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Fujitsu School

February 19, 2019


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In cooperation with Fujitsu and Univention Acerdon presents the new IT solution Univention corporate server @ school, an open source based package for schools and school boards. Paderborn, October 7, 2011. Presented in cooperation with Fujitsu and Univention the Paderborner IT distributor Acerdon the new IT solution Univention corporate server @ school, an open source based package for schools and school boards. Univention corporate server @ school (UCS@school) is aimed at teachers, schools and school boards for the ease of deployment, operation, and management of a computer in the classroom. Contact information is here: Dell Inc.. UCS@school includes a number of components that have been developed in cooperation with schools and educational institutions and offers many functions required for schools specifically. There are applications for the central lesson preparation, classroom and printer administration, as well as for managing students available. The teacher is just the location in preparation for teaching the computer usage time for each with UCS@school To define lesson for every PC. What materials are in what lesson available and which are not? Passwords of the students are easily managed, working groups simply defined, and Internet access flexible unlocked.

All the components are controlled via an easy-to-use Web interface of UCS administration tool directly from the teachers. Without special IT skills, teachers can use many features for computer-based work in the classroom. Univention corporate server @ school (UCS@school) is on the proven UCS Linux corporate solution. The Fujitsu certified for operation with UCS and installed on PRIMERGY servers systems keep as possible costs and risks involved in commissioning and deployment as low. The Fujitsu certification also gives security for a long-lasting and reliable operation.

More information on UCS@school and screenshots at: products/school. Univention- Technology leader Fujitsu platform Univention is based in German-speaking countries one of the main producers of open source solutions on Linux. Univention has numerous projects together with certified partners for schools or school boards extensive knowledge of the special needs of schools to an optimal infrastructure collected and integrated into its solution. Webcast on October 28, 2011, and presentation of the solution on the Fujitsu Forum 2011 Acerdon invites all interested partners to a webcast on October 28, 2011 (14:00 14:30) to learn in detail about the solution offered. In addition Acerdon presents this solution together with Univention on the year’s Fujitsu Forum on 9 and 10 November in Munich.

Motors, Sensors And Information Storage Optimize

February 17, 2019


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House of technology Symposium “Magnetic materials for technical applications” new developments in the field of high-performance magnetic materials have now led to numerous innovations in the most diverse applications. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Basis of new magnetic components the importance of these new materials has resulted in magnetic systems, nuclear materials and coating systems in many areas. Perhaps check out Dell Computers for more information. Only the electric motor development, the development of sensor and information storage are examples. The knowledge of the diverse applications of the new high-performance magnetic materials still exists long not for all designers and developers. The Symposium of magnetic materials for technical applications”by the Essen Haus der Technik offers the opportunity to bring in compressed form on the current state of development. Leading experts from universities and companies are available in the Haus der Technik as speakers available. The range of topics ranging from the theoretical basics of design and application issues.

This year will also reports about the raw materials (rare earth metals) and their availability. The event performed for many years with great success on magnetic materials also serves as a platform for exchanges between designers, developers of circuit and material producers. Therefore, Miss not this seminar, offered by the Haus der Technik on 22 and 23 February, 2011 in food.

Surveillance Systems

February 16, 2019


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Video surveillance systems have become part of our lives. Zendesk takes a slightly different approach. The set of cameras connected to digital video surveillance systems, provide security houses, porches, apartments and businesses and organizations from theft and fires and allow a safe and organized work. Visualization allows you to control all the information about the surrounding area and the threat coming from him, but because video cameras and video recorders most different designs have become the most popular component of any security. CCTV systems are structured as follows. Image with lying to function as video cameras broadcast on wire or radio channels on a centralized video server (DVR), where it is processed by special software and displayed on a monitor, allowing you to watch what's happening in real time or play recorded events from the archive. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Donald W Slager on most websites. Professional video surveillance system automatically responds to the slightest movement on sms-alarm, and recording the images captured in the archive.

The volume of stored records limited only by the requirements that must be satisfied surveillance system. Recording at any time can be obtained from the video archives for viewing processed programs that can increase the clarity and contrast images, printed on a printer, etc. The modern CCTV system provides a number of additional features such as remote monitoring facility. In this case, it is possible observe everything that happens on the observed area with a mobile phone or laptop connected to the Internet. Depending on the type of object selected video surveillance system.

