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Alfredo Bullard

October 29, 2014


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V. background.-appears at the beginning of the 1960s with the work of Guido Calabresi and Ronald Coase; which are enriched with Gary Becker to study the link between law and economics, as well as the relevance of this last in non-commercial such as quality and love facts and acts. AED finally reaches its maturity with the support of Richard Posner who studied in a systematic and comprehensive manner. VI. background of the AED in PERU.-is admirable and perhaps not have unparalleled in Latin America. Thus, appears at the beginning of the 80s with the work of the Institute of liberty and democracy led (ILD) by Hernando De Soto mainly with the analysis of the informal economy in Peru, then with his work the other path (1986) as an influence of the enactment of the law of administrative simplification and the rules for facilitate access to call informal and credit property. Peter Asaro understood the implications. papers published by the ILD is compounded of Anibal Sierralta Introduccion to the Iuseconomia.

However, few associated the contribution of ILD with AED and is newly in late 1980s and early 1990s (to thirty years of its appearance) AED began to be recognized as important trend in Peruvian law. Subsequently, the what remains of the 1990s a group of young lawyers (Bullard, Cantuarias, Pizarro) are sent to us.UU. to study masters in which important studies concentrated in AED courses. VII. impact academic and of management public in the State Peru.-A) at academic level: at the beginning of the 1990s the first publications appear in magazines such as Themis and Ius Et Veritas followed by translations of work by important representatives of AED. then in 1993 the Peruvian Civil law book is published: perspectives and current problems by Luis Pizarro Aranguren. 96 becomes itself with studies of analysis Economic the right of Alfredo Bullard; to which is added by that there are to change the Civil Code work? by the UPC.

Tempered Glass

October 29, 2014


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Tempered glass is called float glass, which has undergone a special chemical and thermal processing, resulting in the strength of the glass and the resistance to sudden temperature changes significantly increased (more than 5 times). In addition, the glass becomes much safer for humans. This is reflected in the fact that the destruction of tempered glass shatters into many small blunt pieces, which safe for humans (usually the same broken glass on the dangerous shards). Tempered glass is produced in special furnaces of the glass sheets. The process of tempering glass occurs in the following order: first the glass is heated above the softening temperature and then rapidly cooled in an evenly applied to the entire surface of the glass air jets. The first cooling hardens the surface layers of glass and then the inner layers, where the cooling, there are residual compressive stresses.

These voltages and provide mechanical strength and heat resistance of the material. As a result of these actions change the physical characteristics of glass: much increased strength of the material in relation to external factors (mechanical and thermal). For example, the tensile strength of tempered glass in bending can reach 250 MPa. This is 5-7 times higher than normal float glass; material able to withstand sudden changes in temperatures from -70 C to 250 C. With a gradual increase in temperature to 1800 C glass preserves the integrity and physical characteristics. Due to this property tempered glass is widely used in a fire-glazing, tempered glass is stable for a large temperature difference inside and outside. This property of material value in our Siberian conditions, where the air temperature outside, For example in winter can fall below the mark – 40 C, while in the room she reaches the value + 30 C, the optical characteristics of the material stored at 99% even if the heat treatment being tinted in the mass glass; fracture tempered glass instantly and completely breaks down into small, almost safe, with mild-edged shards. However, it should be noted that tempered glass can not be subjected to various kinds machining, such as: drilling, cutting, edging, etc. All the necessary manipulations with glass needs to be done before hardening. Cutting glass under the right size, edging glass, as well as drilling technology openings must take place before the hardening process, since after quenching the glass should not be subjected to these procedures (otherwise the glass will break into many small pieces when machining). Because of its safety and high performance, tempered glass is widely used in the manufacture of products such as interior glass doors, glass partitions, and various architectural design.

How To Get The International Computer Driving License ?

October 27, 2014


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More and more professionals think about the further development of their careers. With the aim to improve their skills and value in the labor market, many are leaving for an internship or temporary work in Europe or the U.S However, in Western countries has its own system of criteria for evaluation of staff: in order to get a good job specialist to confirm their competence. One of these criteria is the presence of Certificate ecdl – European Computer Driving Licence. Certification Program ecdl (European Computer Driving License – European Computer Driving Licence), founded in 1984, today is a leading global standard for computer skills. This is a single International Certificate, also known as icdl (International Computer Driving License) and proof that its owner is literate computer user.

