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Federal Network Agency

June 18, 2014


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Almost 60%, the prices for electricity and gas should increase until the year 2020. Leading energy experts expect according to current situation. This a price increase would be based on a four-person household mean of over 500 euros per year. A study of the management consultancy A.T.. Kerney result rapid price increases should face the gas market. The consulting firm speaks of rising prices for gas of up to 40 percent.

A short-term recovery of the gas price to follow however due to worldwide overcapacity, but the price level today is reached in any case more. Consumer advocates and even the Federal Network Agency recommend a change of provider business as private consumers again. Unfortunately, often private consumers shy away from this step. About 43 percent of the private consumer was according to the Federal Network Agency in the year 2010 in the expensive basic utility rate. A change in a better rate of the local utility company about 41 percent of households have taken place. Only 15 percent of consumers has changed to a cheap provider, so the authority. Thus, it is understandable why the industry giants, not only can arbitrarily increase the price.

By the low number of cycles is the number of customers and thus the Secure source of income. Why just households not numerous change so the reasons, a competitive supplier of electricity and gas, are known, if also unfounded. Bankruptcy of the company and thus the fear without having to endure power or gas winter days, is the most often mentioned reason. Contracts, which are undruchschaubar, are often mentioned as a reason. The contracts are shown side by side tables by price comparison calculator which can be found on the Internet. Here, the Treaty of the single energy provider will be displayed transparently. Termination and all formalities of the change apply mostly the new provider for service reasons. The savings, which can make up several hundred dollars per year, is just a few minutes work.

Network Life

June 17, 2014


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People who are able to "cope" with the order, are fast, but everything here depends only on yourself, and Council will give only one: it is necessary that you have learned. Recommendation and fame – the best that will help you on this front works and, forgive me, colleagues, sometimes even your language capabilities are not always play a major role. Market-c gentlemen. Work, "varites" in this "pot", drive letters, register on specialized forums, where "their" you will not be soon, no matter what level of training had not. But in any case, as elsewhere, people trust only to professionals.

Teleworking – is its market, still requires some knowledge in some other areas than in linguistics. However, here and start the main pitfalls. In fact, instances where someone, due to geographical circumstances are far from you, may be useful your knowledge set. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them do not need your knowledge, and your money. Here we have to keep my ears open, well as fraud in the network every year is becoming more sophisticated in nature, and that is important for a cheater, difficult to prove, and not strictly punished. Then, of course, it is better to give examples from his own life or friends, and you read, look for mistakes and learn it. In fact, much of the writing below applies in other areas of network life, I only tell you that I know and saw. Who came with me on this bait, let me support – I'm laughing with you! So, my first bad experience was an attempt to strike up a long and productive relationship with one, as they introduced themselves, international advertising agencies.

Managing Director

June 15, 2014


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Alphatrad is the appropriate translator for each specialized German companies before the challenge, having to translate ever more specialized texts make the rapid changes on the international market. Nanotechnology policy the language of global markets evolved and is more alive than ever before to communicate the need to understand. Alphatrad has taken up this challenge and has a new, virtually revolutionizing the market, developed software that forwards the texts of the customer directly to a mother-tongue translator, a translator who is not only native speakers, but also specific expertise. Using this software, for example, the instruction manual of a medical device without loss of time to a translator for medical devices can be redirected while legal requests directly to muttersrpachliche translator can be redirected, which deep experience with legal texts. AlphSearch, the software of the originally French Swiss company ALPHATRAD, the proprietary database searches with over 3,000 translators, to find exactly the profile of the translator, which adapts to the individual needs of the customer.

These translators translate documents from and into more than 70 languages and that worldwide. For us, it is important to help their communication to accelerate international business partners \”, says the Managing Director of Alphatrad, Frederic Ibanez.\” The Internet has let us expect a delay-free communication… but technical, legal, and medical texts have often slowed the work. Accurate translations of documents of basic sectors of the economy in one of our over 70 languages are easier and faster to achieve now many times.\” ALPHATRAD uses the software also in Germany and provides access to more than 3000 native translators for quick and precise translations German companies now. Are all translations by native speakers made, mostly still living in the country of their native language and translate exclusively into this language. ALPHATRAD goes even one step further with AlphSearch, proprietary software, and finds not only native speaking translators, but are always exactly those, which experts in the respective field. This service is available in all 22 German Alphatrad branches.

3 Tips For New Writers

June 9, 2014


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1 .- Make sure you give something of value. Show your readers how much we appreciate when delivering a paper providing good content. Instead of writing articles for the simple fact of having something to distribute the directories, make sure to deliver only the best. Be sure to talk about issues that readers will find interesting or useful, rather than give them useless information or no interest, offer tips or secrets that can help change their lives. This is something you must do to ensure your readers do not forget you. 2 .- Learn how to write eye-catching titles. Do not write articles unless you know how to create titles that will draw attention to your readers. This is the ticket for the item is opened and read.

