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The Trade Of Nostalgia

November 22, 2013


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It is my infinite nostalgia of other latitudes which causes that my heart shakes of joy to have been born here where I have been born! Jens August Schade Summary Of course, the trade always activates for satisfying the needs of their main actor like are the consumer, to whom the companies, that offer their products to him must please and you take advantage of their emotions, feelings, impulse of the purchase, by all means with ethics, values. An interesting subject of study of markets by its reach, which represents is all concerning nostalgia, dice to which represents and how it carries out a determining roll in the conduct, behavior of the consumers. Basic annotations, reach, repercussions nostalgia can appear according to many facts, feelings, emotions that arose and that can go from our contact with people, like of the surroundings of where we have lived, been born, developed, friendships, places that there are well-known, in aim everything what of some form she has affected our life and have left us tracks that often they arise and they take step to the emotions. It of course, is profiteer by some companies to make products, to offer services that maintain activates nostalgia, especially the emigrants, as the case most numerous the one from the Mexicans to the United States. The case of the Mexicans identified with its roots, traditions, custom and that represents a significant number of consumers for the United States is a very interesting case of study on this topic, and all concerning the trade and the behavior of the consumer. That\’s why not us it must surprise indicates as it, that Market of nostalgia is the concept that is used to designate the shared habits of consumption by those who cling to their roots when they are far from his country of origin. It adds, that the nostalgia market for example, it is represented by the Mexicans that lives in the United States and does all the possible one to consume the products that knew in their childhood. .

Francis Lau Barquisimeto

November 16, 2013


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Buy Moss, hay, and other plants to decorate the birth increases the damage to the environment. Find out why: Moss is capable of retaining up to 20 times more its weight in water and acts as a water regulator, protects the soil, and is home to species of flora and fauna; (1) MOSS that you buy today (and then he goes to the trash), it will take seven years to grow back!(2) We, the consumers, we are giving our money to keep this predation and also can stop it. What is the problem when buying mosses? The extraction of mosses (Bryophyta sensu stricto) it has a strong impact on terrestrial ecosystems, and affects the water, soils and other plants and animals, generating a decrease in moisture from forests. Its enormous capacity of water retention is due to its absorbent properties. Its importance in Highlands transcends its own dimension, because if they are destroyed, the local hydrological disturbance can be catastrophic.(3) This is due to its ability to modulate the ambient humidity, by absorbing excess water during rain and releasing this water slowly when the air becomes drier during the summer months. They also intercept, absorb and retain the minerals dissolved in the rain waters, allowing the incorporation of these in the ecosystem and decreasing your wash into rivers and seas.(4) Start them for resale as ornaments which then will pull in the trash is something what consumers already do not we can continue helping, as our purchases keep the chain of intermediaries and assassination carried this Moss stores and markets what is celebrated at Christmas? Remember the birth of Jesus Christ, as a moment of hope for humanity. Christmas is a celebration of life, the life of our planet: one of the most beautiful Christian traditions is the confection of births or cribs (population growth), the demands of the environment and the increase in the number of cribs that are made are endangering the natural soil balance, because these musguitos play an irreplaceable role in ecosystems: protect bare soil, cover the rocks, provide optimum conditions of moisture and nutrients so they germinate and develop other seeds, prevent erosion and maintain moisture.

In the past, the use of MOSS in births might be insignificant and without greater environmental impact. Today there are other connotations. Imagination and creativity are a permanent challenge to search for alternating items in the elaboration of our beautiful cribs. -Published on the website of the Archdiocese of Merida on Saturday 17 September 2005. This page uses only some fragments; added emphasis. Alternatives to make a Nativity or Manger can be used other materials such as sand, pebbles, sawdust, painted sawdust, paper, cardboard, fabric, jute and all those materials that indicate your imagination. You can take to live with your children, doing a Nativity or Manger with recycled material.

Remember: all plants, from the smallest to the largest are important for the balance of the life of our cloud forests and moorland. When we destroy the MOSS not only destroy them to them but that we are destroying an ecosystem. Protects Moss, hay (beard of palo) and tree ferns (tree fern trunks). Do not remove them. Not those bandages. Do not buy them. Notes: (1) newspaper time, Colombia: (2) project protecting musguito, Venezuela: (3) News front, Colombia: (4) mosses in Chile: illustration: Arq. Sandro Bellosta graphic design: Francis Lau Barquisimeto 2008 (with slight modifications of for more information see the article originally published in by linking sustainable magazine.

Know Person

November 3, 2013


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Secure that on occasion you may have read in some magazine an article about keys that seem to reveal the love of one person by another. Ultimately, it seems somewhat irrational to try to unveil as if were the feelings that the other has and feels of a guessing game. And it is that reciprocity is an aspiration implicit in the game of love, i.e. correspondence produces happiness while the rejection means sadness dormant inside him who feel how close you a door at the vital level. One who has fallen in love with has imagined many situations and dreamed of many others. But the real plane is different to the flat ideal of the mind where everything is possible.

There are few situations that produce both fear and the fact of showing feelings and risk rejection. Not always hurts but still more under the circumstances that you are showing your heart and your soul. Unfortunately, you will not know if the boy of your dreams wants you through the test that you\’ve made in a magazine or through an item that you have read in a newspaper. There are no universal laws for feelings, for this reason, you must arm yourself for courage and ask the question to the right person when you feel a special urgency to know the answer. Things have changed a lot in the art of seducing and are no longer always the guys who have to take the first step. Without a doubt, is a choice that depends on each person: take the initiative or wait. In any case, even if you take patience as an ally in your story, surely Yes really want the person come a point where you will not be able more and will have to know the answer.

I.e. you feel you to unveil the truth thanks to the confidence in yourself and also in the other. He thinks that the most important is out for sure to be able to move forward at the vital level, whether or not with love. Only knowing the truth you will be open to others in the future while you remain tied to an idea it is very difficult to advance toward tomorrow really. You must feel proud of you if you dare to take the step show your feelings and share your intimacy. It\’s worth that you trust in yourself and follow your instinct. You know when is the right time to do so. Meanwhile, if you haven\’t yet found your ideal person but you are still trusting in the love, then you lock not doors and participates in the adventure of love is worth in any circumstance.

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