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Mobile Phone Technology

March 28, 2013


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The technology of mobile phones has evolved much in recent years, as well as how to take them. Before, the most widely used mobile covers were leather black, serious and smart, since the main customers of mobile phones were entrepreneurs and executives who used them for their travel for work. As in all sectors of the market, we must adapt or die, therefore covers mobile manufacturers, have changed their products, today, we can find a great variety of them, in different textures, such as leather, plastic, metal and with a multitude of colors and styles. The truth is that there is a huge market around mobile, large amount of car accessories, helmets, protectors of screen, stickers, etc. Today, after a certain age, depending on the family, with 7 or 8 years all members have one or more phones, well to communicate with their parents, stay in touch with friends, surf the internet, etc. The children, from a very small, pay great attention to phones, either by the colors of mobile sleeves or because they always see elders with one hand and they try to imitate them. In one way or another, the truth is that they are called attention, in fact it is very common to find parents tried to give food or snack to their children, and see the small looking mobile phone, parents tend to use it as a prize, if they behave well are taught photos or a video of your favorite drawings, either simply to make it behave better. But is this a wise choice? Is it okay to let children use mobile from so small? As with everything, there are various opinions on the subject, there are people who are favor because they believe that it encourages children to develop certain skills, the truth is that we can find children who can barely speak, but know manage an i-phone to perfection. Others, they are against and claim that it instills children too much in technology, does not promote the relationships with other people, well with adults or children, and hence in the future, spend hours sitting against his orderly instead of going out to have fun with other children.

Windows Live Messenger

March 21, 2013


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One of the most recognized companies in offering service for mobile telephony in Latin America, announced that it launched as soon as a Java for Windows Live Messenger application, after an agreement between Microsoft and Synchronica, company specialized in the proportion of mobile messaging services. Should be recalled that while, in other parts of America and Europe, this service is used common, still part of Latin America in which this utility has not stopped. With this application users in Latin America, can enjoy one of the most used in the world instant messaging services. Through an interface similar to any computer, the beneficiaries of this provision may chat in Messenger, thereby introducing one of the products most required by mobile phone users today. According to recent data, Messenger has over 330 million active users each month, and the growth trend promises to leave those numbers back in little time. Finally It should be noted that this service will be compatible with equipment of high and medium range, while already launch offerings are expected to encourage mobile phone users to download and use this fabulous application.

Structural Plasters

March 15, 2013


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"Structural inlay or a decorative structure," Today, traditional wallpaper has long been considered the only possible and the best choice of wall coverings. Today there are many alternative ways decorating the walls, no less attractive and practical, but more unique and individual. These types of wall covering is decorative plaster. This material diversity of the final result, ie variety of drawings finished walls, wallpaper, certainly not inferior. So, there are several varieties of ornamental plaster. In terms of composition and quality of the constituent elements of plaster can be natural or synthetic. Natural decorative plaster made of cement or lime.

The most striking example of such a coating is considered a traditional Venetian plaster. For the production of Venetian plaster taken to use only natural ingredients, and for all stages up to final treatment a real beeswax. In the synthetic varieties of plaster, as its name implies, there are only synthetic ingredients. But such an extreme, one hundred percent synthetic variants are rare. Much more often – mixed or combined, combining natural and artificial components. Equally you can often hear the phrase "decorative plaster" and "structural plaster", some even use them as synonyms.

But it's not entirely true, since decorative plaster and can not be structural, but structural always be decorative. Structural coverage presupposes explicit granules in its composition. In the end, the wall becomes rough, structured surface. It decorative coating, unlike many others, is suitable for both internal and external works. Apply to be on almost any surface: brick, concrete, cement, metal, wood, plasterboard. There are "Specialized" types of coverage. These include coatings for internal and external works. It is logical that the stucco facades of buildings are presented for the very special requirements, in particular – claim increased resistance to environmental influences. That is why this type of plaster made of only synthetic materials. But the plaster for interior work, ie Interiors can be as natural as and synthetic, depending on the result, which must be obtained at the end.


March 6, 2013


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The Calpurnius cartoonist gives his particular vision of the movement 15-M. The drawing can be used freely citing the sources. Download the bullet in high resolution (PDF). Graphic Illustrator for 20 minutes and Calpurnius has wanted to offer his point of view on the mobilizations of the 15-M in its traditional bullet from the well of Cuttlas. Their usual characters have become on this occasion in the hashtag tribe, gathered around a common thought with tag tuitera: #estamoshartos. The original impactante bullet has been published this Friday both in the printed 20-minute version in the web. You can also download the bullet in high resolution (PDF) this image adds to the rain of hashtag and illustrations that have emerged in recent days with the mobilizations of the 15-M.

The peculiarity is that the author concedes the use of the image without commercial purposes, under the criteria of Creative Commons. I.e. can be used of the bullet when is acknowledged authorship and provenance of the image: Calpurnius. It is not the first time that it brings a picture to add to a common initiative. That was the case, for example, of the movement in dnsa of rights of Internet, emerged as a result of the law Sinde. The Eneko cartoonist made an image that also spread under the same conditions of publication.

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