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KCR City

February 15, 2014


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But this road is not important in fact serving the villages around Kislovodsk and the nearest villages and settlements of KCR. The internal road network in the resort town of Kislovodsk, a highly developed, and matching, the federal road network resort. But construction and more maintenance of pavement in the city stalkivaetsya with local problems. The main addition financing and corruption yavlyaetsya complexity of the local landscape. The city is not only surrounded by mountains, but also stands on the rugged hills and mountains streams and rivers. These terrain conditions pose to employees hozyastva new road tasks that do not vstrechayutsya their counterparts in other regions of Russia. In the city there is little flat and straight streets. Longest street is the prospect of victory.

This prospect most smooth, no hesitation in height. Except that this street is central to the city, it is a continuation of the highway on which is connected to the cities of Kislovodsk Kavminvod. Adjacent to Prospect Pobedy street at the entrance to the city district constitute a minute and entry, ex- Cossack villages merged with the city. In Kislovodsk, a few brochures and prospectus of the Victory but the rest of obeying the landscape of the city squirm between hills or mountains to climb. Different avenues and busy road. If Victory Avenue is allocated a large amount of transport, being the main street of the city, such as Lenin Prospect located in the resort area, quiet street without yavlyaetsya significant motion avtortransporta, except those who nails to stay in the sanatorium of Kislovodsk, situated along the avenue.

Cars sanatorium. Dimitrova, Spa Plaza, named Kirov and the Military Spa is all the main stream of cars on the street. In addition to leaflets in the city occurs several times a feature of urban planning as a circular area and isolation. The central part of the Kislovodsk transport system is Oktyabrskaya Square. It is central to the circle interchange connecting the different parts of the city together. floor area leads to high congestion and traffic jams throughout the city. Immense value as bridges in the architecture city. Since the streams and rivers crossing the territory of the city in many ways, construction of bridges over them as pedestrian and vehicle is an urgent need for the city. Many pedestrian zones represent is nothing but a great bridge widening the sidewalks and squares in the city. In general, in spite of various difficulties Kislovodsk with a modern transport system at the same time connected with the neighboring cities of Caucasian Mineral waters and the neighboring republic of Karachay-Cherkessia. Besides the transportation system Kislovodsk despite the complex landscape of the area can withstand a high level of development, worthy of the resort town national significance.

Social Networks

February 9, 2014


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With the rise of social networking and its incalculable potential for new relationships and customers for products and services online entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed in front of the number of different sites and web spaces. How to effectively manage profiles on social networks and take advantage of this fabulous opportunity for exposure is essential to optimize our resources. The following six key steps to planning your participation in social networks: 1. Understanding and evaluating your position The first step is to review and document in detail on what networks have open profiles. Make a detailed list of all services including your username and password on each one of them. Tip: Be sure to unify criteria and try to take all: the same user, the same photo and all your basic data. This profile online allows people to relate to you on the different networks to identify you more easily. 2.

Enter networks and platforms realistically While the number of online spaces is inexhaustible evaluate consciousness which most profitable you will be better. Time is limited and make sure that we are participating in those that are appropriate and we add value is key. Tip: While you select which sites will participate carefully and platforms, will open a good idea anyway profiles on the major networks with your regular user, to make sure no one else will use that user in it. 3. Organize and systematize! The great variety of living requires a certain organization that allows you to maintain good control of them. Create a list with all your users, passwords and emails with which you have subscribed. Moreover, your participation in systematizing you have identified as critical and develop a concrete plan of action for each one of them.

Tip: hang time on your calendar to participate in these networks. Whether you have 30 minutes per day or 1 hour a week, mark your calendar and systematize this procedure. 4. Automates the activities that you can There are several tools that facilitate some Automation for your updates on some networks make it easy. Is the case with tools like and SocialOomp, for example. Identify what parts of your participation can be automated to save you time and enhance your efforts. Tip: If you do not know these tools or do not have enough time to implement these automated systems, hire a competent person to do it for you! 5. Keep your profile updated profiles of the different networks that are abandoned and outdated data, information or cause a very bad impression. Make sure you periodically review your data in each of the networks so that their contents are fresh and current. Tip: mark your calendar this activity that can take you only 1 hour every three months. 6. Actively involved understands that the key is to participate frequently. Expand your contacts and incorporates routine participate so that you can truly take advantage of these networks and social media. Social networks are based on relationships so that while you can automate certain parts of the basic objective to consider is the development of genuine relationships which are then translated into your newsletter subscribers, customers for your services and products and growth opportunities in business and personally and professionally Council It develops a plan for your participation in the social networks that include not only the objectives but also specific and measurable goals that allow you to assess your performance in them. Happy networking!

Service Desk

February 2, 2014


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Still today the area of Service Desk is very common to receive requests for resolution from calls, says thus, well different. Facts as: the machine of the coffee is with problems, my cellular one does not bind, the water through of the department does not function etc. These requests have something to see with YOU? Of course not, but the truth is that many times are not clearly to the user which are the real attributions of the department of technology of the information. At many moments, I observe a maken a mistake idea of the professionals of a corporation in relating the department of YOU as an area of resolution also for equipment that does not correspond what he is of responsibility of the service desk. E, if this occurs, despite let us be in the age of the constant evolution of the technology, you professional, or exactly using YOU, needs to understand, above all, what it is a Catalogue of Services. Beyond knowing for where to bind, is necessary to identify of which services Cardpio.

You seem easy, but without it, perhaps comet a terrible error when asking for feijoada in one fast food of Arab food. Bringing this situation to the corporative environment. How much time and work are wasted for its department not to clearly possess a Catalogue of Services and objective? The catalogue in question is the cardpio offered for the department of technology of the information to the users of its corporation. It possesss all the offered services, softwares and corporative systems that can be installed and be supported. If used well, he does not have possibility of the technician to commit the error to give has supported to a software that at least> it is homologated by the company. But the elaboration of a Catalogue of Services is not simple task, either even so basic.

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