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Roberta Security

December 29, 2015


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In fact, the term \’ \’ governana\’ \’ each time has been used more to indicate the implementation, planning activities and evaluation of the activities directed to the security. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. To invest in well-being to fight the fraud. The extremely important information are of restricted knowledge, as the composition of products, etc. To guarantee the secrecy to other data campaign of awareness with the employees is carried through. The trend is that each time more the act to restrict the environment, because of vulnerabilities, aggravated, for example, for the popularizao of the cellular ones that they allow synchronization and counts on a series of interfaces, the risk increases. The company internal politics, norms, controls and monitorao to the measure have to adjust its that new devices appear. It is important to ratify that to close the doors, however, it implies in walking in the contrary direction of the market, that asks for more interaction.

The challenge for the company is to balance the benefits that the resources offer front to the risks that they add to the corporative environment. The balancing must inside take in account the profile of activity of the department of the organization. Today, one only politics for all does not exist the institution, each company presents differentiated characteristics and demands diverse politics in accordance with its profile. The risks will diminish or will be eradicated when the prevention will be present in the good relationship with its employees. .

New Education System Works

December 22, 2015


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The number of corporate data doubles every society a few years. And on what path is the education system? In the late 19th century for the common people a church school are three classes, then 8 then 10 classes of classes and then 11 years, as nowadays students are overloaded there are proposals to lengthen school education to twelve years and beyond. For example, my great grandfather with 3 classes after Revolution quietly ran the bank and he lacked this knowledge and skills. If you look at a modern educational system, it originated in the 19th century and after that not much has changed, only the lengthening period of education. Plainly aware of the knowledge the student for the most part can not, he just learns some things, but can not add the full picture. Students are taught to ready-truths, seldom explaining why so, and most importantly do not giving evidence in practice, so it really is.

This is called encoding pedagogy when students need to memorize from the ultimate truth, and think it is not required. But the technology is constantly changes in modern life and just be winning the man who does not believe authorities who can think independently and continuously review its system of stereotypes. Just this modern system of education not teach. In my opinion the education system must move from factual to the methodology of pedagogy. At which the student learns to learn on their own, independently learn new skills and connect them with each is a kind of mosaic.

Since off-campus, he falls into a completely different volatile world in which nobody should have to take the examination three days before which have mechanically memorize whole notebooks useless information, listen to lectures, too, will not have, and will only be available to book online and another huge amount of information in which you want to be able to navigate. To disseminate knowledge about New Education System Works developed an educational portal. The existing old system of education was significant in pozoproshlom century when people at school or university once given knowledge and then it all his life could work productively. Therefore, all curators of our time to notice that students today have gone the other. The lecture was not walking or sleeping on them, to the undergraduate writing no more than 1 / 4 parts. Gain knowledge in the form in which we teachers do not give them to them interesting, since they do not believe that they need them in the future, and they are largely correct. So the objective law of time and work, and it also holds for the elite and for students and for those people who now can not fit into social life and prefer to burn their lives in the trash

Build System Data

December 20, 2015


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About the system layout data must have heard everyone who has ever experienced with the development of reports in "1C: Enterprise 8". At present, the way to develop the report is the fastest and sometimes the most effective. In this article we consider the main opportunities and advantages of the system layout data. What is the layout of the data system (CDS)? First, the system is designed to quickly build various reports, as well as output, which has a complex structure and contains an arbitrary set of tables and charts. In other words, the CDS – is a "programming arm." Ie to develop its report in "1C: Enterprise 8", have enough skills to work with ACS, with the basic settings of the report will be created automatically, and only the developer will correct them for their demands. The layout system data allows for the following features: create a report without programming using the automatically generated forms to view and report settings, partition performance report on the steps, pursuant to separate stages of constructing a report on different computers, independent of a part of the layout of data management of the software running the report. Let us consider in more detail the structure of CDS.

Main elements of the layout of the data presented in the following diagram (Fig. 1): Fig. 1. The structure of the layout of data first, you create a layout data, which describes the query text, data sets, communication between them, the available fields, parameters, data acquisition, and specifies the layout of the original settings – the report design, layout, design data, etc. For example, a layout can contain the following data set (Fig. 2): Fig. 2.

