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PVD Circuit

December 21, 2017


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In all these, the method el.stantsiyah circulating detergent solution, mounted using acid leaching circuit with its subsequent dismantling. Data on the proposed treatment technology equipment film-forming amines (ODACON) without installation (removal) of the special scheme of the circulation circuit, a fully assembled and ready to launch the boiler is not available. Marc Mathieu has firm opinions on the matter. This new technology solution. Cleaning the metal surface using ODACON based on the effect of intense leaching of film-forming amine oxides of iron, copper, zinc, organic substances, etc., which confirms sufficient technological expertise of conservation units using ODACON. 2. Scientific and technical rationale for the method of pre-starting treatment film-forming amines. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. The specialists of technological firms Ou Energoressurss Grupp, Estonia, developed a new technology prelaunch cleaning steam circuit includes power boiler, PVD, etc. equipment.

Carrying out engineering works on the pre-start clean-steam circuit of power unit requires no installation (removal) of the special schemes, but requires a willingness poslemontazhnuyu boiler for its steam test, conducted immediately after cleaning without shutting down the boiler unit. Research conducted at MEI, VNIIAM (Russia), IFE and REICON (FRG) on vzdeystviyu surfactant, film-forming substances on gidrodinimiku two-phase media, heat and mass transfer during boiling and condensation and the erosive and corrosive processes revealed relatively high detergent properties of surface-active substances (SAS) for iron oxide deposits on the surfaces of pipes. An important feature of ODA is its ability to reduce surface tension at the liquid-gas by adsorption of ODA in the surface layer. ODE able water repelling surface of the metal as a result of oriented adsorption of ODA and creating a barrier between the metal and the environment. Adsorbed on the surface of iron oxide impurities, molecules make ODA well hydrated adsorption layer, which leads to the emergence of the wedging effect and the separation of sediment from the surface. The degree of adsorption depends on the concentration of ODA reagent, speed, pH and thermophysical parameters of the aquatic environment, duration of contact with the surface being treated.

Natural Resources

December 13, 2017


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Head of Ministry recalled that during construction of Olympic Games, Russia will deploy the latest technology in environmental protection. Press office 'Olimpstroi' in charge of construction of the 2014 Olympics, declined to comment Trutnev assessment and noted that the project is implemented according to plan. Environment ministers from Russia, Finland and Sweden discussed the environmental problems the Baltic Sea on Tuesday in , was 4 th International Conference on the Protection and restoration of the Baltic Sea, the main theme of which was the cost-effectiveness international program of measures to radically reduce pollution in the Baltic Sea and the restoration of its ecological status by 2021. The forum was attended by Environment Ministers of Russia, Finland and Sweden, and European Commissioner for Environment Stavros Dimas. Participating in the conference, Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev said that Russia will reduce to zero discharge of untreated sewage into the Baltic Sea in 2015 Thanks to the modernization of water supply in St. Petersburg. The main problem of the Baltic Sea – is eutrophication ('bloom' of the sea), ie process of marine pollution phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers, which leads to rapid reproduction of algae, oxygen deficiency in water and kill fish and other animals.

Speaking about the measures taken to combat eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, Trutnev said that the program of reconstruction and development of systems Water Supply and Sanitation of St. Petersburg for the years 2004-2011 will reach 97-98% of the wastewater of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. In addition, Trutnev said in a speech in 2012 Russia plans to reduce the amount of air and water pollution by 20%. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore.

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