education used by the educators had not folloied the evolutions technological.

Young and children, currently, are in constant contact with new technologies, cellular, electronic games, computers with access the dynamic sites and constant interaction in social nets. Many of these students pass great part of its days in contact with such tools, receiving information in great amount, in agile and dynamic way. For the pupils of the public net of education the routine of the classroom is different of lived in the front of fast the informative the sites, that are substituted by chalk, black picture, books, notebooks and penxses. Although to be possible to affirm that the information acquired for the young in access the diverse sites are ' ' raso' ' , different of the proportionate knowledge for the professors in the classrooms, it is evident that the tools used for the educators are not enough to arrest the attention of its attractive pupils already adapted layouts and with the rapidity in the exchange of information. Some technologies could serve of assist the educators, as tablets, interactive pictures touchscreen and micron computers. These tools can be more attractive to the pupil, making that it participates of the lessons and discovers new utilities of the technologies of the information. According to educator Martina Roth (2011) is basic to guide the pupil in this process, being taught it to use it the information gotten with the information technologies, to take off conclusions and to define what he is with priority.

However, she is not enough that the schools are supplied with modern equipment if the professor well will not be prepared to use itself of these item in the best way, the investment would not justify itself. Martina Roth (2011) still affirms that it is necessary that the professors search the good use of the computers offering new pedagogical and metodolgicas perspectives, preventing that she has wastefulness of mounts of money. Young and children through one adjusted use of tools of the technology of the information can enxergar the process of learning of a new prism, more attractive, also being able to prepare more adequately these young ones for the new challenges of the work market. References: ROTH, MARTINA. Master speaks: interview November of 2011 So Paulo: New magazine School. Granted interview the Rita Trevisan.

The Technologies

July 2, 2012


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Making me of masculine homosexual, I made sex with a man. Making me of man, I made sex with another one, that if passed for woman. I learned everything on sado-masochism, either as sadist (), either as masochistic. In summary I made sex of all the ways that I never could pensar.' ' The principles of simulation and interaction that if had imposed to the technologies of the spirit in the last decade would be radicalizing the dissolutrias trends of the audiovisual media, making possible not only to see us but, advancing, to participate actively, despite in virtual way, the creation and recriao of the set of the experience. The virtual sociability produced by the television conventional allowed to attend us the events. The creative machines of virtual realities, are telejogos, spaces on-line or chambers of simulation, take them more far, making possible that we come in them to become its protagonists. The conceptions concerning I created by the liberal modern, racionalistas and, as well as the social relations supported that them, tend to lapse, in the measure where the emergent technologies allow to try a variety of styles of life and images that deprive in them of a fixed and steady center. The social intentions that were taken care of by the belief in such conceptions are if becoming difficult to establish in a context where ' ' The credibility in the interior world is placed under suspicion, the existence of a subjective center in the being is become problematic and the institutions that if they justified for these premises are citizens to an analysis crtica.' ' In synthesis, the joint result of this process would be, therefore, our ingression in a world in which we already do not live one safe from feeling to possess one steady I and in which more doubt has each time on the supposed existence of a well delimited identity.

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