In the U.S. and Europe ecdl has long been accepted standard of computer literacy. In many countries, ecdl certificate is a mandatory requirement for employment in government institutions that can guarantee the overall level of competence employees. ecdl certification is widely used by international organizations and educational institutions. Russian employers when selecting personnel are increasingly paying attention to the existence of a certificate confirming competence of the candidate.

In such cases, the significant role played by the presence of the candidate for the ecdl – the only certification for the users of information systems that are fully translated into Russian. The certificate not only ecdl facilitates the employment of a specialist, but also helps your career, because, according to statistics, certified professionals earn on average 20-30% more. Students and young specialists that have passed this certification, are more likely to participate in international exchange programs, and admission to foreign universities ecdl certificate can substitute exams choosing a training center for ecdl, pay attention to compliance examinations, and of international standard. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. To receive the certificate you will be offered to pass the following exams: Fundamentals of Information Technology on the computer. Major surgery to manage file system Word processors Spreadsheets Databases Presentations Information and Communications Major centers also offer corporate training companies.

Effective Tools

October 26, 2014


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A synthetic and systematized collection about various website promotion tools that are currently giving excellent results of positioning in the major search engines of internet has become. Best of all is that many of these tools are free. Systems to promote a website or blog have become expensive, complicated or laborious.Make a synthetic systematization and practice of those tools that currently work has required the investment of hundreds of hours of work. Ali Partovi understood the implications. Many Internet users and entrepreneurs are already put into operation all these simple and effective techniques which have been compiled by the Sage team wins money this site is giving much to talk about on the internet post exposes everything that works by rejecting what really is not practical for any Internet user to website or blog. In this same the wise portal wins money also has become a very well structured compilation of all systems to make money on the internet that are already currently giving benefits to their affiliates. Hopefully in the future to other experts in website promotion as the that make up the wise wins money follow this same line clarifying and beneficial for all those who want to promote their website. Original author and source of the article.

Computer Games

October 25, 2014


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What period of time has passed after the first computer game? For many people this is a mystery. And generally develops the feeling that they have always been. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. If you take away from the modern day representative of humanity PC, Internet and, of course, the game, he probably would not be easy. Some people have attributed their own leisure time as with PC games. And, by the way, download free games tend to not only young, but our elders. And it is not amazing. You can find the game and for the child and the man who long for fifty.

Everyone will be able to find one that will be interesting to him. Ten years ago, boasts a wide assortment of Internet could not – the game was quite simple. Now there are a variety of games that mimic reality. Caught in a game many do not want to part with it. A person may appear that he actually lives in the game, moreover, in which he performs all dream about. Do you have a desire to become a banker? Would you like to be in big capital? With the help of a virtual method may be your dream come true. And, most important, the real and the fact of real money. A Perhaps you want – to live on the finest island? These dreams can be realized! You have the opportunity to become a creator of the island.

You may also place a pleasing your building will occupy the island people needed and nice to you. So, the game will come true all the things you dream of. Game – it is also able to cope with problems at work when you return to your home. Inside all just boils and rages, begs negative out. Every sane person would argue with the head – he has more rights. And what do you tell them to do? The first exit – get uncomfortable discussing their home. Next out – throw out the negative on the neighbor. You thinks that this is the best choice? After all, there is a way much better – free games, you only need to find a suitable one. It may be, for example, a game in which you can easily make the boss anything. Or the one where you can swing Samurai sword right and left, erasing from the face of the earth all enemies in its path. Let your troubles will remain in the virtual world than in the present! After all these words, the word 'game' takes on greater meaning – and this holiday this way to rid yourself of stress, and this opportunity to increase their intellectual level, and so on.

