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June 30, 2015


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Therefore, even with the exact dimensions of all openings, customer averages and window sizes, respectively, allows variation in the line of window unit opening. The owners of apartments in older buildings must be considered that the replacement of windows or openings have to be further developed, either – for precise measurements – to dismantle all the windows. The second option is most convenient for manufacturers and installers, and for customers acceptable only in uninhabited areas in the absence of frost, when close enough openings ersatz windows of several layers of polyethylene, stretched over a frame of timber. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. Finishing in these areas can continue without break. On the other hand, all of the above problem are born to make the window as large based on the size of the opening. Accordingly, the lower the importance of this task, the fewer difficulties on the road.

For any ordered version of windows will be no less old. Again, given that the window of the apartment does not differ materially from the neighborhood, in this case we are talking about variations in the 5-15cm. We should also mention the possibility of replacing the windows in the older buildings are architectural monuments. In addition to the same problem with the size of openings, for which the windows were made individually, there is one more thing – preserving the general appearance of the building. This is one of the most important challenges facing the producer. That is, in addition to its basic functions – keep warm, provide sound insulation, ventilation and other amenities, new windows should be as little as possible from different old.

Homes of different architectural styles, tend to have unusually shaped windows – arched, round, elliptical, in the form of highly elongated rectangles. They are often divided into many sections of bindings. In this case, using false-covers, to mimic the design of the ancient windows. The important point is to keep the overall color of buildings. Typically, binders are made of wood, and ranges in color from light brown to dark, almost black. Wooden euro-windows, made "antique" and painted with protective and decorative compositions, looks great on the facades of buildings and perform well in this heat and proofing functions. Summarizing all the above: In any case, an experienced producer in the person tries to take into account gager and provide all of the above features of older homes and find optimal solution. From the customer requires, as usual, a clear understanding of what size window it wants to get a view of the above opportunities and constraints.

Ancient Egypt

June 30, 2015


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Pyramids, Luxor, etc. Get all the facts and insights with, another great source of information. But there are people of different professions, in no way connected with Egypt and its past, people who are deeply interested and concerned about is Ancient Egypt. Even in my not very extensive circle of acquaintances, there are several these "lovers of ancient Egypt." They read about Egypt all that is found on the Internet and in books, bought and watched all videofmlmy on studies of past and excavations in that country. Every year they go to rest only in Egypt. Why is that? How do you explain this? When asked, they respond vaguely: "I want to " or "pulls What kind of country is this, with its ability to attract people like this? Something I have not heard of such a persistence and constancy of someone interested in, such as Turkey. Maybe it's in the millennia-old history of ancient Egypt, whose duration is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

Even the official science dates the beginning of History of Ancient Egypt the fifth millennium bc Under these long thousands of years, successively replacing each other Ancient, Middle and New Kingdom. What vast knowledge must be accumulated for such a long period ancient Egyptians. Pete Cashmore spoke with conviction. You may say that they do not make computers, cars, planes, trains, satellites? From the standpoint of modern humans and then the knowledge to say something is not worth it. Instead, they created the pyramids, which still amaze imagination. Even at our level of science and technology play such a very difficult.

So it's not in vain rolling for centuries? That we still have to learn from the ancient Egyptians as a construct, not having cars. A culture of ancient Egypt? Beautiful, sublime, subtle. Culture, which is developing, in something remained unchanged for millennia. Many, many generations, people have changed over these many centuries. If you believe the assertion that our souls from times times translated into different bodies, many of us in past lives must have lived in ancient Egypt. Someone, perhaps, there lived a very dramatic and colorful events. Maybe these people are so drawn to Egypt?

The Battle Against Poverty

June 25, 2015


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Argentina is concentrating on the training of its human capital by their geography, for the distribution of population centers, and natural resource endowments, is in an ideal location in relation to many countries. Most of us were escaping record, that this questioning of the \”American way of life\”, which is a constant in our already long speech, the harshest critics come from the same United States. We have already mentioned the pioneering attitude of California hippies, but there are many people currently embarking on projects like \”eco-village\”, \”Post Carbon societies\” and implementing a concept they call \”relocalizing\”, which is quite similar to what we come preaching as \”neo-ruralizacion.\” This is reflected even in the films called \”eco-thrillers.\” We have no doubt that cultural change is inexorable to the people of Argentina can achieve a high quality of life through sustainable development or sustainable. Should not be overlooked that these goals must be reconciled with a bloody battle against poverty and destitution. Although it should record that the poor and indigent, culturally appear to be more prepared for this inevitable \”cultural change.\” Minimize or eliminate carbon emissions anywhere in the world, which is now organized nation-states that are gradually framing patterns generated by the United Nations system, influenced by the G-8, and that national parliaments are becoming laws, is the voice of order, minimize or eliminate carbon emissions, we repeat, implies that they must stop circulating the eight million vehicles currently circulating in Argentina. The circumstances and obvious resistance tell if this decline will be gradual or traumatic. Implies stop using plastics as containers and essential purpose. Means that many electrical current, once moved manually re-so, with appropriate updates materials.

