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Polish Patent Office

Apple sued small greengrocers in Warsaw recently Apple against Samsung won. A battle at eye level, Samsung will pay out of petty cash, as soon as it is agreed in the next instances on a comparison. But that is nothing compared to a current case. Here, Apple sued a fruit and vegetable merchant in Warsaw. An unequal struggle is imminent. Apple sues in Warsaw Apple is still on a course of action and are themselves still long not only recent victory against Samsung satisfied. If you think it just the’m large companies is tremendously wrong. Apple has now searched in Warsaw a completely defenseless opponent. More specifically, it is to a website which is operated by a small online retailer. While the trader formerly started in his apartment in Warsaw, sells not even electronic products. Rather, its products include apples and pears. Apple like Yes No apples just food that far are of the high-tech gadgetry of the Apple group. Would not be there the Internet address. A domain registered by the operator at that time without any concerns from the apartment in Warsaw was.-without evil intentions or with the idea of an infringement of online retailer secured the address Enough for Apple to proceed against the fruit and vegetable traders.-the puzzled opened the letter of the attorneys in his apartment in Warsaw and did not know, as it happened. Also according to information of the Polish Patent Office, Apple has filed the lawsuit. Unequal fight in Warsaw moving Apple in the battle with Samsung still on par, there here a totally defenseless victim met. According to unconfirmed Apple on the holder of the e-commerce immediately crushed and not even allowed him a chance to a good agreement. As you can imagine vividly the shock, received the operator as it = the letter in his target “_blank” title = “Apartment in Warsaw” href = “” > apartment in Warsaw opened. Supposedly, the name would much to identical with the Apple company name. That only fruit and Vegetables will be offered, interested in Apple of less. But Apple was thorough, so the company also found an Apple icon, which is located on the side and triggered further legal action. You want just the domain? Evil tongues say that all this is just a pure pretext to get the domain without great cost. Instead of negotiating in the apartment in Warsaw to take over the domain, one could assume that Apple chose an action for a cost-effective solution. In fact, it is so that single-digit domain names easily 6-digit sums will be paid? Without it the content is considered first. It is always interesting how the dispute will end. Apple will travel with security on all weapons imaginable. The holder can be seen now only in his apartment in Warsaw and hope for a positive judgment. Samsung has lost against Apple that like suing Apple showed up recently in the procedure, which led the company to Samsung. A 9-member jury decided on one Damages of $ 1.05 billion. Many people who watched it in your apartments in Warsaw, were shocked. However, saying that this decision is first of all insignificant. Many instances are imminent. One will agree later certainly on a relatively low amount in the form of a settlement. But even such an agreement would hit hard in the current case the operators of online shops in Warsaw.

Uzbek Pilaf

Uzbek pilaf – this dish is the true lovers of oriental cuisine, especially the strong half of humanity – in fact not just the best pilaf prepared themselves men. None of the events in Uzbekistan is not without cooking pilaf, be it a wedding, funeral or the birth of a child. Uzbek pilaf everywhere – around the head and base. The very process of making the Uzbek pilaf is already a kind of celebration: collected most native people in narrow circle take the case. Uzbekistan has long been considered to be sunny and hospitable country, so there is a special attitude to the guests, good.

As generally known film 'Vanity of vanities' was the following statement:' In the morning eggs, for lunch eggs in the evening – an omelette. " So in regard to the Uzbek pilaf, very often the case with men in Uzbekistan. After all, this morning, someone invited guests at the birth of her child, at dinner at someone funeral, and the evening celebrating the wedding. But, Unlike the hero of this movie, who spoke with regret about 'diversity' of their daily menu, an Uzbek pilaf never, nor who did not get bored. The reason for this is that, despite the key components of the pilaf, There are many recipes and methods of preparation of the Uzbek pilaf, and, besides, the hand and mood plovovara, are also important. In the Uzbek national cuisine are more than 100 recipes Uzbek pilaf, and the technology of its preparation honed over many years.

Central Banking

The Central banking (BC) surprised the market. Opposing the majority of the forecasts, the institution kept the rhythm of relief in the monetary politics and cut the basic interest of the economy (Selic) in 1 porcentual point, for 9,25% to the year. The majority of the forecasts pointed reduction of 0,75 point. With the room followed cut, Brazil starts to have Selic of a digit for the first time since that the tax was servant, in 1986. The next decisions, however, must more be comedidas. In note, the BC said that it will start to act in way ' ' more parcimoniosa' '. Since the 2003 end, at the beginning of the government Squid, the BC did not promote a sequncia of cuts of interests of this magnitude.