Example of a layout of report layout data, which will receive a developer is not just a table of records that satisfy the query. It has a complex hierarchical structure and can consist of various elements, such as grouping, tables and charts. In this case the developer can modify existing or create entirely new structure of the report, he needs to configure the selection, design elements structure of the report, a transcript of each element, and more. etc. For example, can be given a report structure (Fig. 3). Fig. 3. Example of a report in the report table will consist of journal entries accumulation VypuskProduktsii of products released by the enterprise. These recordings will be grouped by department. In general, the system layout database is a collection of multiple objects. At formation and execution of the report is serial data transfer from one object to another ACS, to obtain the final result – a document shown to the developer. The algorithm of interaction of these objects as follows: a developer creates a layout data and the default settings. In general, based on a single circuit layout data can be a large number of different reports. On the basis of the scheme layout and available settings layout layout layout creates. In this model contains the necessary layout requests, layouts and other areas of the report layout data processor selects from the knowledge base according to the layout configuration, aggregates and prepares the data. The result is processed by the layout processor output, and in the end user receives the resulting spreadsheet document (Figure 4). Fig. 4. Sample output from this report , the ACS has a flexible configuration, ease of handling and the development of new reports of varying complexity and structure in the system "1C: Enterprise 8".

Internet System

December 16, 2015


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Geological and hydrogeological survey, which cost 40 000-70 000 rub., holds a special organization. You can entrust this work and the designer, noting that position in the technical project. Studies of soils (referred to Construction slang \’geopodosnovy) must contain information about the physical and mechanical properties of soils, chemical composition and level of groundwater, soil strata scheme. If you refuse to conduct geological survey, the developer would have to assume full responsibility for possible negative consequences associated with errors in design and construction. The main elements of the house, providing energy conservation, are the walls, floors and roofing.

Therefore, it is very important for the homeowner to put before the planners problem of reducing heat loss through the building envelope, whose solution depends on correct choice of designs and materials for insulation. Duration of the project takes an average of about four months. But the design of \’smart\’ house with a system of supply and exhaust ventilation Central Air-conditioning and other terms may increase. The main sections of documentation are: – an architectural piece, which shows the general data presented floor plans, elevations and architectural sections, roof plan, an explanatory note – a constructive part, which shows drawings of foundations, floors, masonry or frame walls plans, elements of truss construction, sections of the foundation, construction sites, etc. – engineering sections include drawings of water and sewerage systems, electrical, heating and ventilation, low-voltage systems (telephone, Internet, radio, alarm system). For each system presented general information, floor plans, circuit systems, specification of equipment, products and materials.

EMF System

December 14, 2015


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And as a consequence appeared EMF (electromotive force) induction, which is actually a magnetic, rather than the electromotive force. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. That's convention has got to the perceived reality. Popular metrology handbook says that concepts such as angular momentum, angular momentum, angular momentum and angular momentum – are synonymous, only selected in different origins. After all, they have in SI units the same dimensions and units. But it turns out that it was not synonymous, as they are defined by different equations.

And the fact that they were identical units as well as in blame the SI system, in which a set of core units is conditional. In general, the physical content of the variables to be judged, in principle, not on the dimensions and units, and their defining equations. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. That is why the author "Energodinamicheskoy of physical quantities, in the end, added to the name of two words" and concepts. roup. " Since the system, which includes inadequate concepts – this is not a system. And if the individual terms Physics has been difficult or even impossible to change, then their true physical content should, at least, to explain. What can we say about the notation about the symbolism. There's a pie that about him in a few words to say.

We must look at site, where it devotes a whole page. For electromagnetism and gravity, even the author had to draw up its own system of symbols and indexes, as the lead in the existing system of symbolism, he had not succeeded. And he brought this new symbols on the site in a separate table for the values of the physical field. But at the same time to help teachers and students was a generalized table of elastic deformation, the generalized table of transport phenomena, tables field strengths, susceptibility and permeability of the medium in an electromagnetic field, the table values of thermal radiation, a table of physical and economic variables, the classification scheme of forms and types of energy and types of mechanical movement, the classification scheme of physical systems, the classification scheme of charges and dipoles in electromagnetism. You can hang these training aids in classrooms in physics, but rather in specialized classrooms universities. The author himself has taught 35 years and he really wants to help his colleagues. What to say in conclusion? Tables of physical quantities do not resemble the shape nor the periodic system of elements of the Mendeleyev chemistry, nor system of Carolus Linnaeus in biology. But who said that they should be similar in shape? They should be similar in purpose, and they have one goal: to demonstrate the unity of nature to better understand it, to create new, similar already existing in nature, and not wasting time on the creation of what is alien to the principles of systematization.

