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Richard Norgaard Systems

January 21, 2014


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To sum up, also in the economy the paradigms must be changed. Once again, the reappearance of the dominion of the political one on the economy, because this last one must be put under objectives of social evaluation, democratic, ample and consistent. Of circular flow of money, of circuit closed between production and consumption, of self-sustained mechanical system, to a new glance on the dynamic interrelations between the economic systems and the set of the systems physical and social. To sum up, to articulate the economy on fundamental biophysic slight knowledge like the laws of the thermodynamics: the respect by the ecosystems happen to prevent to generate more residues than they tolerate, not to extract of the biological systems more of the renewable thing, to rescue the biophysic indicators of the dominion of the dominion of the monetary indicators. All this and more, but the package is the socioeconomic system that dominates all the environmental problems. Richard Norgaard (One sociology of the coevolucionista environment defined) it accurately: to interpret the economic activity and the ecological management like a coevolucionario process. A dominion retaken of the political one on the economy would impose to the decisions an ecological limit, the take into account of the effects nonentered in the market, that is to say, breaking the dissosciation between the formation of the prices and the biosphere and the community. The word solidarity is not in economy texts.

This is that we have defined repeated times as economy with human face also can be it like " economy of solidaridad". The economy, yes, but the environmental crisis must be faced like part of the general crisis that is the nucleus of this intervening period where the paradigms fall, episteme dissolves or the symbolic universe is surrounded by a nebula. We have been, and we continued being in this field, a technological paradigm now defied by an ecological paradigm.

Nationalistic Revolution

January 14, 2014


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The fact emitted in the reporter nocturne at the time of dinner with the boys around the familiar table. The savagery and cruelty of judges are horrifying. Morals, nevertheless, announced that it will look for to introduce communitarian justice in the new 99 Political Constitution and appointed to Technicians in Communitarian Justice, whose title surely will give unlimited power to humiliate, to ultrajar, to torture and to kill anyone them. With their head in the power, the original ones are created authorized to do what it comes to them in desire. In the last shocks with the government happened in the city of Cochabamba, the followers of Evo Morales assassinated to machete blows to a young k altar of 17 years, next, glad and triumphant they exhibited his body destroyed in the street. Years subsequent to 1952, when Victor Peace Estenssoro acceded to the power and took Nationalistic Revolution ahead, leaving in way to thousand of died and sinking to Bolivia in misery, – exactly taking the same Latin American measures that today the sandstone denominates Socialism of the 21st century -, the farmers armed with guns, entered drunk the cities, in trucks contracted by the government, and shot against that desired to them, without control, mercy and without reason.

The majority aymara, – more than two million people, pacea lives to little minutes of the luxurious houses of the upper middle class. A single shout of breath to the riot and the sacking, can cause that hundreds of thousands of natives lower from mountains to the residential districts to devastate yet and with all, without can stop them to nobody. The law with Evo will be slvese that can, because the one is the own president that foments the resentment and the violence against which they are not of his same origin or ideology. Its wild behavior demonstrates clearly that some does not exist possibility that his government can be successful.


