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SyFy Digital

January 19, 2013


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Sites about videos function essentially as a personal channel of a brand that can be seen by millions of people. Each social platform has its own work, and all of them can be used simultaneously to increase success. People tend to use their own favorite social networking sites, so it is a good idea to be in the majority. (2) Provide messages that your audience wants to listen to know every detail about their audience, who they are and what information they want to receive. In traditional marketing, there is a tendency to manipulate directly to the consumer, while in social media is the audience that really determines the message. Success in social media marketing begins and ends with respect to their public. Understanding what your audience wants to hear is the key. I try thinking like my customers to determine their attitudes, which would be rather than what we want to tell them.

If I were a Viewer would like information behind the scenes, I would like to speak with a real person and I would like to have a good time, said Craig Engler, general manager and senior Vice President of SyFy Digital. Discounts and gifts can be useful but should not be unic. Consider the possibility of providing interesting facts about topics that match your brand. (3) Listen to your audience listen to consumers is as important as sharing messages with them. Dunkin Donuts makes this a priority in their Facebook page: because we have more than 1.4 million fans on Facebook, we maintain several eyes on our website throughout the day. We ensure that our fans have clear ideas on common confusion by selecting published on our Facebook page to answer important questions. We cannot respond to everything, but if we pick up those that are representative of common questions so that they feel that we are there, listening to and involving our fans, said Ben Smith, director of marketing Interactive.

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