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Adobe Acrobat Reader

September 23, 2013


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This type of work product brings highly profitable business virtually automatically. Once you have the product page is assembled and is the sales system that works. Then you created a business that will generate a steady income while the product market demand thong. This is a technique that works through experience, trial and error, and your business relationship with others in the same medium, definitely something that comes with time and work, but is highly profitable and if you want everything you need you can find online. A practical example would be a book (which you write, you pay for someone to type in your name or have the right to sell) This text would have some requirements: Be in electronic form (the most common format is Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF ) Have demand, either in a very specific (Golf, Medical, climbing, etc.) or is of general interest (Health, Beauty, Personal Development, Business …) You have to buy a domain, host a page, the Text Listing and configure a recovery system, usually by credit card.

Then face the problem of Marketing, bring visitors to your site, promotions, guarantees … … Not Easy if you\’re just moving into online businesses. Selling own products on the Internet requires more advanced knowledge, however, you can start selling products from other people for a commission, and that does not require much knowledge and you can start very fast, the responsibility for collection, support and guarantees, directly from the company you promote.


September 17, 2013


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We share with them that such a natural, although our major difference is the capacity of decision: we can choose to be happy or not. You that you choose? 7 I\’m happy because and can look to the past and the future look to the present. B. past? No longer: learn it. Future? Does not exist: create it from the present. The only thing that exists is the now, what rest is smoke. Live the present is living through meditation, it is to be aware. 8 Because there is always black to white and white to black.

The universe is dual, the existence is dual, you\’re dual. The norm of Yin and Yang is always true: for this reason arising in the joyful moments of weakness and between unhappiness there is need to find something better. It is best that you place on the line that divides them. 9 I\’m happy because I don\’t have anything else. When a person adheres to something and get it later, you will inevitably want more, you always want more and more, because it is inherent in man. But it is possible to free themselves.

Attachment leads to misery, why is necessary to release him to achieve happiness. 10 I am happy because I chose to be happy. The most important of the human being is his will, its freedom of decision. There is the possibility of being happy: you can take it or continue with your life\’s fleeting pleasures, unnecessary attachments and passivity. Bliss is a way of life, more meditative, more perspective, more ecstatic. That, in sum, is the culmination of human growth.

Infection Of

September 10, 2013


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German health authorities have claimed today that almost safely soybean sprouts from a small farm of Bienenbuttel (Lower Saxony) are responsible for lethal infection of e. coli that has caused 29 deaths in Germany (one plus in Sweden) and infected nearly 3,000 people. This two spokespersons of the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Institute for risk assessment have been announced at a joint press in Berlin. They are the bean sprouts, said Reinhard Burger, the Robert Koch Institute. People who consumed these products were nine times more likely to suffer a bloody diarrhea one of the main symptoms of the infection than those who did not, she added. The two spokesmen have also announced that has risen in the country the alert against the consumption of raw tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers decreed by the epidemic. Source of the news:: infection of e. coli comes from a planting soybeans German

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