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September 26, 2012


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The social exclusion and the digital exclusion are mutually cause and consequence. The factors of the social exclusion deepen the digital exclusion and the digital exclusion contributes for the increase of the social exclusion (I LAND ON WATER, 2004). The social inaqualities are also marcante in the globalizado world: the rich countries usufruct the advantages of the Globalization and the poor countries face many problems to compete in a market economy dominated for most powerful. The poverty and the wealth in the interior of the countries also are visible: of a side, a privileged social group that consume what of better if it produces in the world, and, of another one, the citizens who live the exclusion and the lack of chances to survive worthy. We live in a full world of conflicts and contradictions. It is verified that the technological development is one of the main .causing factors of the social exclusion, therefore, a total antagonistic society as for the purchasing power of its population, makes with that the great majority unprovided of half to become ' ' technologically includa' ' , each excluded time in the work market becomes more, a time that this demands technological knowledge. It is this technological revolution that transformed an industrial mass of reserve of unemployeds into a proletarian mass incapable to vender its force of work in the world-wide market. For the technological inclusion, it has a consensus of that the only possible solution when if speaks in the subject of the technological exclusion would be programs of social and technological inclusion. The impact provoked for this advance technological, is not summarized only to the communication and the information, therefore with the shortening or inexistence of the borders, provoked by the Globalization of the medias, it leads to a new concept of real time, where the profits and losses are almost that instantaneous.


September 7, 2012


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Thus also as a school is difficult to keep a library brought up to date with periodicals of other states, daily periodicals and weekly and biweekly magazines. Therefore it is that computer science enters, more especially the Internet here. In this net what it was impossible it starts to be alcanvel. With the Internet the pupils can travel and know many new features. A tecnologizada society is, before everything, a society with all its tram of social relations. The technology offers to resources and advances, but it imposes definitive norms and rules; being born new ethics in these relations.

We wait that this if does not give only in the privileged layers of the society. The NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN the START OF CENTURY XXI Between 1997 and 2001 gave to beginning to an explosion and dissemination of the new technologies of the information and communication, as the mobile telephone, the birth of the digital television, the access the Internet. Together with all these technological advances came also the sprouting of new companies in the branch of the telecommunication, thus facilitating our daily one. With the appearance of these new companies, the society alone had to earn, therefore before the decade of 90, the people were rare who had conditions to acquire a telephonic line, because the cost was high. Today we have a fan of options in telephony companies, since the product fell of price, was more easy of the population to have access. Favours this low of price, until today it has a very great search in the devices of telecommunication, mobile as in such a way fixed. The growth and the progress did not only come to companies of telecommunications, also came to the industries in general way. With the sprouting of the Internet and as the growth of the access flow the same one, the industries and companies in its some branches, had started to invest in the sprouting of the innovation and the development in the world of the communication einformao, thus facilitating the course and growth of the company in its diverse sectors.

Pedagogical Formation

September 1, 2012


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With the technological revolution the pupils if launch to the front with a before unimaginable infinity of resources of sources of information. The pedagogical area if sees in the necessity to evolve using of intelligent form these new resources in order to reformulate the ways of the learning and to rethink its planning. Although the technology is modifying some concepts it, by itself, it will not change the man in its form to think and to act seno for the proper will of the human being to obtain this transistion. INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to display the importance and reflections of the new techniques and technologies in the education and to tell the experiences acquired during the application of the process of implantation of new based systematics of education in the knowledge acquired throughout the course of graduation of Pedagogical Formation? UNISUL. BODY OF the ARTICLE In recent years, the technology also comes evolving and with it the society and its necessities. The information today is main product of value in the world, a powerful country, today, is not industrialized or that more it possesss accumulations of wealth, it is a country that knowledge withholds, ' ' know-how' ' , scientific development. Ahead of this new picture, the paradigm technology x education in them brings an inevitable reflection, as ' ' criador' ' ' ' criatura' ' , since the news to know come from the education had been that in it allowed new technologies them.

It is inevitable that the same ones make possible a new step for new pedagogical molds, realimentando a new emergent cycle that supplies to each time a more distant horizon. In this way, if it cannot more argue if we must apply new technologies in the educational development, but which technology to apply and as to apply it. Currently, professors of some areas react in more radical way, recognizing that, if the education and the school not to open space for these new languages, them will be able to have its definitively engaged spaces (Kawamura, 1998).

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