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Regular Lubrication

May 23, 2013


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And the slewing gear hobbing, which can make the maker be smooth sand casting is running and reliable operation at work. The methods to improve the capability of sand maker: 1. Regular Lubrication The equipment of sand making needs to keep a regular lubrication. The form of lubrication is dry oil lubrication oil. It is better to add some grease into the sand maker regularly. 2 Regular maintenance and checkIt is better to have a regular maintenance and check for the sand maker, which can help the user find the negative phenomena and make decision in early time. 3. Pay attention to the starting sequence The starting sequence has great influence on the production of stone, so it is very important to pay attention to the starting sequence.

The starting sequence needs to be suitable for the whole sand making production line. In 2012, the market requires the sand maker to update its comprehensive appearance and interior. The body steel adopts the most advanced high-manganese steel material, so that the machine is more stable and beautiful and have a longer service life. STI apply high-quality multi-element high alloy wear-resistant materials to ensure superior abrasion resistance and impact resistance of hammer and lining plate, and the characteristics of low dust and low-power allows users to enjoy tangible benefits: outstanding quality and excellent after-sales. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Cement making plant, Impact crusher, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.

Francoist Government

May 5, 2013


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At the age of three years comes with his family to Spain which set up his home in Madrid. Early studies in the Porvenir, colegio mixto Protestant. Militant youths Socialists unified, at the beginning of the war, sixteen years, enlisted in the Republican Army, where he becomes Commissioner of company, battalion and Brigade on. He reaches the rank of Captain, being head of services of the State more of Colonel Heartthrob in front of Catalonia. At the end of the war embark on the path of exile, crossing the Pyrenees.

In France, it is interned in various fields of concentration you Tech, Barcares, Saint Cyprien and Rimstone. He was transferred to fortify the Belgian border, in order to bind these defenses with the famous Maginot line. After nazi offensive against France, could come to Bordeaux, where he married Asuncion Allue and joined the French resistance. Persecuted by the Gestapo returns to Spain where he was arrested in 1943, a year later a Council of war sentenced to the death penalty, which is you commuted to thirty years in prison, of which meets seventeen, passing through the prisons of General Porlier, Carabanchel, Alcala de Henares and Burgos, where he remained thirteen years, developing an intense cultural and festive. In 1959 it is released and the Francoist Government expelled the country become again commuted to the penalty of perpetual estrangement. Upon his arrival in Argentina, is Assistant Secretary of the Organization for the amnesty of political prisoners from Spain and Portugal. He directed the publication La Encina root of Spain and Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Argentino of Buenos Aires, institution that received a Spanish delegation, headed by general Gutierrez Mellado, once Spain regained democracy. Among his books of poems: yesterday, today and tomorrow (1944), wall and alba (1963), poems and paper (1968), the collective man (1979) and spikes to wind (1986).

Among his books of stories stand out: the pot of milk (1944), there are no coconuts (1945), fairy tale, the knocker (1948), out (1963), collection of impressive stories of men who were waiting to anytime they read your name to be removed and driven to the wall of firing squad, mining (1970) and life, memory and dreams (1995). Finally, will point out his latest book toward the Sun of Utopia (Chronicles of life and death) (1999), written in verse and prose poetry, book in which this tireless espanol-argentino fighter for freedom, despite his many years, continues to maintain the utopia of a world better. And is that, as you told us: If an era mud destroy Utopia have an obligation to reinvent it. Francisco Arias Solis do not have the freedom that have not their thirst. XIII Festival poetry for peace and freedom in homage to Benedetti.

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