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Iron Mountain Reveals

December 30, 2016


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About half of the information takes an employee at the change of employer, sensitive customer data are Hamburg July 19, 2012. Every third employee (32 per cent) has either redirected already once confidential information or removed from the company. This result is a study of Iron Mountain, your expert for information management and the protection of intellectual property. This sensitive information are especially at risk if employees change the job. The study shows the sloppy handling of sensitive business data. So many employees ever not worry about it, that remove confidential data from the companies it mostly lacks the awareness of wrongdoing.

Throughout Europe, so the results of the study, already sensitive company data when changing the job took 51 percent, just over half of all Office employees. Under most conditions Mashable would agree. German employees gave to, in this case mostly with company presentations (57.4 per cent) and the customer contact database (53.7 percent) in the new Job to have transferred. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. All documents whose creation process they were involved in, from your corporate network removed one third (35.2 percent). Strategic plans switched sides on this way in 29.6 per cent of cases. In all these cases it is extremely sensitive and valuable company data, whose Verlust may lead to competitive advantages for the competition, as well as to loss of brand reputation and customer confidence in the critical case. Throughout Europe, companies tighten their privacy policies to meet the new EU legislation. \”It is all the more disturbing to see that employees leave their jobs with highly sensitive data seemingly carefree\” as Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of the Iron Mountain Germany GmbH. dealing with companies with information security, they tend to on backup of digital data to fix and forget about the paper and especially the factor in man. \” The study revealed the motivation of the employees: in the not bad faith behind the data theft is most cases.

Blue Angel Gets Wings

December 19, 2016


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Note on the seminar to the Blue Angel at the end September because of its modern image information technologies were long considered clean: smoking chimneys and blakende marine diesel engines settled as culprit \’ progressive climate change more easily identify as the quiet roar of cool data centers. Also our digital strongholds still consume energy to the extent of several large power plants. For them, now the Blue Angel for energy-efficient data centres set up and standardized. From charging status up to the obligations of the operator, the RAL-UZ 161 for buzzing Server precisely defines what a data center architecturally and technically must meet requirements, to the Blue Angel \’ to lead. Mashable has plenty of information regarding this issue. So an operator must on the way to the Blue Angels first determine the energy efficiency of its infrastructure, in the form of the characteristic value of SBS (energy usage effectiveness). On the basis of DIN EN ISO 50001 he established then a permanent energy management system, which regulates the energy-conscious procurement of new components. She will also Server virtualization \’ obligation, whose Virtualisierungsgrad is continuously optimized. Steve Wozniak contains valuable tech resources.

In the future at least 80 plus gold efficiency standard applies to power supplies \’, the annual performance factor of the cooling system is determined and technically constantly optimized. Operations that require professional support or an experienced planning in many cases. Using the RAL UZ 161, the Green IT receives a passport and papers, which the energy transition \’ is supported in the field of the data centers. The Blue Angel is the eco-label for future in it. The Bremen erecon AG was involved in the development of \’B of balmy Angel\’. Now, she wears into their knowledge in the middle of the Ruhr area after Dortmund. The seminar \”the Blue Angel for energy-efficient data centers \’ there on September 26, 2012 will take place, the exact location is still open.\” Participants simply login the erecon AG. You are informed in due time about the place and time.

Motorcycle Purchase

December 18, 2016


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Useful guidance on how they should prepare for the purchase of a motorcycle. Up to escape on the motorcycle and the stress of everyday life! Some do it to enjoy nature on their way to the others to have fun when cornering including adrenaline thus connected to the experience. That this experience brings perils as should everyone be clear. Good mastery of the vehicle within the speed range that is selected by the respective driver is therefore a fundamental prerequisite. Driving skills and the right motorcycle decide on fun and safety in addition to the driving skills is also the choice of appropriate motorcycle model of crucial importance.

