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Snack Intervals

February 16, 2015


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If in case that he does not have the legalized evidence of the lack, the same he will have its deducted day. Break Snack: The interval for the snack is of 15 minutes for the collaborators who work of 4 to 6hs per day. the schedule for accomplishment of the same will be daily pay established for the coordination. Bathroom: A pauses to go to the bathroom will have to be communicated the work friends. Organization of Room Is of entire responsibility of the collaborator to keep the organization of the room, below follows the relation of the organization item. Bar bells: The bar bells must be always organized in sequence increasing as its weight.

Anilhas: Anilhas must always be organized in the anilheiros in agreement its weight. not to mix anilhas of different weights in the same bar of the anilheiro. Bars: To keep the bars kept in the door bars, and alone to remove during the use. Long cushions: To keep the clamped long cushions in accordance with its state. Former: Clean long cushions or Long cushions to be clean. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Caneleiras: In accordance with to keep the Caneleiras clamped of increasing form its weight. Free banks: Not to leave the banks in places of bigger ticket. Cardiovascular devices: To keep the lined up cardiovascular devices.

Rack' ' Fiches of treinamento' ' of the Computer: Not to leave no object beyond the used ones as work instrument, as: penxses, pencil, and fiche of trainings of the customer. Personal objects: The personal objects as: blouses, stock markets, cellular, wallets, keys etc They will have to be in ownership of the customers, kept in the closets or left in the reception. 3.ATENDIMENTO (DISC) Profiles of behaviors Keeping the focus in the necessities of the customer, it is essential to identify as to take care of each customer of only form, therefore beyond terms in mind the desires of the same ones.


February 15, 2015


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Methodology: We go to start the activities singing a music on the way environment, after that we will make some questions having led the pupil to discover of what music is treated, asking for that each child speaks what she understood on music. 23/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Stroll. The professor will have to make a stroll for the city, directing the comment of the pupils for everything they surround what them (trees, plants, flowers, lawns, birds, insects, ground, mountains, rocks, river). He will use to advantage the chance to take the pupils to distinguish beings with life and without life, being made comparison between them. In the end, the group will be able to collect calendars, gravetos, pedrinhas and sand to inside elaborate artistic works of glue of the classroom. 24/05? Hour of rodinha Surrounding to my redor (attached 1). To talk with the children on the stroll of the previous day, asking for that they comment what they had observed during the same; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 25/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Work (attached 2).

Using the material collected in the stroll of the previous day, to carry through activity proposal; Activity related to the considered subject. 26/05? Hour of rodinha Poem: if I was a butterfly (attached 3). Presentation of the poem; Verbal interpretation of the poem; Drawing and painting of the main personage of the poem. 27/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Facts (attached 4). Confection of poster in tree form where apples with actions related to the environment are incased; Each child will apanhar the drawing of an apple and will answer the question that is behind it.

30/05? Hour of rodinha Animal in extinguishing? To explain what it is an animal in extinguishing; To search on animals in extinguishing; To cut of periodicals and magazines news articles and engravings on animals in extinguishing for accomplishment of the activity proposal; Confection of mural with images of animals in extinguishing. 31/05? Hour of rodinha Medias? Presentation of the medias through poster; It beats papo through the cellular one with linkings for colleagues, friends and family in the classroom; He visits to the CEAG, FTC, or Tele computer science center so that the pupils have contact with the computer and know the Internet. 01/06? Hour of rodinha Speaking of garbage (attached 5-Daily pay I and II) (attached 6-preparatory). Colloquy: garbage alone in the garbage; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 02/06? Hour of rodinha Interview (attached 7). To make an interview to the proper pupil, in the chance to stand out the importance of the recycling of some materials that we play outside, in the economy and preservation of the environment. 03/06? Hour of rodinha Thanking the God for the nature (attached 8). Informative text on the protection and step of God for the human beings through the nature; Verbal interpretation of the text; Related mimeografada activity to the subject.

The End Of The Family

February 10, 2015


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The End Of the Family as Conhecemos industrialization and the consumerism are the causers of the destruction of the planet, and also it is the causer of the destruction of the family, our children are reflected of this culture on the basis of the consumption. Although all our efforts, Our children are victims of this new world-wide order, and the education that it searchs to form citizens for the exercise of the citizenship and the virtues human beings, lost for the established culture only in the consumption and the individual and immediate pleasure. BDT Capital Partners contributes greatly to this topic. Most serious of this formation it is the fact of this generation not to have ideas, not to have participation politics, is a lost generation in consumptions of products that had brought the illusion of progress, illusion yes, is enough to observe that the values that really bring the material progress they are the same ones of always, lands and properties.