I suggest that you take time reading articles on the Internet that have caused a great impact on the world of the Internet. Notice how the titles were written to give you an idea. Can also help you to read electronic books or articles that provide detailed information as well as guidelines. 3 .- Get your readers to stay on the edge. The last thing that should happen is to bore the readers. Keep them always interested in doing that each paragraph is exciting and worthwhile read.

Apart from filling them with interesting information, also help them when writing in conversational tone. Tell the surprising stories of these people, you have questions, and if possible, add a little sense of humor. These are wonderful ways to keep your readers on the edge of the blade. Web Developer interested in languages such as php and ruby on rails, with a passion for best practices and always seeking the best way to solve problems. – If you are interested in more information about or feel free to visit the sites. For more information about the site check it out.

Windows Servers

June 6, 2014


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The only way to know how it will work is to contact technical support outside office hours and on weekends or holidays. Services Can you create email accounts? Do you have remote control panel? Can you create anonymous FTP accounts? The extras are as important as the space and support. Review and questions. Location The foreign hostings are generally cheaper than national, but have the disadvantage of the bracket. Any query or complaint takes forever, so it is appropriate to hire a host with which communication is easy and fluid.

Another point in favor of national services is that you can pay by check and deliver invoices. Cost Eye, the availability and all the other points mentioned above have a cost. Weigh all the best with the hosting before you decide. If one costs $ 5. 000 per month but has no support, is no match for one that costs $ 8. 000 does. Refund Policy No ten liked the service.

What did you have a month and have had pure problems. Want your money back. Can you deliver? Ask before hiring what is the policy. Sometimes you can get a few days before deciding test. Listed, testing and snoops before paying. Self-control or managed by the hosting hostings Some offer you if you contract with them. This is not recommended, because the domain becomes their property. Try not to use these systems, unless the supplier actually specify that the domain becomes yours. Finally, as a general standard for all internet services, do not believe those who are self-congratulation. External references and research reasons. If specialized people, the better. In RemiseroStudio offer free hosting (Web Hosting) Linux and Windows Servers. We have the best infrastructure plans staggered. Trust RemiseroStudio hosting – web hosting – domain registration and email service. Do not waste money or business by mail not received or have your web site offline due to a hosting service that does not meet quality standards that we do offer.

Thesis Process

June 4, 2014


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Any student studying in any course knows that the time will come when he, like all of his classmate, will have to prove that spent years in school were not wasted, in other words, to defend a thesis. But before how to protect, it is necessary to write, but it is known, the problem is not that simple. Let's see where to start. First of all, you need to understand what is supposed to write – a thesis or capstone project. Thesis, as and thesis project, a graduation qualifying work. It is a creative process and is performed independently on the last, final year of training. But, as mentioned above, should be distinguish, especially in technical high schools, graduation project and thesis work. Diploma project – this is primarily a study concerning the creation or calculation of some device or technology.

Thesis project usually accompanied by a large number of drawings and calculations. Diploma thesis on the contrary, a special computation of theoretical knowledge with practical skills and is of a theoretical or experimental. After the first step is done, you should choose a theme. The theme is best to choose one that is closer to an understanding of, and in which there is at least some knowledge or experience. No small role in the process of writing a diploma plays a supervisor. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of leader to be taken seriously. It should be a good expert who is knowledgeable in the right area, but above all a man of science behind is not the only one successfully defended their graduate and postgraduate or doctoral better.

After all, you can help the student not only advice on the process of writing a diploma, but sometimes it's more important, weighty word to the Certifying Commission for protection. And there is not only academic degrees and achievements of the head, but also respect and understanding among colleagues. In addition, it should be noted that the preparation of the thesis (project), usually begins with professionally-oriented undergraduate practice. This practice is positioned as the final stage of training. In the case of the successful defense of the thesis (draft) State Examination Board assigns qualified students: bachelor, engineer, master.

Good Management Leads to Success

June 3, 2014


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It was once said that good management was one that optimize the processes. The manager should be effective and how best to exploit the resources they had. Today, the sense of optimization is a different dimension, because everything is changing all the time. The modern management poses a much more dynamic scenario in which the successful organization is one that remains on the crest of change. Today you need a management, which must give way to the relevance of technological development, as well as having the right technology to compete in markets, where increasingly introducing new products, manufactured with a new technology that ensures productivity and quality.

Keep in mind Aden, the technology factor is not an item is taken, he joined the company and gives a magical result. When you make a change in technology in the organization, is seeking greater efficiency and effectiveness, is to make things better, which will allow more time to invest in efficiency, ie, do more important things. This helps increase the value of the organization. Take into consideration that modern enterprises, which have actually been able to interpret the actual behavior of markets, and join them, know they must protect themselves and have good management technology, which is a set of strengths that a company developed for use in their strategies, these are reflected in a product or service that lead to a better competitive option. However, to comply with the strategies proposed by management of technology it is necessary to make unique strategies that are difficult to imitate by competitors, they must be durable, which depend on the objectives or mission of the organization.

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