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National Advice

June 28, 2016


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Valley to stand out that in this same decade the Brazilian society was victim of the blow that restored the military dictatorship and that it restrained all the movements and all the popular manifestations. The black groups of protest had been also restrained. From 1969, the military dictatorship in such a way censured the publication of notice on aboriginals, death squad and engages in guerilla warfare, as any information on black movement and racial discrimination. With the installation of the ditatorial regimen, the government imposed the people what it would have to be studied since the schools of the basic education until the universities. In this context, from the decade of 1970, the MN and the Movement of Mulheres Negras (MMN) they act in more incisive way to try to influence changes in the educational system and had fought to include the history of the black people in the pertaining to school resume. This performance it culminates, in 1995, with Marcha I buzzed of the Palmares, when 30 a thousand people had been for Brasilia and had delivered to a document to the Presidency of the Republic pleading politics to fight the inaquality. Six years later, during 3 World-wide Conference against occured Racism in Durban, South Africa, of 30 of August the 7 of September of 2001, the Brazilian government presented proposals and assumed the international commitment to implement measured of affirmative actions to fight racism and the inaqualities in Brazil. This position was taken in result of the pressures and claims of the MN and of the MMN, that has decades fights for measures of combat to the racial inaqualities, particularly in the area of the education. In 2002, the teacher Petronilha Beatriz Gonalves and Silva was indicated, for the MN and the MMN, to occupy a place in the National Advice of Educao (CNE). In the same year, it she considered that the CNE if revealed on the question of the education and the ethnic-racial relations.

Sysob Security Gateway

June 22, 2016


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SIP(Session Initiation Protocol)-security protection against eavesdropping and tampering attempts Schorndorf, February 12, 2008 the IT value added distributor sysob together with his partner, the manufacturer IP-based and xUTM(Extended Unified Threat Management) solutions Clavister, the availability of advanced security gateway product family Announces. Details can be found by clicking Kai-Fu Lee or emailing the administrator. Now the gateway through the new SIP-security features also protect against eavesdropping and tampering attempts using IP telephony. With this innovation builds the value added distributor (VAD) sysob further from its product portfolio in the field of security. Within the IP telephony session has become Initiation Protocol the de-facto standard. To know more about this subject visit Kai-Fu Lee. Voice over IP technology use already over 50 percent of large companies in Europe. In medium-sized, every sixth company to consider moves to use VoIP in the business. Companies are now recognizing the benefits of technology.

The widely-used session initiation protocol developed however, without thinking of the security. Most IP phone systems are currently so openly for attacks that can result in devastating effects for the infrastructure company\”, explains Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob. As IP telephony used the same networks as the normal Internet traffic, it is ergo shipped same threats. So, any IP telephone calls can be intercepted, manipulated or distorted as well as teleconferences remotely controlled. \”In addition is also stealing\” connections to a light, then to waiting identity thieves \”to submit. Thus VoIP is also a target for manipulation in addition to eavesdropping and spamming. The IP phone systems also allow hackers access to other network systems a dangerous situation. In particular the complexity of the SIP protocol is very critical from the security point of view.

Firewalls must be able to interpret SIP, so to determine which ports are open. We have to make an optimal solution in the range, which is capable of, the relevant ports and thus these vulnerabilities gateway with the Clavister security\”, explains Hruby. The SIP protocol as application layer gateway without setting down the performance of the network was implemented.

Hosting Portfolio

June 20, 2016


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Fixed CPU performance of the virtual server is defined as USP Freiburg, July 31, 2008 – using Internet provider continum AG of Freiburgers stepped on server virtualization and has significantly expanded its service portfolio. However V base server, V professional refers to the service provider with its new VMware-based products and V-premium servers clear position against the typical virtual server of the bulk provider. Unlike you we define fixed values for the CPU performance and ensure a clear scope of services customers, as we know this also by any other business here\”, continum Board Rolf Mathis describes a significant difference to other market offerings. Its borders would reach their server performance also already there, where the weakest version of virtual continum systems is only now beginning. Products V base server, V and V-premium servers on the one hand characterised by low monthly costs and reduced setup packages, on the other hand you can at your fingertips at any time additional CPU, RAM and To provide disk resources. knowledge.

