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Standing Committee

June 26, 2013


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Meanwhile Tourney, Aubin Bonnem? re and his comrades arrived behind the door of advanced. They first esculcan the body of the guard looking for keys to do lower the drawbridge and open doors. Not finding these keys come to make jump the pins of the small door of the catwalk and then break, to axe blows, the drawbridge chains. When falling, this big slab of wood kills a man who was on the brink of the pit and injures another. In an instant the cour du gouvernement was invaded by 300 insurgents just front of invalides them that made them gestures with their hats so withdrew, gestures that the invaders interpreted as an invitation to follow! Lining, obviously, opens fire and the invaders retreat with dread leaving dead and wounded on the pavement, trying to protect themselves with the doors leading to the cour de l\’orme and to the Saint-Antoine Street. This carnage has raised the rumor, spread from that same day, that the Governor had acted in that way with malice and treachery when you deliberately enter the village until the cour du gouvernement to be able to pelt without compassion, once fixed the bridge. To the rumor terms and performances until completely distort the reality of the episode was were increasing you. The journal of the Hardy bookseller accuses the Governor of having done throw to clean shrapnel over the agolpado village along the rue Saint-Antoine, making appear and disappear alternately a white handkerchief to make believe that he wanted to capitulate, narration that is false inch by inch as the episode of the massacre happens towards the white handkerchief at 4: 00 or 5: 00 and 12: 30. When news of the aleve Squad of the people became gossip, the Standing Committee commissioned to the President of the Assembly of electors, the Lord of la Vigne, Abbe Faucher and other two electors to notify the Marquis de Launay the following side: the Standing Committee of the Parisian militia, considering that there should be no military force that is not under the control of the City, instructs the members ask the Marquis de Launay, Commander of the Bastille, if you are willing to receive within this square the Parisian militia troops that will protect it in concert with the troops who are there and who will be under orders from the city.

Ferguson Boys

June 19, 2013


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With heavy pressure mounting on Ferguson Boys, it grew to become very obvious that just the last seem from the whistle signaling the finish from the match would save them, so it was. It s very rare coming up with any football team by whatever title and league mounting pressure on my small Barcelona FC, this really is one great reason, and that i enjoy watching my team play. Since it is so entertaining that you simply expect goals out of this team, we don t bother ourselves much even when we lose ultimately ACE everybody concurs ultimately that people should win and never to get rid of, such is the good thing about football with FC Barcelona. Press hype in the British media may try their possible better to distortedly twist us to think it occur in England, however this is simply too cheap to think as you may know that The country could it be, the current home of football. There might not be lots of cherry2012618 pounds but you will find lots of actions or why not in the British League player has ever won the exclusive World Footballer of the season award. Soon, we shall convince the world that we re able to crushing any opponent which comes our way.

We re hot and that we realize it, Etoo, Messi, Xavi, Alves, can perform it for all of us. Who are able to match up against Messi, a person born with football? Cruel Messi is really one guy riot squad nike free udsalg who is capable of destroying any a whole team, and Etoo opponent doing together with his present form has additionally shown I can embark upon scoring before the Referee blasts his whistle for that finish from the match. Such may be the glory Barca can bequeath to us the fans. Better start to consider abandoning hypertension-Toolbox, Fluke-Manchester U. s., Noisy but empty Chelsea FC and hard to rely on Liverpool FC and come along today. We hear never walk alone, the main reason Liverpool walk with incongruencies. UP Barca! Barca for existence!

Enterprise Innovation

June 3, 2013


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We also understand innovation as something that is closely linked to technology, which improves a particular product that is representative of an idea that already existed since the beginning of time. We innovate to provide new utilities to elements that were already part of our life from long ago. Innovate is doing something that already exists differently than the established, providing improvements (costs, satisfactions, comfort, etc.), if on the contrary you discover something new, don\’t innovate, simply is new, but the Word can take you to the wrong, inn.novar (new inside). It is transform or improve what is already invented so that you have to have a greater commercial flight. Oriol Miralbell (2002), believes that innovation has to do with creativity. She says: being creative means to be based on the existing and known to propose something new in the form or in the content. Do and later delves into their reflections, adding where is born the innovation? In the address? In workers or customers? If we are immersed in an open strategy it seems clear that innovation can be born actor or any element that is part of the Organization, from employees to customers or suppliers.

In this sense, David Arias (2008) establishes 7 principles to apply open Enterprise Innovation: take advantage of the market. Approaching the world of research. Adopt standards and regulations. Exploit intellectual property. Cultivate people.

Move, speak, and listen. Collaborate. Innovation at the organizational level: in this model the innovation arises from the contribution of anyone from within the organization. It\’s a traditional approach, involving everyone in the organization in the process of innovation of the organization.(Innovations upwards). The case is that any kind of open innovation has to be aware of that must have a faulty control point, to the less in its origin, to emerge in a natural, almost organic way. CREATIVITY: will then have the opportunity to know and understand the importance of creativity in life and in the organizations, this study after be analyzed variable could define it as a new way of seeing and doing things, the action of us know ourselves internally deepening issues essential to then be exteriorizadas in creative acts and facts.

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