Human Resource Strategy

October 22, 2014


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However, the result of very serious research in the organisational sphere has shown that the members of the informal structure is that treaties do not feel as if they were in fact the most important capital within organizations and that Moreover in a high percentage of enterprises knowledge possessed by neither to understand nor used. We are told, that according to the results of the investigations that on this subject recently conducted Human Resource Strategy: Corporate Rhetoric and Reality, where these researchers led by Dr. Linda Gratton deducted three important conclusions. The first is that a percentage considerable companies members of the informal structure does not feel stimulated, committed or free to express their opinions. The second conclusion is that during the time that lasted the investigation, more than six years; not they noted no progress in human resources management and the third being an investigation of longitudinal type failed to verify reliably that the behaviors and practices of persons can impair considerably with the passage of time. Also of the outcome of such investigations failed to verify that there are big differences between different organizations, on behaviour components, capacities and attitudes of the members of the formal structure concerning discipline and corrective measures of enterprise policies related to workers and that unquestionably these dissonances have concerning solidity influence in the future of the organizations. Ademas_de the previous ones were also obtained the following conclusions: 1) persist large differences between people as active and the traditional ones such as assets financial and technological; (((2) An understanding of the differences between the fundamental components claims completely differently of thinking and working, and implies a change in mental models of organizational leaders: 3) the execution and implementation of corporate strategies to be successful must be managed through people and 4) to secure a strategic vision of staff requires the implementation of a process of dialogue and permanent reflection at all organizational levels.

Strategic Teambuilding

October 21, 2014


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DOM SET Live Communications: Sheep instead of PowerPoint Cologne 23.3.2011. Especially in the area of change and strategy company appreciate moderated workshops away from the day-to-day business. More and more companies have also again support from communications professionals for good reason. After the crisis past, where tough austerity has been partly shut, businesses invest now increasingly in their staff\”, Dominik Deubner, Managing Director of DOM SET notes. Whether incentives or Manager meetings – the Cologne Agency for live communication is currently experiencing a significantly higher demand for experience-oriented events for executives and market access teams.

Currently designed inter alia to Cronos, the DekBank, Dorma, Lekkerland, Lufthansa, REICOFIL, RTL, TuV-consulting and Volkswagen team. The objectives and requirements of our customers are very different. The conviction is equal to all that is the work and experience beyond the own office building long term positive impact on the company and the employees affects. The companies proceed here very result-oriented\”, says Oliver malate, Creative Director of DOM SET. Why many renowned companies like to contact the Cologne Agency, is among other things to the competent advice in the definition of objectives and the large network of innovative and certified suppliers. Both enables the creative team specifically to respond to the individual needs of the industry and to integrate many extraordinary and surprising elements in the design team events.

Sheep instead of PowerPoint sheep herding, LEGO building, street view rally, sword-fighting, filming, dinner at the supermarket what seems at first glance like a colorful construction kit, opens to reveal the finished concept as a mix of effective methods of communication, strategy and team development. It is scientifically proven that man learns best if he not only consume content, but at the same time actively experienced\”, explains malate. No presentation on the topic of cooperation can be as effective as the group experience, in the Middle a herd immediately to live sheep, which means good teamwork and how it works. No mayflies, elaborate events without thorough and appropriate follow-up in the room to leave, the pros advise against. DOM SET consists on an unambiguous agreement of specific goals and requirements in direct talks with coaches and the HR managers on the customer side. Finally, customers receive a detailed documentation of the event. The ideal basis for the constructive planning of follow-up. Contact for the press Kerstin men Presse.Text.Konzept FON: + 49 (0) 221 16 99 59 30 E-Mail:

Top Image Systems

October 20, 2014


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Clive Williams Tel Aviv, Israel top image systems (TIS), appointed Senior Vice President of business banking Ltd. (NASDAQ: TISA;) TASE: TISA), a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM)-solutions, has appointed Clive Williams as the new Senior Vice President of business banking. So TIS strengthens its global position in the banking business in line with its business strategy. Clive Williams brings over twenty years experience in the banking and financial services market. Previously, he was responsible for enterprise retail banking, asset management, compliance, and risk management at Misys international banking systems plc, a leading provider of applications and services for the banking sector. With the support of Clive Williams we will strengthen our banking business segment and further expand\”, so Dr. ido Schechter, Chief Executive Officer of TIS.