This ensures maximum flexibility in their growth in the E-business customers. The hardware resources required can also in case of varying requirements as with the seasonal business temporarily to the concrete needs align, so that for the rest of the time there is no more expensive overhead on performance. A free choice of operating system and server applications associated with server virtualization in your VMware environment by continum. Customers can have this fixed allocated hardware resources with up to 2 CPU cores, 4 or more GB of RAM, and at least 120 GB hard disk space of the V-Premium Server. With professional standards in E-business virtual machines designed for the mass market are not sufficient\”Mathis founded targeting VMware.

This product was the Mercedes in the virtualization software market and therefore also the benchmark for the own technology decision. The V server in all performance categories, users have a full root and Administration access. Alternatively, you can transfer the care including the E-business applications to continum. Other profile of of quality of service is that the processes in the high security data center of Freiburg provider on ITIL-aligned and the customers receive a personal and competent partner. You now have the required background and can thus initiate a targeted assistance\”, Mathis founded. About continum: Continum AG operates one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany in Freiburg i. br., Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications.

Wheelsgroup Europe Hospital Road

June 12, 2016


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The Wheelsgroup Europe is a solid name in the wheel business for 2 years as a major importer of many well-known manufacturers of chrome rims. The chrome wheels from the United States are becoming more and more in the coming, there no longer normal and well-known designs satisfy the wishes of numerous customers from all areas can be. The search ends for something special for your cars increasingly with the purchase of exclusive, but not necessarily more expensive chrome wheels. Precisely for this reason, the Wheelsgroup Europe has expanded your chrome rims range on three major manufacturers. Learn more about this with Robotics expert. These include DAAT, Kruz, and Jimmy.

The manufacturers of DAAT and Karma are for sporty, yet elegant wheel designs fit for a huge number of European vehicles. The manufacturer of Makaveli produces 3-piece forged wheels manufactured even on request directly to the vehicle. The absolute accuracy of fit and the perfect synthesis with the curves of the vehicle allow men like women\’s hearts beat faster. For further questions, please to the headquarters of the Wheelsgroup Europe.

Portfolio Manager

June 5, 2016


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Thus dependencies between the individual projects. In addition, milestones such as Board meetings can be\”or similar place. Mashable can provide more clarity in the matter. So projects can be associated with important events and monitored. In real time of bubble charts for analysis and control of project portfolios project intelligence 4.0 in the graphical client will be when can do parallel bubble charts portfolio analysis to the temporal representation of the portfolio. The risk of the project is represented on the X-axis, the value reflects the sum of the effort or the cost benefits on the Y-axis and the size of the bubbles. The bubble chart is updated continuously through all data changes in real time. This concerns not only changes that makes the Portfolio Manager in his portfolio, but can do takes into account all data of the current projects project intelligence 4.0 also in real time. This is the software can do not only to a full portfolio system, but can also be used as control for all projects.

In addition to the functions listed here can do, 4.0 yet more new features holds project intelligence, both in the field of project management and project portfolio management. Can do is publish soon learn more about the new features of version 4.0. Can do project intelligence 4.0 will be released in the course of the third quarter 2010. About can do GmbH Munich can do GmbH ( has developed an innovative project management software by special power project intelligence with can do. The software boasts a realistic project management in real time, fully considered incorrect planning techniques, as well as a reporting system for the optimal risk control a smart resource planning, an integrated time tracking, an intuitive handling.

Offers the modern multi-project management software can do for Real added value – company regardless of industry, platform or size. Can do trust throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Toshiba Europe, Swarovski, Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag, the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, the IHK Berlin or Vienna. Can do received the Bayern, which is conferred by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs award of export in 2008. The Initiative Mittelstand in the category of enterprise resource planning (ERP) was awarded in addition in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT Innovation Prize can do. Media contact: Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 89 51265-101 email:

Christian Nowitzki Services

June 3, 2016


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underground8 and Intellicomp sign distribution agreements Sailauf, may 28, 2008 – Intellicomp, value added distributor (VAD) in enterprise security, has further expanded its security product portfolio. In the framework of the distribution agreement with underground8 of VAD, the entire security product line sells limes MF (managed firewall), AS (anti-spam) and TS (traffic shaping) of underground8 and provides efficient pre and post sales activities. The marketing of solutions via the more than 300 reseller partner of Intellicomp in Germany. At the same time, the company announced the massive expansion of its network operating Center (NOC). In the course of the distribution agreement, Intellicomp will actively support its reseller partners with qualified pre-sales measures, telephone and email support, help desk, and technical training in the marketing of security solutions.