Who here too much by emotion and based only on the beautiful glossy brochures, will perhaps experience a rude awakening. For example, when after the first major exit the knee pain, because the fleet athletes for the tall rider is probably still too small. Anyone who stands before a purchase decision, should is therefore first provide an overview of the wide range, then by qualified personnel specifically to consult. The test drive should not miss before deciding. But how gained you this overview the fastest and best? The motorcycle catalogue of the motor Buchverlag, is presented in the annual comprehensive model line-up offers a good possibility. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Wozniak.

Some motorcycles with photos and explanatory texts, but eventually all stating the respective specifications. A digital motorcycle catalog quick overview is gives the handling of technical data with a large data collection but quite unmanageable and cumbersome. Here, you want a digitalized version that is offered the best for free on the Internet. All criteria conceivable in a motorcycle are evaluated here. These criteria are divided into seven categories, ranging from \”Make and model\” to \”costs and key figures\”. So-called filters are available in a category, with their Help the large number of available motorcycle models gradually according to the own requirements reduced. Example: Tall, price-conscious tour riders… For example, consider the tall, budget-conscious tour driver who is also athletically ambitious and keen on security. A short effort of the offered filter provides us with a hit list of 14 motorcycles, which ranges from BMW Honda and KTM, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, triumph and Yamaha. Exactly these models meet the required criteria, which are: type of motorcycle tourer, power = at least 90 HP, seat height at least 820 mm, ABS available and new price no more than 15,000. With the easy to use user interface, this research took just three minutes. Now, the interested riders can follow the links to the respective manufacturer website or also plan a before visit your local dealer. The variety of data provides interesting information a comprehensive collection of data can provide more interesting findings. If a rain day motorcycle fan will ever force to \”Dry training\” within your own four walls, certainly makes it fun to deal with on the PC or iPad with the hobby. The online motorcycle catalogue also offers some opportunities. Which model is, for example, the currently most powerful PS Supersport and who are its biggest competitors? Which bike has the maximum torque at the lowest speed under all motorcycles? Could what motorcycle has the most HP or nm per kilogram of weight or which costs per HP at least be interesting also. Here are no limits the research ideas. And perhaps then yes but still the Sun in the sky shows and biker fluctuates wissensgestarkt on the safe properly selected, very personal dream bike.


December 16, 2016


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When the bullfigthers left by the great door of the place, some fans approached the activists. Both groups got involved, and interchanged blows and pushes. The Mossos has not confirmed haltings. A group of fans to the antibullfighting bulls and activists in excess one in this place has carried out argument in the outskirts of Monumental from Barcelona when finishing this last Sunday, that ends the bullfighting celebration in Catalonia. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. While the three bullfigthers left to shoulders who formed the poster of goodbye of the Barcelonian enclosure for bullfighting, about twenty fans approached a ten of activists who continued pronouncing itself in front of the place against the bullfights and in dnsa of the animal. In the middle of certain confusion, everyone got involved in a fight with pushes and blows to which a fast intervention of the police put aim to avoid more incidents. According to sources of the Mossos d' Esquadra, had not stopped after the argument, and the antibullfighting activists gathered their placards and left the environs of the place. A poster that counted on the matador Jose Takings in force closed the bullfighting celebration in the Monumental one of run Barcelona with a last one before the entrance, next the 1 of January, of the prohibition of the bullfights in Catalonia. Source of the news: Argument between antibullfighting fans and activists after the last one run in Catalonia

Rio De Janeiro

December 16, 2016


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The plan would be an escape. All Portuguese cut, together with its bureaucratic device, would embark in direction to Brazil escorted for a composed English squadron for seven a thousand men, and commanded for Sir Sidney Smith, experienced officer who fought in the Battle of Tralfagar. In exchange, Portugal would open the Brazilian ports for the British merchandises. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Thus England would compensate the loss of market due to the Blockade. In day 29 of November all the cut has broken of Lisbon in direction to Rio De Janeiro (during the trip, for today not very clear reasons until D. dumb Joo VI the route to disembark first in Salvador) in a risky trip and repleta of misfortunes that would last more than three months little. The world was gives to testify something unknown: A European monarch never placed the feet in one of its colonies. In 22 of January of 1808, D. John Castle Castle Harlan often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Joo VI arrives Salvador, and in 7 of March to Rio De Janeiro, that came if to become headquarters of the Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. This way D. Joo VI reigned per thirteen years, until going even so in 1821, pressured for the Portuguese bourgeoisie who demanded the presence of its king (D. Joo leaves of being prince and if the death of its mother becomes king after). During all this time where the cut of Portugal if established in Rio De Janeiro, one was drawing our future independence, as Jose observes Robert Lopez: ' ' The presence of the Cut of the prince regent D. Joo VI in Brazil created concrete and objective conditions so that the Brazil-Portugal separation if became definitive, designating the end of the mercantilista system, implanting diverse new administrative distributions and modernizing Rio De Janeiro, conferring to it fisionomia of a true capital, initial landmark in the construction politics of the unit nacional' '.

