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Career Portfolio

May 31, 2016


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What is a Career Portfolio? The original portfolio used by artists looking for work was simply a demonstration collection of works of the artists style and ability. Because their works varied in size and shape, portfolios came in all shapes and sizes. Fashion designers to drag a box of clothing and accessories designs from interview to interview in the hope of great opportunity. Potential employers or agents of the Commission could look at art or clothing and decide if applicants could be able to paint or design what they had in mind. In recent days, people such as architects, whose work has a personal dimension, carried rolls of drawings and photographs to interviews.

Now others have realized the potential of portfolios and jumped on the wagon, but with electronic and physical portfolios. A portfolio is, according to the dictionary, \”A case for holding portable materials such as flyers, photographs or drawings. The materials collected in such a case, especially when the representative of a person\’s work: a photographer\’s portfolio, the portfolio of an artist of the drawings. \”A reworked definition could perhaps refer to a portfolio, a collection of evidence, very well presented, that job applicants show prospective employers to help their case.\” It could also be an online or electronic portfolio. But call it as it differs from a Curriculum Vitae or CV. The difference between a portfolio and a resume While a resume is a summary of a job seekers qualifications, experience and special achievements, etc. not necessarily contain verifiable evidence.

APM Group Expands Product Portfolio

May 30, 2016


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The APM Group has once again expanded its product portfolio with electronic personnel file! The APM Group has expanded its portfolio and with the support of scalaris AG developed an electronic personnel file with APM standard, which specifically provides a lucrative alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through the many years of experience in the human resources field succeeded in APM to create a standardized folder structure in the SaS model, and thus to provide a cost-effective way to transition from a physical file. Use of the SaS model eliminates high cost of system integration and license purchase. Ali Partovi understood the implications. The APM standard allows a cheap care of the Act. According to Michael high, the CEO of APM Holding AG, the company interprets his role as provider of unified solutions and offers technical solutions therefore in addition to the outsourcing of payroll, payroll and financial accounting. Through our wide portfolio we would differentiate us from our competitors and position ourselves in the market\”so Michael high. Julia Buhl

Energy Box

May 27, 2016


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200 l fuel reserve for diesel engines in mobile applications for the mobile use small tank systems offer a high level of comfort and protect through nozzle and hose from spillage of fuel; a plus for the environment should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, smaller mobile tanks are often inadequately protected against influences from outside. A new power box by Cain, the specialists for safe camps, now protects the actual tank system, and provides additional storage space for accessories. Mobile tanks help save time and money not only in remote areas. Compared to the diesel storage in canisters offer modern tank systems in mobile usage comfort and protect through nozzle and hose from spillage of fuel; a plus for the environment should not be underestimated. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robotics expert has to say. Unfortunately, smaller mobile tanks are often inadequately protected against influences from outside.

To change this, the specialist for safe storage, the new energy box \”CEMbox 400 has Cain, Tank system\”developed. They consists of the proven components of CEMbox 400 and optionally the mobile tank stations DT-Mobil easy 125 or 200 litres. The 120 x 79 x 75 cm (l x b x h) large box ensures the actual tank system, and provides additional storage space for accessories, such as for example a battery for the electric pump. In the case it acts also as a secondary protection against leaks. Unfortunately, the interest, to obtain free fuel increases in times of rising fuel prices. Here, the locking energy 400 box has the advantage that you can\’t see from the outside, what is hidden inside. Not for nothing, the popular saying \”what I don\’t know I\’m not hot\” says, this applies also to opportunity thieves.

In addition to the effect of \”invisibility\”, the box of course conventional sure protects against weather influences, dust, water, mud, etc. The stackable box with locking knobs and forklift pockets is highly durable and can safely via optional platform mounting attached to the loading area be. The tank stations DT-Mobil easy form-fit in the box as well as the battery for the electric pump, be secured by strap. Thus, the energy box meets all the requirements for a secure mobile transport of diesel.

Canon EOS 60 D

May 26, 2016


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A look at the new Canon EOS 60 d camera review-DSLR camera review: the 60 d is a great mid-range camera from Canon. The 60 d has the same sensor as the much more expensive Canon 7 d (18 mega pixel with 1.6 crop factor) and an ISO width of 100 was 12.800. also equipped the camera with a 9-zone AF (auto focus). Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. A Lord of great feature of the 60 d is the swivelling and tilting screen (3 \”). This allows creative photos in virtually any location\”. The screen is particularly interesting when HD video working with the integrated full function. To adjust the audio of quality of the video is Canon in the onboard mic a wind-noise reduction fitted.

Furthermore a stereo microphone jack was integrated, which can be calibrated in 64 steps. A dB makes visible the whole display during filming. The D60 is the first DSLR included such sophisticated audio technology. Who prefer images makes the EOS 60 d shank 5.7 pictures per second. Thus, the average consumer in the sports and action report should have life. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here.