E, for the first time since that the current series is measured, the interests in Brazil are below of the two digits. With this, the real interest (nominal tax of interests less the inflation) is between 4% and 5% to the year. It is good for remembering that in 2003, proper president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva arrived to say that the tax of a digit was one ' ' dream of the team econmica' '. At the time, it was in 26%.A decision was not consensual. Of the eight votes, six had been favorable the 1 point and two had opted to 0,75 point. But two directors of the BC, Mrio Mosque (Economic policy) and Mrio Tors (Monetary Politics), both deriving ones of the market, had voted for the low one of only 0,75 point in the Selic defended for the financial system. The maintenance of the rhythm of the cut practised in April was, according to BC, taken ' ' in view of the perspectives for inflao' '. The gesture of ousadia of the BC came, however, folloied of an acknowledgment: daqui for ahead does not have more guarantee of reductions in the Selic.

Nico Tschanz

A great gift idea with a personal gift card miracle tree subscription is almost ideal as a gift. For the parents, the children, birthday or for Christmas, mother’s day or as a Valentine’s day attention. As a gift to the passing driving test or as a small thank you for the neighbor who has poured the flowers during the holidays. Mikkel Svane may also support this cause. With the 38 scents and designs you can write creative and their own stories. The or the donee receives every six weeks a fragrant, original wonder-tree air freshener home delivered and can remember the gift so while almost one and a half years and enjoy. With its attractive offers like classic line, sentiment, rock range and designer Edition, depicting various floral and pop-trend is the miracle-tree an attractive accessory and gadget. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro. A personalized gift card can be selected to do this online. Various gift cards can printed out and then either personally or sent by post.

Each gift card has been designed specifically for and is available for free download at the disposal. Invention of the miracle tree in the 1950s a Canada of immigrant from Swiss chemist named Julius Sadat had operated Canada’s longstanding research deep in the forests in the 1950s and subsequently developed methods to extract the essential oil of the pine needles. According to legend sower was once with a pig farmer in the car on the road. It complained of the stench of the spread his animals. This experience opened his eyes to the next logical invention: a technology for the production of environmentally responsible air freshener of the small scale and very long efficacy. Inspired by years of living in the midst of the Nordic forests, Julius Samann was his product the abstract shape of a fir tree. The first miracle-tree air freshener was invented. He is still produced in the Schaff-hausischen Tayngen.

He is with his particular form also under other brand names such as CAR-FRESHNER, ARBRE MAGIQUE or MAGIC TREE in all continents at home and is distributed in over 100 countries. The design of the product and the brand name is worldwide protected trademarks. The brand has It reaches cult status. The tree occurs in many theater productions, commercials and series. And is as fresh as ever and ever.

RSS Feeds

German intuitive Nachrichtenaggregator ‘hawkReader’ released. The flood of information continues to on the Internet. News spread faster, be published more frequently. This is to keep track of different news channels. The young startup Hbg-IT offers the German online-Nachrichtenaggregator (commonly called also RSS-reader or feed reader) hawkReader this the solution to. Tracking of various online news channels, the hawkReader here strongly relies on performance and intuitive user guidance on all devices. We strive for the highest form of simplification on complex issues the same applies to their representation.

The consumer of messages has the right to a simple and intuitive access to its news from anywhere at any time “as Dominik Habicht mountain on the motto of the hawkReader. “Influenced by the origin thought of classic online Nachrichtenaggregators like the Google Reader” (adjusts its service from 01.07) who gets stuck a hawkReader here on the most basic functions when collecting and using online news: on complex controls and requirements is deliberately. However, developed the browser-independent representation on the computer as well as on mobile devices such as Smartphones & Tablet PCs in new standards, the downloading and installing apps to entirely obsolete makes! Benefits of hawkReader for the user: Slim, intuitive and transparent to use read & stored messages are usable on computer, Tablet PC & Smartphone between the devices synchronized no experience required no download or installation necessary fast entry into just three steps benefits from hawkReader for editors & publishers: reduction of server traffic & load hawkReader runs cyclically only a query per feed and assumes the distribution to your readers. Conventional RSS newsreader here create a query per user visual content are downloaded only once per 24 hours from your servers. The Distribution is done to your readers by the content delivery network with international locations by Hbg IT.

