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World Applications

April 14, 2013


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I definitely think that success has no age, nor place, nor default dates, because it can occur in any place, at any age, at any time and to any person to seek or is in the workplace adapting at the right time. Success is very much like the business, best businesses tend to fill an unmet need, like success, which tends to fill a gap. It is the case of Robert, a boy of 14 years than with your game or application for mobiles called Bubble ball, has surpassed all applications developed by companies and with high costs of development strategy in general, for example a surpassed the famous angrybirds that was perhaps too commented on places as prestigious as techcrunch and others. Robert developed his game that games for your iPod touch not arrived to meet him as the wanted it, then told his friend that they didn\’t make it their own games, to what the made case, aided by his mother. In many articles we have already commented that the World of mobile applications has great potential and is becoming easier to develop these applications with specialized programs targeted to non-programmers. If a 14 year old could achieve this commented success, then why not can you do it also? I think that it is not question of genius, but the courage to take the first step, dare to do so, and work to complete what one intends, aided by motivation and taste for what is done.

Android OS

April 6, 2013


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Mobile marketing is all kinds of promotion of a brand or service via cell phone. The possibilities are many: from numbers of which the user can download contents (payments or free), up content in wap format or promotional text messages. Within this concept is the use of mobile through the Bidis (a sort of bar codes, which allow you to download content, and make purchases online, among other types of commands). The segment that has grown the most in recent times is the content in wap format. It happens that increasingly more people use your mobile to connect to the internet, with HSDPA and 3 G networks are spread all over the world.

Without a doubt, this is the possibility that allows greater creativity when planning marketing strategies. It is convenient to analyze a bit how to use and when using mobile internet. Are you waiting for to renew your driver\’s license. It has a row of one hour of waiting ahead. What does? Takes out his mobile and navigates a little to pass the time, or on a journey long, or when you have time to splurge; all situations in which you navigate by pleasure, to test how it is, or because you have nothing better to do.

If your mobile phone allows it, and you have the habit of working in the cloud, i.e. with all your documents stored in a remote location, perhaps is dedicated to see that new form of costs that just send your work. But, basically, navigation via mobile phone is for pleasure, and thats the grain that whoever seeks to make mobile marketing, it must be exploited. A paradigmatic case, perhaps for being pioneer in mobile marketing is regards to, is the launch of Peugeot 3008 in Spain. The campaign was centered on a massive action of mobile marketing, with the launch of new wap portals, and the launch to all mobiles in the catalog of the auto. The motto was not there best ad of a car than the car itself. The novelty was that the carriage was not an accessory, as it has happened with many brands, which They focus their marketing campaigns in other traditional formats such as newspapers or television. In the case of the Peugeot 3008 same shaft of the campaign was on the Wap content. And the success was resounding. This may be the beginning of the development path firmer this new channel, which can be included within online marketing. But what is really new, is that these new ventures are backed by the addressing of large players of the market, such as Google, who has made big bets on online technology market. Suffice it to mention the development of the Android OS, and launch your own mobile, marking the beginning of Google as a manufacturer of mobile devices. Why you think that the Android is a reality, while the Chrome operating system becomes wish until the year coming?

United Nations Security Council

April 3, 2013


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..It seems that Gutenberg Martinez\’s Christian democracy and Soledad Alvear seized the Presidential Faculty of directing the foreign policy of the Government, acting in a somewhat hysterical scenario transversely manufactured by right that belongs to the opposition, which is nested inside the Government, more press that exhibited the same ideological sign. The presidential decision, adopted at a cabinet meeting that Sunday, argued the absence of consensus in Latin America. Anticipating that Guatemala nor Venezuela meet enough preferences, not to lose their vote. Chile took refuge in the COMMODE and little ethical abstention, which marks a certain continuity in the lack of definition of a coherent foreign policy, particularly toward South America. Discouraging voting for Venezuela in New York strengthened allegations in favour of the wisdom of the Bachelet abstentionist stance, although in fact it desmerecio your real driver role of foreign policy. The decision was communicated the public around 9 o\’clock that Sunday, but before the own Chairperson reported is personally to the President of the Christian Democrats.

Until the Minister Secretary general of Government, Ricardo Lagos Weber, announced the Sunday night that Chile decided to abstain in the election of a non-permanent member of Latin American origin in the United Nations Security Council, the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, called by telephone to the boss of the Christian democracy (DC), Soledad Alvearto explain the reasons for which took that decision… THE BEFORE…NI LOS after the reference to the earlier or the later alluded to a threat of rupture of the local DC with the Socialist ruling after an eventual vote by Venezuela). Blackmail was made by the President of the organization Christian Democratic of America (ODCA), Gutenberg Martinez, who has no relevant positions in the party but is the husband of the President, the Senator and former Foreign Minister Soledad Alvear, who also aspires to be the next President of Chile.

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