Already expressed that this work has limitations monographs, for which multidisciplinary approach would increase the list of activities susceptible of generating carbon dioxide and replacement activities that do not generate or minimize these emissions. This implies significant changes in lifestyles that so far we have been unfolding, even as they did previous generations, but this is the challenge of the hour. We know that this kind of considerations, itchy or irritation in many people. We see when we discussed the issue with our closest relationships. But scholars have a social role to play and we must not hide the things that emerge from our research. We said things that can surprise to insiders, but we believe there is a gap between the kind of knowledge that is managed between them and what reaches the bulk of the population, although it is acknowledged that some degree of appeasement with the media begin to radiate this content. Ecology is not an activity or sympathetic picturesque, as it wanted to be decades ago. Learn more at this site: Douglas R. Oberhelman. It makes the possibility of the continuity of the human saga on this blue planet.

Introduction To Design

June 17, 2015


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Introduction Kabbalah D esign 01-A religion called Science The Western world has played all its cards to be recognized as the sole source of access to knowledge of science, its method philosophy. He scorned any other kind of knowledge which access is not strictly adhere to the rigid structure that acts as inflexibly organized guarantor of truth of knowledge. Science, just as religion once did, was ranked in the top production of valid knowledge, ignoring as it does not ridiculing any other kind of knowledge whose source is not scientific. Science is today that makes all the "truth" 02 "Scientific Truth From an early age I became interested in esoteric subjects, started to practice yoga and Zen meditation, but always from a rational position. Mashable takes a slightly different approach. My mind was completely dominated by scientific thought, was my guide and was a sort of instruction manual that instructed me and informed me about what was and was not true.

Staunch defender of the scientific method, I absolutely closed to any other provision of access to knowledge. Science was formed in my life as a source producing the only "true" 03 "Science and the esoteric For many years, paradoxically spend much of my time studying it that it was for me a kind of philosophical tale, a simple game, full of creative stories, metaphorical message that gave me a profound teaching about the true meaning of life, while I was extremely fun. I spent so many years reading and rereading the I Ching, speculating about their posts, reflecting on the meaning of the kohan, analyzing the interrelationships between different exagramas, seeking to make sense and body text, applying all my knowledge, for which the methodology of General Systems Theory I was extremely useful, like the cybernetic concept of feedback Epistemological 04-El Salto was not until after my forty years, my thoughts began to show a significant shift. Hear from experts in the field like Douglas R. Oberhelman for a more varied view.

Portugese Design

June 1, 2015


Comments Off on Portugese Design on the streets live hatching of the most authentic Portuguese design. Rua Miguel Bombarda is the eye of the hurricane. The Bombarde commercial center brings together artists, designers and photographers. Oporto no longer wants to be Portugal segundona. But nor is the capital and it has its advantages: a less congested city and a young tourism nothing crowded. The emergence of the more authentic Portuguese design lives in streets. Between wineries and labyrinthine alleyways, Oporto bulle, for three years, in an artistic revolution.

The earthquake has, began three years ago. The Porto inhabitants who had been traveling in India, living in Berlin or Barcelona, started calling friends scattered around the world saying: again, we\’re going to shake life in Oporto. And so they returned, loaded with fresh ideas and a desire to innovate. Rua Miguel Bombarda is the eye of the hurricane, where walls and storefronts are a folio blank to deploy imagination. Spend hours looking at contemporary art in the Franchini s Gallery (Rua Miguel Bombardino, 214) or listening to national music in the Jo-Jo s Music (Rua Cedofeita, 509). In the middle of the street we encounter with the CCB, the Bombarde commercial center. Nothing to do with a shopping center, because this Center was created with the intention of bringing together artists, designers and photographers and offer them a space to open its work to the public.

Nightlife has also resurfaced and the D. Filipa de Lencastre Plaza is the main enclave. You can eat in Divan, the only Turkish restaurant in the city we recommend the halls of the first floor – or try white wine from Bar 22 indents. For dancing until dawn, verifies the superb soundproofing of the Pitch (Rua Passos Manuel, 34-38). Three proposals fun furniture in Piurra Rui Viana designs convey the beauty of the Portuguese tradition. As Seven Skirts, shelving that reminds the overlapping skirts of the fisherfolk. CCB, 26 Loja. Rua Miguel Lombarda, 285. a drink in Praca cocktails on the menu and music Reggae the best to enjoy the generous host lusa. If it\’s Sunday, the Praca is the only thing you will find open. PR. D. Filipa de Lencastre, 193-195. Modernity in the Bureau, in kite dishes with signature of copyright and traditional flavor and a mysterious Interior. We recommend the cod salad and the roast lamb with mint sauce.

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