You can reach your readers via Smartphone or Tablet PC. You needed neither its own app, yet your content for the mobile presentation must be optimized. The basic function of the hawkReader for each is available completely free of charge. Paid additional features like custom filters (currently still in the testing phase) can be booked to the extension. Who an account registered to the 01.08.2013, can new premium features within the first 3 months off free of charge. hawkReader is aimed as the sleek and intuitive software for message aggregation of individuals who rely on a simple overview of news and are looking for an easy to understand software without unnecessary gadgets and / or are not tedious work would. hawkReader has been developed together with end users. The development is based on the professional experience of all team members & Supporters as well as the individual need of the co-ordinated and simple aggregation & use of news channels. your contact person for press & public work: Hbg-IT Dominik Habicht mountain + 49.

Government Chavez

The process of integration between Brazil and Argentina in the MERCOSUL was initiated at the beginning of years 90. Of pr it did not have many advances here there, therefore, internally it has much interference politics and divergence of ideas. We never arrive at a consensus on ours external politics, this in if treating to the MERCOSUL. Perhaps Brazil is from fear to deepen its relations with a country of unstable economy, Argentina, in turn, it fears the idea of being certain servant dependence of Brazil. The entrance of Venezuela in the block of the MERCOSUL again entered in debate after the beginning of the Government Chavez. The leadership leftist politics in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela had also helped to revive the idea of the integration of the Venezuelans. The country, great producer of oil, could fortify the block.

It could be to the block an interesting alternative, since Venezuela is an Andean country, Caribbean and Amazonian. Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are not remained very friendly. Economically they do not carry through important agreements currently. To a species of cimes of Argentina in relation to Brazil and vice versa. The customs union is, in my opinion, more far than we can arrive, will not have bigger advances of what this. The South American are still very dependents of the foreign capital. To arrive at a compact block as the European union will be very difficult. What it is lacking to Brazil, to Argentina and Venezuela, is that they are joined all in favor of the South America for one, and does not stop masking local interests through a economic block that does not leave nor the paper.

Arroyo Cano

The origin of this community relates to the persecution the family Sanchez had, as a result of the Court of the patrician Francisco de el Rosario Sanchez by General Pedro Santana. This family settled at a geographic point distant from the capital, looking for natural protection and ensuring anonymity. Particularly in San Juan, lived in the town of Juan de Herrera, where some spent the Party Central of the municipality of Bohechio, which today is known by the name of ArroyoCano. Most of the research coincide in stating the foundation of this town in the first half of the 1870s. It was the main section of Bohechio since it acquired the category of municipality in 1974 and raised to Municipal District by 108-04 law, promulgated on 24 February of the year 2004. Arroyo Cano’s main economic activity is agriculture, standing out among the main reublos the following: coffee, beans, corn, SYN., avocado, among others. The coffee production: the Coffee production is part of the culture of Arroyo Cano, is linked to its tradition and its daily live.

1985 Backward cultivation and production of this aromatic grain somehow marked the rhythm of life of the inhabitants of this area. The school calendar, holiday activities, and religious commemorations revolved around the harvest of coffee. The House remained virtually empty for three months, October to December, the optimal harvest season and this process would wrap to all members of the family; each performed a work in the production chain. The loss of the value of the coffee price in the international market and the entry of other countries to the list of producers, and removed the profitability to the coffee production. Today, while the value has improved, produce a quintal costs about RD$ 3,500.00 and its selling price round the RD$ 3,600.00 the high cost of production of coffee and its low profitability has led farmers in Arroyo Cano to explore another field, and are directing its activities to the development of plantations of avocado and citrus, while coffee plantations are maintained as a family heritage without that this constitutes the basis of sustensacion that was before.

Santa Cruz

These methods were already used by Kirchner on several occasions in the legislative elections of 2005, for example, Alicia Kirchner became Senator for Santa Cruz, a bank that held for a very short time until it once again became Minister of Social development. The current President ran for Senator for the province of Buenos Aires when he lived much of his life in Santa Cruz. At the same time, Sergio Massa also avoided assuming in Congress, when he was elected Deputy for Buenos Aires: preferred to continue at the forefront of the ANSES. Perhaps Nestor Kirchner will not do the same postulating for the province of Buenos Aires when he was Governor of Santa Cruz in countless times. Do not be one feeling in the air of Creole vividness, that is something not in their place? The collective consciousness that we have by the Republican institutions, the political representativeness and popular sovereignty has lost all value types. The lack of respect the Argentine citizen is worrying when a stroke change the candidate who voted to Congress for four or six years, by another that follows in the Savannah list and that often no one knows. Then it is necessary to advance the legislative elections scheduled for October in order to alleviate the international financial crisis better or we are facing a political move where prevailing partisan interests above the General of a nation. When discusses the catamarquenas elections, and then the setting of the election date from the Federal Capital, or of some opinion polls that they are taking down the needle not only the image but also the intension of the national Government vote, the international crisis appears very far away.