Consider three Example: video surveillance in the apartment, the store video surveillance, video surveillance in a warehouse. The video surveillance system in the store is designed to control two main ways of stealing the goods: a storage room with the export of 'empty' container, through point of sale through fraudulent buyer or a cashier, often consisting of conspiring with the buyer. In order to organize the warehouse and surveillance related to it should install street parking camera through 20 – 30 meters of overlap 'dead zones'. Particular attention is paid to appropriate gates and loading and unloading platform: it should be install video cameras with maximum resolution and high-definition images. Choosing a CCTV system in the apartment, one must understand the purpose of its installation: if the system is designed for monitoring visitors and possible purpose of their arrival is advisable entryphone installation. Hidden camera can be installed in the interior of the hall, landing, or 'sunk' into the wall. Properly selected and installed highly qualified surveillance system – a reliable insurance company and home to any unpleasant surprises.

Industrial Production

February 16, 2019


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One of the characteristics marcantes was the industrial production that finished becoming vital for the success of the war. The United States were producing frantic and profiting very The mechanized war, of fast movements, provoked greater number of prisoners who of deceased. But, in compensation, the civil losses had been superior to the military, because of the aerial bombings. Malicious desumanos intentions of the Americans had provoked the genocide in Japan, more necessarily in Hiroshima Nakasaki, alleging pure revanche, against civilians! The famous atomic bombs, a well kept secret that relieved the imperialista power, in the start of ' ' Fria&#039 war; ' , to make to be valid this advantage in its international disputes. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. The technology must be the ideologizao of the technique, therefore this is data of the objective reality and has science it encloses that it and it explores. The technician and the technique have of being object of the analysis of the thinker. The majority of the practical theoreticians and of the technology does not have conscience that practical theory and must ' ' to walk juntas' '.

Therefore the theoretical domain of the technique will only free the man of the practical one of the recognized technique that comes being half of life by which it is defined and. Great naivety is to think that for the current technique the world industrially starts to be a constructed object, whose creator is the man! When the technician will have a perception of the world, will appear the critical conscience that will elaborate the true theory of the technique. Therefore, he is impossible to pronounce themselves on the reality of the current technology if not to run away from the impressionista ravishment, sensationalist literatos and it allure studious without philosophical preparation of a psychological impregnation without precedents. All the action human being has character technician for the simple reason of human being (the primordial technique correlates the man with the reality). .

Mission Possible

February 11, 2019


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In jest set of laws Murphy (one of his language is familiar to all – "If the trouble can happen, it happens ") is a whole section dedicated to the organization of production. His postulates ("four principles production worker "), audited the bitter experience of generations of engineers and workers, read as follows: -" in the toolbox, it is not enough that a wrench or bit, which are needed "-" for most operations require three hands "-" the remaining nuts will never fit in the remaining bolts "-" than the carefully drafted, the more confusion, if something went wrong. " But is all bleak? Because today the majority of companies quite successfully manage to overcome all-out pessimism of this "natural law" by issuing a reliable and convenient technique. The secret to success is simple: to cope with the "Principles" It helps that the Soviet Union was called "Scientific organization of labor, and in the modern world, known as" quality management system. For more information see technology investor. " On what is based, this panacea of marriage and , which has been effective in thousands of facilities around the world? Let's try understand. How to deal with Murphy's laws? We return briefly to the laws of Murphy. Their "founder" Edward A.

Murphy – a very real person, an American engineer, who is 40 years of the last century, developed the electronic systems for military aircraft. He invented a device, and attaching the assembly diagram, sent him to the test. The device did not work The time was after the war, the stress, such alignment could bring a lot of trouble, and Edward went to the Air Force base where the flight.