The burst rate is 16 images in RAW mode (burst rate is the maximum amount of images that can be made with 5.7 frames per second). Then, the buffers on the card must be emptied. The image quality is, as expected, very good. Noise only really become an issue if you go above ISO 1600. The menu of the Canon EOS 60 d is similar to more modern with all other Canon models. The 60 d know also some additional features on. See Geoff Richcards for more details and insights. In particular these are enhancements that affect the picture modes. This additional image styles allow warmer and softer images (for the photographers who find postprocessing isn\’t that great). This kind of zusatzllichen functions extended the Lernkurfe with this camera. However, the extra time is well spent. The camera body is a little more difficult than that of the similar (but more expensive) 7 d. Austerity measures are likely to be. Compared to the 7 d, the 60 d has a metal housing with Kunstoffuberzug, the 7 d a magnesium aluminium housing. Conclusion: You can create no real conclusion about the 60 d. One DSLR camera range in the audio/video with a stereo microphone, super fine adjustments and a great 3 \”swivel – and tilting monitor wait for may, has no competitors in the HD video. In the screen area is the 60 d of our competitors did not. The quality is top. We is priced the 60 d at around 1,200 euros and thus in the same class their competitors. If you have to make a lot of videos, so above, the 60 d is definitely the best choice you can make.

Mobility Management A La Carte

May 26, 2016


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Mobility is not a question of status and comfort. It is a matter of intelligence. u0085Let\’s suppose you have a eSchlussel margin vehicle fleet. Time adopted this key goes to at least 180,000 completely identical vehicles, which are part of a closed system, which in terms of mobility in the 22 largest cities in Germany (Berlin and Munster) completely sets new standards (more cities will follow). Scene from your future everyday life: you travel by train or plane to the location of your choice. On the way you plan already dates of your stay and the distribution there.

To use an application of the margin of mobility management and look where is located the nearest vehicle from the shared fleet. NAVSTAR GPS in combination with your own application marks all sites of shared vehicles of all categories of our margin fleet, of which each individual vehicle can be call (with the respective history). They go on foot, and they recognize the car, like all vehicles of the Margin fleet from the same manufacturer and in full equipment in its own subtle way now for you is recognizable. The keyless go system is activated by your personal eSchlussel. Through a coordinated solution, each vehicle in our fleet knows the personal basic adjustment to your person. Modify them in a vehicle, it is adjusted in all 180,000 vehicles. You feel always immediately at home. Must tank up as usual when the tank gets food.

So a sophisticated system helps capital, intelligent use of resources and transport systems. Because this carries a membership fee the fixed costs (capital including the supplied maintenance costs) of the fleet, the tank – and communication costs (connection kit) 1:1 over the internal billing system in the margin are passed through, you benefit from an absolutely simple and intelligent solution. Plus: If someone asks you for your own car, you can simply say: I have 180,000 Cars. Note: If it\’s latest technologies, which will be tested on the suitability of your market and your everyday usage, you are ready to engage in appropriate tests and agreements which generally have aimed to use capital, resources and transport systems more efficiently partner existing margin. If fun to connect people with people is to be the at the Centre of our efforts, existing systems are sometimes more hindrance than help. We flip but static systems and we are creating new facts, often new findings come to days that drive us again and with fresh vigor.

LED Technology

May 26, 2016


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The new Cree LED technology info and report the Cree TrueWhite technology is using the new technology of TrueWhite made white light with LEDs in a completely new way. Samsung may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Now the Cree True White is pretty straight forward technology but at the same time incredibly economical. While the light is quite trivial mixed yellow and Red LEDs this produces a brightness, which objects and surroundings in a pleasant, friendly, genuine, warm and natural light seem. Cree leading innovator in the field of LEDs is the company Cree from United States of America is the market leader in the segment of LED technology. One reason is the steady focus on innovation as well as creation of new products. The Cree LED Division aims: to create first-class, efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs. Overwhelming efficiency of Cree LED flashlight – only 10-15% of energy consumption In the collation to ordinary LED flashlights, bring Cree LED flashlights comparable amount of brightness with just 10-15% of the energy used realize. Thats a big advantage in connection with torches which must be handy, small and light.

This development, optimized the really highly efficient LED flashlights to another piece. Fascinating pleasant light through the Cree LED flashlight LED Torch flashlight light usually cold and hard feels. Objects glow in rather cold light and never unfold their true colors. That\’s history, thanks to the new LED technology flashlights with the Cree. The new Cree technology makes the environment in deep colors. Never replace the bulb LED flashlight bulbs from Cree led up to 50,000 hours.