System Form

December 13, 2015


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If the fact of exploitation grasped only the exploiters, in this case there is a "struggle" in the form of propaganda of the exploiters, where existing relations of production are presented as the acme of perfection, and more democratic forms of social organization with a more equitable distribution of income are presented as dangerous, leading to chaos, the form (3). Dialectical systems may have a form where one of opposites is a certain process, and another – a dialectical form of the development process. For example, a system of concepts "mine – not mine," which is the first system in terms of individual consciousness is born, is the process of comparing the individual's anything that unites the concept of "mine" with all that that unites the concept of "not mine", where he is born dialectical form of this process, the concept of "I" (6). With rebirth of the "individual – individual" in the system of "individual – the individual," the essence of which is the development of relations between individuals, and then among all subjects of law, comes a dialectical form of the process – government, which originally could have no other form than the form of patronage-realized (in the "struggle" of the system concepts of "my baby – not my child"), his mother motherhood for their children. In the process of historical development of human society, with the development, improvement of means of production, with the improvement of forms ownership of the means of production, with the development of social consciousness changes the legal relationship between the entities of government entities. .

Fire Extinguishing System

December 10, 2015


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If the client wishes the entire fire suppression system and fire alarms can be displayed on a PC anywhere in the protected building, which allows you to monitor performance of the system in on-line. Automatic fire extinguishing systems (automatic fire suppression) are needed to all rooms: warehouse, office, residential homes. They need to quickly extinguish a fire. All fire extinguishing systems are composed of managers and control devices, tanks, where the chemical agent, piping and dispensers. The whole design of fire suppression systems are always carefully collected for each building separately. (Similarly see: Dermot McCormack).

Installations perform an automatic fire suppression, can localize, and then put out the fire in the early stages of the various fires. Method of automatic fire, creating fire extinguishing concentration throughout volume of a protected space, called the volume. Depending on the purpose of the premises, such as stored or manufactured in its production, as well as the equipment installed different systems extinguishing fire extinguishing system – used to extinguish fires of class A and superficial way in different places: stores, department stores, hotels. foam extinguishing systems – are for extinguishing fires of flammable and combustible liquids in containers of flammable substances and petroleum products. gas fire suppression system – designed to protect the data center and telephone exchanges, libraries, archives, museums, banks, stores. aerosol fire-extinguishing systems – are designed to extinguish fires of electrical equipment and other energy facilities, to protect vehicles maslohozyaystv, motor compartments of ships. The fire extinguishing system – designed for fighting fires of various classes, as well as electrical equipment is energized. Water fire-fighting water plants Fire used to fire solid fuels in the textile, wood, paper, flour, chemical and other industries, as well as to protect houses and other facilities public purpose. According to the principle of fire-fighting water divided into spliklernye and deluge.

Library Information Systems STU

December 10, 2015


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The company "Alley Software" took part in the VIII Scientific Conference "Library consortia: technologies and innovation", held from 14 to 20 June 2010, with the support of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARLICON). The conference brought together over 200 participants, among them – representatives of the university, school, regional, public libraries, IT professionals, experts in education and information services to professionals and vendors of books printed and electronic information products. The priority themes of the conference this year were corporate library and information portals in the era of web 2.0 and web 3.0 as a medium for interaction between librarians and users, the changes in the transition to electronic library resources (technology, digitization, and accounting resources and databases, performance evaluation use.) Considerable attention was paid to the electronic library systems, as well as issues of training and retraining and professional skills Librarian future. Speakers event – managers and employees of the largest libraries of Russia and the CIS – have demonstrated already working solutions for the effective management organization of library resources in modern conditions of solutions, in particular – an integrated information resource "The scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University" (NB TPU), network information portal Petersburg studies "Peace of St. Petersburg" and the corporate network portal combined resources of libraries St. Petersburg (TSGPB them. Mayakovsky), a national electronic resource Presidential Library.