Computer Flash Cards

February 10, 2019


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For many there is a problem with the work of a flash card – it happens for various reasons, can hit the virus (as a rule – this action virus program), you can not use it properly, each of these cases, a total of one computer can not detect the stick, he can see it as an existing drive, but work with your PC it will not. If Windows does not see your flash memory card, displays a message something like 'file system missing', in this case it definitely worked a virus. Some 'experts' in the service centers will tell you that the flash drive is beyond repair and it's time to change it, because they simply do not know about this program, and generally do not know much about (once I personally got to such 'specialists'). You should never rush into the pool with his head and run for a new flash card. In this age of information technology, useful software market is so wide that we you do not even suspect the existence of certain information development. To assist His Majesty will always come online. The solution to this problem is! download this example program and run it. The program extends absolutely free of charge and requires no registration.

Proceed to the site Manufacturer, there is the necessary instructions for using this program. The only thing you have to do to her normal work – the connection with Internet. This program works in online mode, a special service. if something does not work, you will be offered another option vosstenovleniya your stick (I did not need). This program is for Recovery of flash cards, I was discovered quite by accident, but five of their patients, it has already healed, and they successfully continue their work. I advise this program to all!

Wolf Funfack

February 10, 2019


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Better litres of water drink 2-3 a day, to carry nutrients into cells, metabolic waste to record, retain and again from exit about blood and lymphatic circulation. 2.) on the new set time already on the plane at the beginning of the journey that adjust clock to the time of the destination country, to get mentally in the new time and meal rhythm. At the destination you should to the new daily rhythm immediately live, eat and go to the usual time to bed or stand up, also ensure adequate sleep the first night after arriving at the destination. You may find Peter Asaro to be a useful source of information. 3.) fit after a long-haul flight during the flight enough water drink and as abstain from alcohol, coffee, or sleeping pills. A balanced diet of protein, fat and carbohydrates helps the metabolism, better cope with DST. Extra single white helps to be fitter and more alert on arrival.

Therefore applies to flights to the West: protein-rich food (fish, meat, dairy products, Eat legumes), because helps to stay awake and fit even if the day lasts longer. Trypophan and lysine amino acids result in the rate of protein breakdown. These are indirectly responsible for the physical well-being, because serotonin levels is driven through them. 4) sleep in the plane when flying east or at dinner at the destination is: eating carbohydrate rich food with long-chain carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, vegetables, potatoes), facilitates falling asleep, because these carbohydrates lower the blood sugar and insulin levels. Low insulin has activating effect on the body’s hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep cycle, and is responsible for ensuring that good night’s sleep.

Background information on metabolic balance and Dr. med. Wolf Funfack: Dr. med. Wolf Funfack is a therapist and nutritionist. His personal experiences and the daily problem with the overweight of many patients in his practice caused him to effective solutions in the area of diet and nutrition to Search. Together with Sylvia Burkle (graduate engineer for food technology), he developed the 2001 on the basis of his 20 years of experience as a nutrition specialist that metabolic – balance programme. metabolic balance provides an instrument for a healthy way of life with a nutrition plan that is individually tailored to the participants. The Stoffwechselregulierungs – and nutrition programme aims primarily to keep the insulin and blood glucose levels with a special selection of natural foods and thus to restore to balance the metabolism. The analysis of own blood forms the basis of metabolic balance and thus for the nutrition plan. Exactly the food and nutrients are supplied to the body he needs.

Broich Catering & Venues On The Best Of Events

February 8, 2019


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Successful start to the year 2011 in Dortmund Broich premium catering presents itself on this occasion in cooperation with SUITE TUFF and RENT4EVENT on an exclusive booth in Hall H7/C38/D18. Individual Cateringkonzepte and varied Locationportfolio Broich realized individual Cateringkonzepte and has a large portfolio of as individual locations. Alone at the headquarters of the company, on the edge of Dusseldorf Nobel district Oberkassel, Broich location management has event spaces total more than 3,000 square meters. The Hall at the water tower and the old boiler house have in the NRW state capital almost cult status. “350 employees by NESPRESSO Germany celebrated recently as a disguised sea creature theme party under the sea.” As of May 2011, the old Springs factory, built in 1914, originally as a crucible cast steel mill is there in addition. 1.600 m event space available, which can be divided in two aisles by two cranes stand here. Light and sound technology can optionally to be booked. The three halls offer an ideal combination for both day and evening events.