Especially when the distribution of the appliance maintenance contracts guaranteed supplemental Intellicomp and services, the is with the underground8 CarePack services cover: from the hardware replacement within four hours to 24 x 7 support contracts. With the network security, Intellicomp underground8 appliance systems addressed in particular the security needs of the SME market in Germany through its reseller partners. Many of the small and medium-sized enterprises can meet the threats resulting from the explosion of daily attacks from the Internet, not effective. Reasons for this are often lack of budget, to little personal or missing knowledge. The combination of cheap security appliances and value-added services, as well as individual advice by our local reseller partner, we can offer comprehensive security solutions at attractive conditions on the SME market.

Thus we are fulfilling the requirements of SMEs with respect to their security needs exactly\”, explains Christian Nowitzki, Managing Director of Intellicomp. Gunther Wiesauer, CEO of undeground8, adds: with Intellicomp, we have gained a VAD Distributor, as a highly qualified Specialist in the field who is enterprise security and further strengthened our position on the German market. We look confidently on a cooperation with a partner that optimally supports our security solutions through value added services for the channel. \” Network operating Center with extending its security product portfolio expanded at the same time Intellicomp has announced the expansion of its NOC, to prevent any shortages. So the VAD will offer in the future your own Web conferences including MCU services through the data center. Also, the services related to ASTARO and underground8 firewall systems are significantly expanded. Among other things, the expansion of capacity of the ASTARO command center on up to 300 linked systems, as well as the connection of the Intellicomp-NOC managed firewalls offered by underground8 is planned. About Intellicomp: Intellicomp was founded in 2004 as a consulting company by Christian Nowitzki. The goal was systems integrators in the area of archiving and securing business advisory support. Since then has Intellicomp to a value added distributor developed and advises not only, with the aim to depict the resulting solutions in its portfolio system houses, but also producers in the implementation of legal requirements in Germany.

Walter Rheinstrasse

June 3, 2016


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Methodological support facilitates companies to select the right projects and to implement effectively. Dreieich, 31.05.2011. Have the project management specialists by COPARGO GmbH, Dreieich, as first German training organisation approval for the new best-practice method management of portfolios \”(MoP). With the MoP method COPARGO consulting customers is now delivering the full best-practice know-how from one source for the project management of the APMG *. For the management of portfolios, a guide has been available since February, 2011.

The method including tried and tested principles, roles, processes and documentation structures for the design of optimal project portfolio organizations describes in detail. Now makers, portfolio managers and staff in the portfolio management can become familiar in a two-stage qualification in COPARGO with the Guide and its application. From training and consulting, our clients know how practical we convey by COPARGO project management seminars and engage in projects. Best practices are always in the foreground. Personally I am therefore all the more, that we are the first in Germany, who can offer best-practice knowledge with methodical support for project portfolio management\”, emphasises Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of COPARGO GmbH. makes it easier to MoP in a structured way in companies the definition and the continuous control and monitoring of portfolios.

Project portfolio management aims to find the right projects, prioritize and to select more effective approach and reach implementation projects. Portfolio management for projects is becoming increasingly important in companies. Organizations that strive for long-term success, are in constant change and must therefore constantly adapt and change. Portfolio management helps successfully, that necessary balance between organizational change and business as usual\”to maintain in an organization. COPARGO is on the specialized concrete and management-oriented PRINCE2 project management methodology, already appreciated many project managers in Germany. The new best-practice method for MoP fits seamlessly into the existing framework to best-practice methods. For example, there are already the established method of MSP for the successful management of programmes. The methods will be for flexible, practical and efficient procedures and are successfully used in numerous organizations and companies worldwide and continuously improved. They are applicable for companies of all sizes and industries. * The APMG is a global organization that specializes in the accreditation and certification of organisations, processes and people in various management disciplines. COPARGO GmbH: The COPARGO GmbH is exclusive project management with PRINCE2 consulting firm and a leading provider of PRINCE2 training. COPARGO supports its customers in the use of project management and provides all necessary services from the Introduction consulting about training to tool selection. COPARGO seminars are characterized by a high percentage of practice in the training. All theoretical content are transferred to a practical project examples in everyday life. So the implementation of the project considerably easier and more knowledge is thus permanently propagated and applied. In addition, the seminars are always up to date… Since March 2010, COPARGO is also accredited training organisation for the best practice method P3O. Robotics expert will not settle for partial explanations. The MSP programme management method in the portfolio was recorded

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