January 8, 2014


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Peter Lois finds a lump in her breast, Peter to worry that the lump could be a cancer going to the doctor to tell you what they have. The doctor says to wait for the results, while awaiting the results of the check decides to mount a flea market in his garden to sell what you no longer need so that your family is not short of money when he dies, Lois insists independent home-entertainment distribution company that this healthy begins to worry music about.
Finally the results of the check as Peter and video games and Lois are Brain Trauma Foundation both nervous as can be put in the analysis, the last in the breast lump is a benign corpuscle of fat so that there is no danger. Since that time Peter decides to change his lifestyle and spend most of his family, but when it comes time to pay the bill she realizes that the check is too expensive and decided not to pay the same as declared deceased and sign the death to collect insurance.
At night the whole family is celebrating the good health of Peter until they receive a visit from the LLC death to take him to believe that this really dead, when Peter says that all this was a mistake and showed him a copy of your insurance with your BTF signature. Despite protests from Lois, Death decides to take us with him, before volunteer leaving, Peter clings to his family to begin to films mourn their loss (with the exception of Stewie). When leaving home, Lois and her children even with tears Genius Products in her eyes to see Peter leave until it escapes, fleeing death. After persecution by the street to put his hand up and kill him but to slip in a puddle ice falls and the ankle Inc. part and Peter on the other side gets at home.
After a while Lois suggested to stay at home Traumatic Brain Injury until he recovers from the serious injuries and try to persuade him to forgive her husband\’s life, Peter is not convinced that death is in his house until he convinces Lois that while in that state can not die. The death warns that not tell anyone that the injured while the same people would not be dying because consequences, and before Peter flies investment firm in Quagmire and Cleveland is pulled from the top of One Financial Plaza building after a 2,000 bet that he is alive (Peter is done with the final 2,000), then go to the President of and Chairman of clam and is capable of 300 drink a beer without succumbing to alcohol poisoning, having drunk decides to go with some men, who fired him, but Peter is still alive, one with a shotgun when shooting himself realizes that he is alive, all of a sudden they realize that they are immortal.
Moreover, Stewie tries to kill his mother tirandola down the stairs and throw a closet, which seems to have succeeded until Lois comes out of believing their own feet have had a stumble stupid, Stewie realizes that with death injured Lois is immortal and tries every means to cure. After talking to death, Lois convinces brain injury you that lets you live, then it leaving you to live and forgive. When Peter arrives home, his wife gives him the good news that will continue to live, but when death makes the news is that people have discovered that no one can die.
Outraged because the whole world is laughing at him, after the death of Lois promises not to kill him, instead of forcing it to do its job and kills someone who attracts attention after seeing a magazine, death requires him to kill the players that will grow Dawson on board a plane to renegotiate their contracts.
In the plane and Peter makes a call telling him he can not do, but plans to go beyond death as Dawson grows players will not be the only ones to die since the plane will crash. The death calmly telling him that will be the sole survivor, after seeing some children were aware of the lives that are in danger and tells him not going to do his job, Peter gets into the cockpit and asked the landing plane before it is too late to TBI touch his shoulder but thunder die showing the world that have become immortal, but the plane starts to fall rapidly at the end when all seems lost is the actress Karen Black (actress Airport 75) getting the plane to land as it did in the film to save an air disaster.
The death at the end of the ankle is recovered and left to Griffin to spare their lives and give Peter a pack of CDs Scuggs Boys, said that before going again very soon be a joke.

Guernsey Press and Star
flight at the airport has been suspended after philanthropy the Firefighter dispute escalated into a full strike yesterday. Hundreds of people had their travel plans disrupted and many were looking for somewhere to stay for the night after fire crews ran shortly after 5pm.

Count Exemptions

January 1, 2014


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Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A. finishes abrir a center in Galicia more, and so it already adds the 54 premises operating in this Independent Community. Madrid, 9 of 2009 July. – Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A., the chain of tax exemptions dedicated to the stationery store, continues expanding its network that counts already on 497 centers. The last opening of the company/signature has taken place in Pontevedra (Galicia), being this last center number 54 of which operates in this Community. The new premises, CARLIN STATIONERY STORES, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, count on 210m2 of surface to take care of the public and began its activity 15 of June the past. This new center, situated in the pontevedresa locality of the Estrada, more concretely in the Castelao street, 9, are united to the network of tax exemptions of CARLiN in Galicia, which offers its services to 20,000 SMEs of all the Galician community.

According to the brothers Count, Pablo and Julio, franchise-holders owners of this last store, the decision to work with CARLiN arose from the idea to invest in a business with opportunities. Sample of it, is the fact that these same franchise-holders count on other three CARLiN stores, a Ofimarket (destined to give service to companies) and a warehouse, all of them within the Galician province of Pontevedra. Global numbers At present, the network of CARLiN tax exemptions is present with 497 tax exemptions, of which 490 are managed by franchise-holders and 7 are of own character. Outside our borders, 31 CARLiN tax exemptions exist that are in Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Morocco and Portugal. During 2008 the chain invoiced to 160 million Euros through his almost 500 tax exemptions. The net number of business of Carlin in the past exercise ascends to near 3 million Euros.

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