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New Technologies

October 31, 2012


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DOCNCIA IN SUPERIOR EDUCATION: The USE OF the NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN the FORMATION OF PROFESSORS IN the LICENCIATURA Leudemila Parcianello Pablo Cezar Konzen 1 INTRODUCTION In the end of the decade of 1960, educator L.G. Kelly very pronounced a famous phrase in the educational and technological way exactly for predicting the future, exactly being it in a relatively distant past: ' ' The machines dominate the communications in the modern world. The lingustico environment has been recriado artificially and the professor and the book have been forced if to integrate to these new ways of transmisso.' ' The essence of this citation sample that the umbilical lace between the man and the machine never is breached, is only recycle. The education, in turn, comes, the slow steps, usufructing of the technology and gaining new platforms in the approach of pupils and professors. However, the alone technology does not guarantee the formation of the education. She is necessary to have interchange. To each day new technological tools are created for benefit of the society.

The physical and virtual technologies exist. The physics are understood as the tangible equipment, manually used for the learning in classroom, as television, DVD, datashow, digital pictures; already the virtual ones can be known through the proper Internet, social nets, sites of content generation (blogs/fruns of quarrel) and others softwares of diverse types and purposes. The benefit of each one of these tools if fulfills in the assertividade in converting its objectives into the correct use for the professors in classroom. Cerne of this quarrel is in knowing if the permitted professors understand the importance to apply these new technologies of communication, teaching and stimulating its pupils, so that these, a posteriori, use also them in the exercise of the profession. 2 TECHNOLOGY IN the EDUCATIVE PROCESS Is inevitable to think how much the technology favors the educational process in all its levels of learning, since the basic education until the formation academic.

New Blu Ray Technology

October 10, 2012


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Many new technologies are entering in the market, one of them are the Blu Ray, that is an optic record that arrived in such a way to substitute the DVD and wheel in the computers as in video reproducers. Its size is the same of a normal COMPACT DISC, however it possesss a bigger capacity of storage. He allows to see images perfect and he possesss resources multimedia, is for these reasons that it is gaining each time more adepts. The main difference of the one for the DVDs normal is the storage capacity: with a layer it can keep until 25GB of data against 4,7 GB of the DVD. A version with two layers also exists that can store until 50GB of data. as well as the CDs and DVDs exists the ones that can recorded and be rewritten. It functions with a blue-violet light, therefore its Blu Ray name, or blue ray, but ' ' e' ' of the end he was taken off by being a very common word in the United States and hardly it would be a possible word to patent itself. Many rooms of cinema are being launched in 3D, and each time more films are being made with this technology and industry is following this movement launching TVs fine and with the technology 3D, therefore Blu Ray 3D wheel in all the normal devices, and same that Blu Ray is for 3D it goes to twirl but without the definitions of image in 3D. Although looser the dispute with the DVD, is a little used technology in Brazil, first which had to its high value here and why the protection excess makes with that the users see this with a certain disdain, beyond the fact that the Internet in Brazil is each faster time and with many films in HD to lower, this makes with that much people prefer to receive these videos for the same Internet instead of arcar with a well high cost.

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