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Network DSL

March 31, 2014


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DSL2 is a new transmission standard – virtually the technical development of DSL. The names DSL2 / DSL2 + and ADSL2 + are common abbreviations. The clear advantage is the much higher data rates and extended reach. The download time of a 20 MB file would be at optimum speed is only 10 seconds! They are incredible 2 MB per second. An average MP3 – song so you can play after less than 5 seconds! This opens up today and in future entirely new applications. IPTV – that is, high-definition television over the Internet, video conferencing and Internet telephony in the exchange in an unusually high quality vacation photos and movies with friends, warp speed \’. Although one might think, has so much power at a price, it is wrong in this case. Only the basic charge for the DSL connection costs 5, – more than a DSL 6000 Kbps connection.20% higher fee for almost 3 times more speed! This is definitely a price / performance ratio is! Tariff overview and further information can be found here.

Social Networks

March 25, 2014


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It is amazing the boom that social networks are taking at the moment, by such reason find them in all sides I dare to assure that now almost all pages have their social links and not to mention television, seems to be than what was predicted as a fad, definitely here to stay. And it is not for less! as a personal experience I can say that much of the traffic to my blog is by this means, which is Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, that are of which I support to publicize my proposal of business and thus leverage so that my future clients know me. Now go wing question lately is cause of controversy is making money with social networks? the answer is no, because the question is poorly formulated, let\’s see now you can make money through social networks? do and the answer is a Yes resounding, but remember money is achieved through social networks, now the difference between a Word and the other?Taking as example the first question I explain, don\’t think you will have make money be changing your Facebook status on trivial things, or spend hours in the games provided by this social network, or you will gain money by Tweet you are going to drink coffee, or that day is very cold and things like that, so do not make money let us be realistic.However, if they are an excellent means by which you can let you know as the future person with which piensan acquiring a product, form alliances and establish bonds of trust.I must emphasize that is not that you just spend to send your link of affiliate, more well socialize sharing content of interest to you to consider that it will has been serving your friends and followers, and clear is also share parts of your life that only your consider that they should know, and finally talk about your businessYou can not go to facebook or twitter to only talk about your products and abusing this, remember they are social networks and by logic it\’s socializing and subsequently mentioned above, say is a 60% make friends and share with them and 40% to talk about your business and your services, knowing the rules of the game is important, for the day of tomorrow not are you accused of Spam and to cancel your account. and having said all that I conclude that if they can do business via social networks and consequently earn money.Don\’t miss this poderosisima tool. Thank you for your time to this reading. I wish you all the best in the universe your friend: April Rivera.

Payment Terminals

March 18, 2014


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Business to accept payments through terminals developed by leaps and bounds. Number takihterminalov past half year has increased several times. Business to accept payments through automated payment terminals growing by leaps and bounds. Number of terminals over the past half year has increased several times. Developed payment systems, integrated solutions, includes the supply of fully prepared to work with terminals installed software, offers leasing, streamlined service and technical support have made possible a situation where in this business can work even people without technical expertise or experience in the field of payment. However, there are several points at which sellers of terminals and payment systems representatives prefer not to aggravate attention to new dealers. For example, the actual degree of profitability, or aspects related to the implementation of the Law on Banks and Banking and the need to apply in payment terminals fiscal registrars.

Not so much attention, unfortunately, is usually given, and aspects of information security when building network of payment terminals. Some of these issues we will examine in more detail in this and several subsequent articles. So, decided to create a small network of payment terminals. Now you need to choose a payment system, which will be further work to prepare a business plan, find a supplier terminals and space for their installation. The choice of payment system, we are not going to affect. Almost all of them offer complete software solutions for the control of terminal operations and quality service to technical support. Differently in this business right now can not survive.