The country has not solved problems of Fund as the conflict with the field, misleading the INDEC and inflation rates, and the growing insecurity in the major urban agglomerations of the country. The loss of the purchasing power of people grows increasingly more and thereby poverty and social exclusion. There are serious problems of distribution of wealth that is not even noticed in main cords of Buenos Aires, main bastion of kirchnerism. An advancement of legislative elections to better alleviate the crisis should call us to reflection. You are changing something overtaking, four months sooner or later. The financial crisis should not walk with a plan of financial and economic measures and not calling before elections, at a time when the country needed give definitive solution to these fundamental problems.

According to the law, it is not time to go to vote for plebiscitar a model or take a sectoral conflict to the polls. According to the amended law, it is time to work to go solving the problems that have Argentines, without arrogance, arrogance and aggression. Barely a year in Office, but political style, the inability has passed by consensus and the dialogue, and the non-existent vocation generate responses and solutions generated an unforeseen passing of the 2009 elections.

Uss Code

Do do do do do do are code 39 is also known as USS Code 39?, code 3 / 9?, code 3 of 9?, USD-3?, Alpha39?, type 39?, code 93?. It is a symbology of barcode that can encode the capital letters from A to Z, numbers 0-9 and a handful of special characters like the $ sign. The barcode itself does not contain a check digit, in contrast for example as happens with code 128, but can be considered self-checking by some, on the basis that a wrongly interpreted single bar cannot generate another valid character. Possibly, the most serious disadvantage of code 39 is its low data density, since it requires more space to encode data in code 39 than, for example, in the code 128. This means that very small products may not be labelled with a barcode code 39 as a base.

However, code 39 is still widely used and they can be decoded with almost any barcode reader. One advantage of code 39 is that since there is no need to generate a check digit, it can be easily integrated into existing printing system by adding a barcode font to the system or printer and then print raw in that source data. Code 39 (also known as 3 of 9 barcode) is a length variable, discrete, alphanumeric bar code. Its character set contains 43 significant characters: 0 9, AZ,-,., $, /, +, %, and space. Each character is made up of nine elements: five bars and four spaces. Three of the nine elements are wide (binary value 1), and six elements are narrow (binary value 0). However, the additional common character (**) is used to start and stop delimiters.

The name code 39 is derived from the fact that three of the nine elements that constitute a word in key are elements of width and the remaining six are narrow. Code 39 was developed by Dr. David Allais and Ray Stevens of Intermec in 1974. It was later standardized as ANSI MH 10.8 M-1983 and MIL-STD-1189.

Amsterdam City

More than 10 years ago that I first visited the beautiful city of Amsterdam. From the first day they caught me its buildings that seem drawn from one of those tales that lasted us children. Its cobbled streets, its melancholic and beautiful landscape, along with its channels, make up a spectacular corner of the world that is necessary to discover. After that first time I returned on several occasions to Amsterdam. In fact, in my university days I attended a scholarship in Leiden, a Dutch city that something more lies to the South of the Dutch country, but whose proximity allowed me to visit the capital with some frequency.

Amsterdam is an incredibly cosmopolitan city. Different cultures and ways of understanding life crammed in the streets as well as means of transport. Bicycles, trams, buses, car and motorcycle through the same streets that its inhabitants walk daily forming an organized chaos. Within a few days I’ll be back. This time I’ll try with Bonotour.

Some time ago I bought a bonus to this company that I have discounts on my travels. A day ago I discovered an offer whereby for 71 euros night I’ve caught a hotel 3 stars. A friend and I will, and the double room costs us 286,42 euros each for 4 nights. The trip includes us flight, rates, basic insurance and accommodation plus breakfast. It seems a good offer! At the moment all my travels with Bonotour have done me well. I have a tremendous desire to see my favorite city again.