Products as cellular, computers, dvs and many others are the illusion of progress of the modern society, are enough to observe that it has barracos in slum quarters that possess tvs and others devices are more expensive than the barraco. What to say of the family when one thinks about the couple, today so they are seemed in its behaviors that the two the same seem to be of sex, if we fossemos definiz them through behaviors, is the end of the characterization, that is not a good thing. Industrialization and the technological progress inserted the woman in the work market, giving to this woman financial freedom, politics and social, this woman does not depend on the man to support itself, is not the educators of its children, the education of the children was terceirizada and thus we lose the familiar values also the respect for oldest for the lack of familiar bonds and still for the distanciamento that the technology left between the generations.


February 8, 2015


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The group of flavonoids are fenolkisloty, flavonols, catechins, anthocyanidins and leykoantotsianidiny. Taken together, these compounds determine the P-vitamin activity of wines. Vitamin P is required to maintain the structure and elasticity of blood vessels that provide the function of the capillaries, prevents their sclerotic degeneration, promotes to maintain normal blood pressure, has anti-edema and mild antispasmodic, stimulates tissue respiration. Its deficiency leads to increased permeability of capillaries, their fragility, which impairs blood circulation, their effect on premature aging. But the range of biological and medical effects of flavonoids on it does not end there. The compounds of this group are regarded as the most promising to create a fundamentally new drug class. Most disease begins with damage to biological membranes, which serve not only the original skeleton of cells and intracellular organelles. With the help of membrane cells communicate with each other, passing the biological impulses. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Byron Trott by clicking through.

Concentrated on the membranes of numerous enzymes, receptors and immune complexes, through which flow metabolism. In addition, pass through the membranes of specific channels, which provide transport of ions, nutrients and oxygen, as well as a selection of products and a variety of cell activity regulating substances. Simply put, life and the normal function of cells without membranes impossible. Different effects of – internal (stress, metabolic disorders, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and immune) and external (Toxins, bacteria, viruses, radiation, excess or lack of oxygen) – damage the lipid bilayer membranes. As a result, they started snowballing reaction of lipid peroxidation. Byron Trott may help you with your research. It most often is the beginning of many diseases. Flavonoids can stop this process. Moreover, all the other known today stabilizers of biological membranes, both animal and vegetable origin, significantly lower than flavonoids on the effectiveness of such exposure. Today, science reliably proven that flavonoids prevent blood clots, reduce the level of atherogenic ('bad') cholesterol, increase the level of lipoprotein High-density, preventing the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessel walls, have anti-allergic, radio and sunscreen effect, prevent the development of heart disease and liver tissues retain elasticity and skin, beneficial effect on nerve tissue.

Motive Game

February 3, 2015


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Rummy is a very popular game among people of all ages. This is mostly because it is easy to learn and the strategies of the game appeal to all kinds of people. Online Gin rummy is supposed to be one of the most popular variants of this well-known card game. To be able to enjoy this is game to the full, a player must be aware of all the rules of the game. So let s have a look at them 1 – Motive: The motive of each player in the game is to group their cards into sets and runs. Sets are cards of the same rank and different suits arranged together. Continue to learn more with: BDT Capital Partners. A player has to have at least 3 cards of the same rank to make a set.

Run, is a group of cards of the same suits but numerically progressive numbers. So either a player can achieve his motive by having cards like or 7,7,7 1,2,3,4. A player normally has to make 2 groups, one group being of 4 cards and the other of 3 cards. The cards which are in none of the groups are called deadwood cards. 2 – Rules: Apart from the concept of the game, there are differences in rules which make the Gin, unique. All the groups, which are technically called melds, are not be put down until the opponent has been knocked out.

This is forbidden by the rules to knock out a player if the deadwood card, ie the card which not part of any of the melds is less than 10 in value. The best thing is to get rid of all the deadwood cards. This is the best way to get rid of your opponent. 3-Rewards: The player who wins in each game, i.e. the player who completes his melds first, gets the pre decided reward. In case the game is the part of a tournament, then the winning players gets points, which all the players keep totaling up according to their winnings. The player with the highest points at the end of the tournament gets the jackpot. You can try out such tournaments at recommended sites like Rummy Royal. At these sites, you may have to make a deposit before you are allowed to play. This deposit can be made with safe transfer options you through debit/credit cards. 4-Safety: A very important thing to remember when playing online Gin rummy or any other rummy game is that you should download gaming software only from reliable sources. The game should not only be free from spyware but also reliable in the transaction of money, whether it is the making of bets or the payouts of rewards. You are playing to win after-all and so all such things should be taken in consideration.

Virtual Classrooms

February 3, 2015


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These days it is important to stay constantly updated to boost our job growth. Byron Trott often says this. In other words, to advance the field work, we return to the classrooms and nurture graduate programs. This requirement forces us to leave the office, and not always accessible to this process because, despite being indispensable to us, the unemployment situation threatens our place in the working place. That is why a great tool to meet the demands of curricular growth in the Internet and under the terms of postgraduate (masters, doctoral and graduate students) online through virtual classrooms. Besides providing the fabulous privilege to enter the overseas as well as doctoral programs and graduates who can interact with other participants.