BN Yeltsin consolidated portal of electronic card catalog of the Republic of Tatarstan (Institute Library Information Systems STU) and many others. "Our company – the traditional party conference-exhibition ARBIKON." – Said Stanislav Kim, CEO of "Alley of Software" – "This event has always been a platform for professional communication and exchange of experience. But this year we decided to provide an opportunity to keep abreast of events at the conference for those who, for whatever reason do not unable to personally attend to it: first in the library environment conducted on-line broadcast of the conference via Twitter and blog community ELIBCONSULT. This translation does not simply duplicate the presentations of speakers, but contains DISCUSSION – asked the audience questions, answers and comments from experts. The resulting response to the broadcast was very high and this is good news: it means that there is a need and interest in this web 2.0-and communication specialists who are ready to actively seized of the matter. We as a IT company located in constant interaction with professionals of librarianship, was born quite a few ideas for the development of such services, implementation of which will be discussed in the near future. "

Home Heating Systems

December 10, 2015


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Also, today released combined heating boilers that can run on both gas and diesel fuel on, sometimes even without replacing the burner (eg, acv, Ivar, etc.). Continue to learn more with: David S. Levine. Their can be used to guard against disruptions in gas supply, as well as in the case, for example, if your house is located in the new settlement, gas is expected in just a few years. Finally, heating a small private home (especially those far from the "benefits of civilization") or giving, you can use solid fuel heating boiler (Viessmann, Buderus, Dakon, etc.), working with wood, coal, pellet (granular bio-fuels), etc. In this case will have to take care of the harvesting of fuel and to prepare a room for storage. And also to prepare for the fact that from time to time (from one to several times a day) you will be working as a fireman. Efficiency solid fuel boilers are generally not exceed 70-80%, but its persistence is very high (due to residual heat). For good reason, and also limited the possibility of using automation: solid fuel feed impossible to regulate without direct human intervention. Power boiler heating should be selected on the basis of 120 watts per square meter rooms with windows or exterior walls, and 100 watts per square meter of space, they are not having. On the result to "throw" another 20% because working at the limit of the power boiler will last a long time. On the other hand, the boiler heating system, selected with unreasonably large reserve capacity, may serve more less due to the inevitable heat of combustion chamber (until burnout).

Accounting Control System Components

December 9, 2015


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At the organization of corporate training for the sales department, the customer is important to remember – "Training is one of the fragments of the system to ensure the effectiveness of the sales staff." Only a record of all system components efficiency, can guarantee the display of learning outcomes at the level of sales statistics. To deepen your understanding Zendesk is the source. Even the best training and sales seminars can not provide the desired results if the training is conducted without checking for consistency with other elements that determine the efficiency of the staff. What other components provide the performance of your staff? And that should be taken into account when choosing a program learning? Components to ensure the efficiency of personnel as follows: 1. The system of selection and assessment of staff. Any training involves the development of a new one. This obviously imposes requirements on abilities, necessary for the establishment of new skills and personal qualities, which will depend on the application of new techniques into practice. 2.

The regulation of sales personnel and requirements for execution. New techniques, developed at training or seminar, their use in practice may significantly affect the time spent on the work of employees. If the use of techniques will give more effect, but it will take more time for each of the clients, under heavy load on the staff – he simply can not simultaneously use the new technique and comply with the requirements of existing regulations. That the employee had used the new methods he has, above all, should be such an opportunity. 3. The system of motivation.

"They know how to" does not mean that "the will". Employees will use to practice the skills and knowledge acquired during training, only if the incentives to do so. If the gain or there is no need to use, then at best the result will be short-lived. 4. The system of enforcement. If not kept control of execution, then there are no results. If corporate training is conducted at increase the level of personal performance and is not reflected in the regulation of work, system requirements and, accordingly, in the control system, the company lost the most powerful resource of corporate training – "systemic." Accounting for all component of the system to ensure efficiency and coordination of courses with each of these elements will provide a really high impact on learning. And the most transparent it will be a long-term effect noticeable after the training and predictable in the future at the level of sales statistics.

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