His profound knowledge of the industry and his experience perfectly suited to our strategic approach in the field of banking.\” Clive Williams to: I look forward to working at a company like TIS, positioned in the ECM market for many years. That\’s a big challenge for me, and I\’ll do my best so that TIS in the future can exploit its potential in the banking sector.\” During his time at Misys, Clive Williams was responsible for strategic planning, development and introduction of corporate solutions and related business areas. In addition, he worked for Misys Banking solutions as a member of the Management Board and of the Strategic Advisory Board. The numerous executive and Board positions at the Highams Group plc proceeded, a leading provider of software and services for the international banking and insurance market. During his time at the Highams Group Managing Director worked Williams among others as Group Business Development Director, head of strategy and as a divisional. Previously, he was Managing Director of the Enterprise Group plc. Clive Williams is in United Kingdom a certified engineer and IT expert, taught at the Institute of marketing and has an MBA from the prestigious Henley business school (HBS).

Ghv Antriebstechnik

October 19, 2014


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ghv Antriebstechnik Grafing offers from immediately the further developed and more powerful LED light strips by Patlite of series CLT 30 in Germany. Cool enlightenment with the Patlite LED Lightboard ghv-Antriebstechnik Grafing b. Munchen ghv Antriebstechnik Grafing offers from immediately the further developed and more powerful LED light strips by Patlite of series CLT 30 in Germany. The new series offers brightness in line for jobs or engine rooms. Ideal for energy-efficient lighting. 16 high performance LEDs of the CLT without focusing lenses are positioned directly behind the glazing. A result that is worth watching. Flat, broad light that allows for completely flicker-free lighting.

Joy for the eyes of the employees. LED light contains neither infrared nor harmful UV radiation and generates much less heat than other light sources in use. This is tremendously beneficial for the Interior of machine tools. This also applies to workplace lighting with the CLT. At a distance of 50 cm is the luminosity 500 lux. The aluminium housing of the CLT-series is waiting with the protection class of IP67G and is naturally resistant to oil. Tempered glass is used for lenses. For the wiring, there are three ways to choose: the lateral connection with one of the back with two cables or using a terminal block.

LED is the use of the CLT and other Patlite led by ghv Antriebstechnik Grafing outside the usual industrial applications in the spotlight due to the high light output can be used. For example, for the lighting of display cases or as a noble building facade lighting. The versatile luminaires with LED typical benefits are exclusively about that ghv sales in Germany-GmbH in drive and automation Grafing near Munich available. In ghv, also the customization, for example, with individual cables and connectors, belongs to the offer. Ready assembled, they make an important contribution to the operational reliability of machines and equipment.

Greater Efficiency

October 19, 2014


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LogControl on FachPack / LogIntern from September 28-30, 2010 in Nuremberg tailored software packages for logistics & co. It is not something Kai-Fu Lee would like to discuss. in Pforzheim, September 2010: the Pforzheim technology supplier LogControl invites customers and interested parties to do so on FachPack / LogIntern live to see how they can make their logistics processes even more efficient and save time and costs. In Hall 4 stand 419 are in addition to the proven inventory management system LogControl WHM for the first time the three newly developed modules from the just-completed research project Rococo (robust collision free picking) presented. Through the use of three innovative components, ensure smooth processes in the warehouse company, save way or time, and increase the delivery. Overall, the performance of employees increased and the result is a savings of approximately 15% at the time of picking. The modules: PPV pick space visualization graphically represents the bearing and identified bottlenecks and access frequency RFO order optimization calculated the shortest path between sampling locations RPK Rococo planning component manpower plans and the shipping charge zones highlight optimized as LogControl under the motto customer service creates competitive advantages\”at the FachPack before his new Web package for logistics service provider: LogControl WRT (Web reporting tool) provides online and in real time to retrieve all inventory information, metrics and evaluations LogControl Webavise Wareneingangsavise incl. entry from the item master data, possibility for the local service customers associated bar code and truck license plate is done online by the customer or its suppliers of Web-Commission, Picking orders online and interactively to intervene if necessary, or enter new orders returns processing asks a mask to capture returns the package number characteristics such as reason of refusal or condition of the package mailed from.

A total logistics service providers offer their customers with these features a noticeable added value service. The control of all warehouse processes with the service provider represents an important argument for many customers. In addition the warehouse through a better planning processes run more smoothly and faster. About LogControl LogControl, was founded in 1990 based in Pforzheim, Systemhaus is innovative standard software with a focus on inventory management, shipping, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, inventory sampling and supply chain management. Logistics service providers, commercial or manufacturing – the modular and customisable LogControl software controls and optimizes the logistic processes. Consulting services and sophisticated service concepts complete the offer.

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