A highlight of the location in Dusseldorf is the architecture & culture, which is new in the portfolio of Broich premium catering since 2010. The Broich location management offers numerous nationwide locations of all stripes. To make the work a little event planners, Georg W. Broich has placed a private Locationportal in the network under There, all relevant information about the individual locations are available around the clock. Partnership projects be Broich premium catering 2011 presented to the BoE with two partners.

RENT4EVENT is non-caterer and provides the necessary equipment for events in collaboration with Georg W. Broich as a preferred supplier. This offer is complemented by the Munich lounge specialists SUITE TUFF, which provides the appropriate facilities in the lounge area and thus designed concepts in a uniform style. Participate in the partnership fair the three companies want to use synergies, with the Core competencies are clearly exposed. Transparency is important in modern event catering, therefore we are for open communication Broich premium catering”, says Georg W. Broich. With his concept of Maison Traiteur Carl 18.91 “has developed a modern catering product Georg W. Broich, einzigartig-it in the German catering landscape and transparency is hard to beat. On the best of events innovative event planners can convince himself in Hall of H7 at the booth C38/D18 itself.

Display With Voice Messages

February 6, 2019


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new Freespee technology on started as first company in Germany offers Web-based voice messages for Classifieds and personals on basis of Freespee technology. With the platform of Freespee Labs, customers of over ordinary phone calls to local can easily reach advertisers of classifieds and personals. Munich, (December 21, 2010) the online marketplace and Freespee, a software house for language technology in Sweden, announced today the launch for the new language service for ads. On the basis of the Freespee API can send customers voice messages to the advertisers of ads. The two partners also announce the establishment of innovative new voice services.

The new Freespee technology enables voice messages at local rates – without any software installation or Smartphone-features – from any phone or mobile. A prospective buyer of a personal ad or classified ad can simply record a voice message over a telephone call on the profile of the advertisers. Swarmed by offers, Viacom is currently assessing future choices. The advertiser is the new message immediately by E-Mail with the number of the caller informed and can listen to the news on the Web. For the user is this as easy and comfortable as using a telephone voice mail or SMS. Neither the caller nor the advertiser must have a microphone or a software installation. For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. One call a regular phone number at local rates. The voice messages work by all phones and are available for all users of A call is always a local number of advertisers – always at the local rate – so that calls are as cheap as possible. Freespee Managing Director Carl Holmquist says, that language services are a natural part of all websites should: “If you think about it is communicating online today even with all innovations from Web 2.0 and social media purely text based. Text is easy, but a personal voice is authentic, emotional and can build trust between people.” “ Freespee service combined with the added value of voice messages Privacy and simplicity of SMS messages.

UX Tool Time – User Experience Club

February 1, 2019


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Topic: user experience tools to attack, 01 December 2010, Vienna eye tracking, experience prototyping, online measurement and remote testing are common tags in the field of user experience, so the holistic, emotional experience of the user. Additional information at Zendesk supports this article. But what exactly is behind this? How can one visualize the view history by customers on websites or in shops? What is required for online surveys and is expensive to manufacture a prototype? These and similar questions were UX Club by USECON on December 01, 2010 in the user experience labs of the company presented to participants from diverse industries and also answered. The Vienna-based consultancy USECON ( invited on December 1st, 2010 to the user experience Club tool time user experience tools to attack”. In four different stations was the method of eye tracking closer to 30 visitors, explains why make prototyping as a rudimentary sketches at the beginning of a development sense and how to use remote testing and online measurement user feedback even can get from the far corners of the world. As user experience at USECON is not just a term, but is lived, especially the active participation of the public in the foreground stood. Selected user experience were presented tools at different stations could be tried after the brief presentation by the audience itself. You had the possibility, to test the new Tobii glasses of the Swedish company and global market leader in eye tracking Tobii technology ( and analyze its own look history in the room or in a projected video. As an official reseller of Tobii on the Austrian market USECON also presented the stationary eye tracking system. This tool has been tried out by the participants live and showed what Chronicles of views and attention focus (called heatmaps) exhibit interested visitors on various Web pages. It was introduced Luigi of Sicilian and fictitious pizza sellers, its sale through an online ordering facility and a mobile application would like to stimulate.

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