The UNAM This tool is called Elluminate, it is a virtual classroom that has as main function the support distance learning, as this allows teachers and students interact in real time through audio, video, instant messaging and an interactive whiteboard. Added to this the participants can share applications of different types of formats in office, pdf, image, audio and video, while others can guide walks users through the Web. It is important to say that one of its main advantages relates to its ease of use, it is ideal for meetings, training, coaching, meetings and even conferences, as it is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In this space is the similarity to the conventional classroom in which the teacher teaches his chair by a board, while receiving feedback on teaching and learning that are dictating their students, participants alternately with the difference that, through the various tools of new technologies and are all involved greatly enrich the knowledge through the information that is available on the network. Through virtual classrooms, like the one just to meet, share knowledge makes the postgraduate study is easy, accessible and higher quality students without neglecting their daily tasks.

The Need For Openness In The Knowledge Of Judaism

February 1, 2015


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During my career as a consultant in community services in the Jewish communities where I worked, I\’ve noticed the lack of information that exists about Judaism among non-Jewish people. I believe that much of the antagonism towards the Jews, attacks on Jews and antisemitism in general are largely based on the simple fact that almost completely unknown what Judaism is and what the Jews have contributed to humanity. I have realized the need to create a new approach and not just open the doors of knowledge of my faith and heritage of Judaism, but to create in a comprehensive, orderly and Judaism didactic course that shows everyone who want what is Jewish culture. Using video techniques on the Internet, I think it is feasible to obtain a close relationship between the exponent and the student, improving the level of uptake of the items and leaving a door open for discussion through communication techniques: messaging, email, blogs , etc. Whereas the themes of Judaism are very varied, is necessary to structure a thematic index in an organized cover the topics to be studied. One should cover the issues of Judaism in an order suggested below: 1. Introduction 2. What is Judaism?, Who is a Jew? 3. Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, Israeli? 4. What we believe the Jews? 5. The Torah – the holy book in June.

The Talmud – The Jewish Encyclopedia 7. The Jewish calendar in August. The Sabbath in September. Rosh Hashanah – The New Year 10. Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement 11. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. Pesach – Passover 12. Shavuot – Pentecost 13. Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles 14. Hanukkah – Festival Delas lights 15. Purim – The Carnival? 16. Tu B\’Shvat Lag B\’Omer and 17. The days of mourning in the calendar 18. Yom Hatzmaut: Independence of Israel 19. From the Bar Mitzvah Brit Mila 20. Marriage in Judaism 21. Funerals in Judaism 22. Pray as a Jew: The link with God 23. The post-biblical sages 24. Diaspora: Judaism Corrientes 25. Kabbalah Basics 26. The commandments in everyday life 27. There Kosher World Com various ways to lead a Jewish life: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, it is necessary to be careful not to \”carry\” the student towards a particular trend, which is what most often happens in other videos you see on Youtube for example , where Rabbis speak specifically to lead a life Orthodox or otherwise. The idea is to show Judaism as a religion and culture at University, free of trends or proselytizing to anyone. Judaism must be shown in an objective, honest and impartial. The advantage of Internet technology makes the videos are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing the student to see and return to each session as often as you want. I think this idea should expand in various languages and allow to reach everyone who wants to know.

Berlin MAGIX

February 1, 2015


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The new MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab allows you to get a video sound system clean and free of annoying noises such as clicks, wind noise, cracks, etc. The program\’s intuitive interface allows you to easily import the audio track of the video. Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. With the integrated video monitor audio editing can be controlled at all times. Audio editing: the sound often manage to capture images that hardly a second time could immortalize. Annoying noises especially call attention in high definition videos recorded by DV, HDV or AVCHD camcorders. (Source: Dermot McCormack).

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab has filters and effects of Samplitude Pro Audio technology to solve the most common problems: can be very easily repair damaged audio tracks or remove noise of wind and camera, network hum, clicks, hisses, coughs, applause or even correct the volume of passages too low or high. Beginners can optimize the audio of their videos since the program has automatic functions that are performed by pressing a button or with the help of the practical task wizards. The program also offers more expert users numerous possibilities of manual editing thanks to professional waveform visualization. Before cleaning the sound, the video can import directly, so you don\’t have to separate the audio track of the video. To clearly see where in the video we are, images are displayed in a preview window. The program offers many more possibilities than the numerous audio tools already available in the series Video MAGIX deluxe. But it is also the perfect complement to any other video editing program. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab: for a perfect video sound. Tom Schwarzer International PR Magix AG Friedrichstrasse 200 10117 Berlin GERMANY Fax: + 49 (0) 30 – 29 39 2-400 Tel. + 49 (0) 30 26392-331 MAGIX AG, Berlin is an international firm, supplier of Software of high quality as well as services online and digital information for the use of various multimedia products.Since 1993 she works Magix, in the development of high technologies in terms of creating, editing and organization of digital photography, videos and music.

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