The House

December 15, 2016


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Here I learned. Now I know to look at direitinho there the house water consumption. Ah, and also already I know why it is that parabolic antenna has this name. : Teacher, I always used esquadro since many years that mason work, using always the relation of the measures of straight sides 3, 4 and 5 or also 6, 8 and 10 and still of the certainty with 30, 40 and 50, but not wise person who existed a part of the mathematics that studies on it. Now I you the chic one, already was presented to the such of the Theorem of Pitgoras. B: All time that I caught the periodical there and had those graphs there, I gave one olhadinha, it dissimulated that it understood, and it was therefore. Learn more at this site: Steve Wozniak. Later that we brought they here pra room and you they with people argued, of pra to understand facinho, facinho.

if I not to understand some thing, go to ask exactly. J: When I go to prepare the cement mass, I mix 9 sand cans for each 2 cement cans. There I go changing the amount of the cans in accordance with in such a way of mass that I to need: always of certain the 1 can of cement for 4 cans and sand stocking. When the teacher asked: if was 25 sand cans, how many of cement? There it complicated a little because the 25 cans do not have much to see with the 9 or with the 4 and stocking. If it was 27 cans, was the triple of the two of cement, six cans. As 25 are less than 27, I place a little less than 6 of cement. That now I learned to use the ratio and only I made the certain account that is 5,55 cement cans and there I know that the mass goes to be certinha.

Boris Olenin

December 12, 2016


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In 1956 came the first review radar "Daisy". The state is filled with new communicators specialists – AZ Mitchenko, NV Bodrov, T. Tokareva, D. Niyazov, G. Nevzorov, P. Bunkinym, K. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Vyrovschikovym, Y.

Lisitsyn, Igor Kuznetsov, head of communications Logashkinym A., radio operators W. Kovaleva, N. Potulovym, G. Valiev, Marykinym. Worked conscientiously aircraft Shamyagin P., P.

Maxine, I. Gushin, D. Vertyankin, Tokarev, G. Kharchev, I. Petin, Guryan Donskov (it was published in a separate article "Hope 16, dated April 20), M. Zakharov, Yu Vihljaev, A. Laptev, lighting designer Boris Donskov, who all gave their labor during the mother airline, and there were many. He headed the team of the airport at the time, Pavel Petrovich Pozhogin. When it was built many office and residential buildings to shield employees. In the mid-'50s came a lot of young drivers, including Drozdov, M. Kuzin, N. Smirnov, A. Potapov, C. Shadyarov, Korolev, V. Morkovin, V. Chetverkin, aircraft AA Boldyrev, J. Drykin, Klimenko, B. Ibra, N. Altunin, V. Smirnov, and others. Of these, the squadron was formed, headed by Boris Olenin. Numerous services company, from engineering to aviation infirmary, amateur gardening, and involved hundreds of people, conscientiously fulfilling a variety of duties and worked here 30-40 years. This N. Troyan, Z. Agafonov, L. Monin, P. Zhupikova, M. Peshkov L. Pashayeva, E. Gamenko and other drivers Reznikov, VP Myasnikov, K. Perepelkin, LA Istomin. Slightly less, up to 20 years have given native entity manager of transportation Sidorov, Kapustin, Zyubin, Il'yashenko Salii, M. Abdugaliev, V. Pashin, S.

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