March 12, 2014


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In a world of constant change, where the technology become important part of our lives and where the Internet occupies more time into our daily routine, surge in parallel technical and innovative methods for the development of network marketing. Until a few years ago this activity was limited to meetings at home, in where a family atmosphere showed the business opportunity to relatives, friends and other persons to whom our discretion might interest them this type of activity. Prospecting techniques were limited to the presentation in the face of the business opportunity, the phone was the most advanced technologically speaking – medium whereby we recruiting appointments with our future prospects and in some rare cases the sending of faxes. Today prospecting techniques, as well as the products offered are diverse; We find companies of personal care, nutritional products, legal, insurance, tourist services, services of hosting or web hosting, etc. the range has expanded to areas that were until recently unknown in this type of activity. But what is all this? It is simple because as a result of the evolution of the technology and the products offered by this channel of distribution, serious training, a professional learning is necessary. Today to develop an activity of this type is necessary to train, learn, study how well says the guru of finance and investment Robert Kiyosaki must do our task.

The variety of products offered through the network marketing channel makes us think that training is imminent. People who take really seriously this activity know perfectly that this is not a game, so much so we prepare several years to develop a profession, so much so we will have to prepare ourselves to develop a business in MLM which give back us significant revenue in the short, medium and long term. What attitude to take? While certainly a factor important is the attitude and motivation, many others are perseverance, discipline and self-determination must not be some makeshift for the development of our business, the fact of becoming novice networkers in a home, does not mean that we take things as seemeth us or thinking about doing things our own way; just as in the study of our professions, we followed a study methodology in different subjects, alternating with practices that reinforced what they learned, in network marketing, also we will have to apply a methodology that allows us to develop this activity in the best way; We will initially have to know our products, try to offer them and thus have a good base to sustain the acquisition to our stakeholders; This will generate confidence towards them, for this will need to learn the techniques that he used also to duplicate the business of our sponsor. Network marketing has much prospered thanks to the Internet, to provide tools and technologies that contribute to make the work more professionally, it follows the possibility of contact with sophisticated tools to people from different parts of the world and in this way develop and consolidate a network with unlimited scope. With existing tools today, the networker can prospect online, make video conferences online that capture people anywhere in the world, use autoresponder, make payments online, develop sites on the Internet with increasingly more sophisticated tools, participate in forums, make viral marketing articles or videos, etc could say that thanks to the Internet, Network Marketing has been one of its most important steps.

Networking People

March 5, 2014


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Towards the end of the first part of this controversial article, I referred to the high percentage of failure that many networkers are exposed to apply a technical online early in your MLM business. This failure was due firstly to the time needed to comply all the online ploy can be between 6 and 8 months, and on the other hand, that some people may think that it can be very complex, excessively technical, like so that they reach to carry it out. Do you think that a person who enters for the first time in this industry might expect between 6 or 8 months in order to achieve the first sponsored? Do estimates that it would have the patience and perseverance needed to wait so long without achieving or a single dollar, meanwhile that develops every day your online strategy? My goal with this article is precisely that do not engage in certain errors which compel you finally throwing in the towel and give up on your business. The most basic is that at boot time you work your way to multilevel marketing business face-to-face, this may be what comes to be easier, safer to get your first downlines during these first weeks. This is what will cause that your enthusiasm remains continuous and you\’re motivated to continue carrying out with strength and hope your MLM business.

Arrived at this moment, I intend to suggest a very important detail. If you intend to begin personally to ancient, i.e., making certain list of more than 100 people, made up of friends, family, etc., and presenting them to each who your business opportunity, you\’re going to burn. Then, the logical thing is that you are valuing that if it is not advisable to start through a strategy online, nor the Presential MLM, that would be what had been done all the time, then how? Here is the solution. The classroom is easy and simple also add attraction marketing techniques. This is the smartest way to design your business, you\’ll save lot of time and energy than You will have to use later. With on-site attraction marketing you will learn that not everyone might be a prospect and that you will need to filter your list with a set of criteria before you make your calls.

The Presential multilevel marketing on the other hand has evolved and is essential to know how use it to your advantage. All of this has its logic. MLM, at the beginning and today relies on building relationships, then do as going to avoid doing your business in person? The concept of Networking (the networks of people or businesses) is and will be continuously present while there people. Please therefore make more relationships, seeks to meet more people, it comes to participate in social networks, etc. Starts at the beginning, starts with the face-to-face using attraction marketing techniques and subsequently takes advantage of the full potential that means handle Internet to meet a considerable number of people. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the Presential MLM full article and Online (2nd part) and of course to learn more strategies of marketing networks.

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