The Cree LED accepted flashlight is every day 6 hours in usage, so above can be used for almost 23 years. This is equivalent to 50 times a normal LED bulb. Conclusion to the Cree LED flashlights LED flashlights using the Cree TrueWhite technology are available for a new generation of LED flashlights. The technology combines with the experiences plus developments leading LED lights producers allow a whole new flashlights – product.

VideoUMTS Security Cameras

May 22, 2016


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This works well for people, who are not experts in the field of security, PC, or video surveillance. Who ever built, knows the problem: If you want to know how it looks on the construction site, must go. While a video surveillance or observation would be but an obvious solution. It sits in front of the home PC, and turns on the camera. In addition, a TimeShift – function is a timelapse movie great, and of course in hindsight. But how do you realized that? The question: \”as I realize the observation of any construction project by means of a video surveillance camera, although no Internet is available on-site, and thus is a W-LAN solution not in question\”, will be therefore very often.

Of course would be a Videokamera(s) with connected DVD / SD-card / – recorder – but then no life images. Also you want to Yes to permanently monitor Yes a construction site, and then the disk space problem quickly arises. This is indeed limited. Get more background information with materials from Samsung. The Travido GmbH here offers a completely new approach: the video security camera Travido 240 3 G is equipped with a Vodafone UMTS chip from House. The camera sends up to 2 frames per second, in particular via Vodafone directly on the Internet. The images are stored on the storage servers of the company Travido, and stored there for too long on desire.

(Additional costs for a longer period). Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. To do this the company even a comfortable Web browser Viewer offers, which is customizable, offers TimeShift using drag-and drop functionality with mouse and created movies as time lapse lists on request. The cameras offered reason in addition to the rent. Rental period is 1 month up to a maximum of 12 months, but can be extended. The special feature: the configuration effort is minimal. The camera is installed (posts, neighbor\’s house etc.) in one place and requires only power. So, power sends the camera is her pictures on it, and from this date. From this moment you have to worry as a customer to nothing more. Simply log in to the Viewer, and look at the result. How this can look, displays the Web page. User name there is \”guest\”, and PW \”guest\”, also of course without quotes. This solution is suitable for building owners as well as for construction companies, which want to offer a special service. By the way, the legal side is clearly covered. Here priority is the protection of property on its own grounds – however is to make sure that only the construction site is filmed. The principle is the same as in a supermarket, which is equipped with cameras. The protection of property is here over the rights to one\’s own image.

General Brainstorming

May 17, 2016


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This is our work. But this incident has put a certain brick in my foundation: \”Work on yourself.\” From my partners, things that I had and am still, agreed to build a hotel in the Elbrus region. Wonderful land! I am very like. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Golden Eagle Coins. When you look at the slope of Mount Elbrus and see before him, under his feet, the entire Caucasus Mountains, the vast snow fields and feel how light they ask out So take your breath away! \” But it\’s not about that. Hence, there have been negotiations with a potential partner. How are they going? According to the model win-win.

And have been very successfully and productively in a brainstorming mode. This, incidentally, the most important criterion when the win-win productive: when you literally pull enemy of the conversation in this mode of brainstorming, not just discuss options and interests, namely brainstorming – Gambling, a positive, team, of which not rushing in .Talks by raider action. General meeting of jsc. Such a large, fat, produces what space rockets are completed:) we are witnessing, \”they\”, as well as a lot of small shareholders. And the agenda of the battle begins. As tricky questions, so many raids and sizzling saliva I had not seen before.

Glow reached its climax when it came to the ceo, its activities and its results. We must pay tribute, General, man is still the old party quenching had gab. I regret that I did not keep the video! My conclusions are then made for myself a lot, and including – on the need oratorical training.

Eastern European Agreement

May 6, 2016


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Please note in the analysis, which as a model of corporate organization, the Joint Venture does not know a conceptual framework established and recognized throughout the world. Mashable wanted to know more. In most countries where there is a lack of a comprehensive adjustment, allowing that this figure is more than a standard practice. Thus, Joint Venture can be used to undertake all kinds of economic activities, as there is no legal rule that forbids it, as happens in the construction industry, mining, oil and other important sectors of the economy. International experience shows every day the innumerable cases of Joint Venture which are among the companies, both public and private, with the aim of marketing, production, finance, services and research and development. Many joint venture are consolidated between different economic blocs countries, which often involve, for example, subcontracting agreements and trading operations offset, so the profits are given to products, such as in China and several Eastern European nations . Basic Features regard, indicates Ad hoc basis, which is primarily targeted to a project, without therefore be of short duration, but of limited duration. The companies maintain their own individual, which means the opposite of the merger. Businesses are already in existence. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here.

contributions to be met by contractors can be money, goods, technology services and so on. Community contributions and interests of participants. It seeks a common good. Contributing to the losses. Faculty reciprocal representation of the other party. Joint control of the company. There is an agreement, which is a declaration of unity designed to regulate their rights under this agreement may set forth a non-corporate.

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