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New PR Agency Starts In Dresden

August 31, 2019


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“New PR agency starts in Dresden daylight public relations international public relations offers first client project for the areas of technology, industry and renewable energy successfully Dresden started, February 5, 2008 under the motto success through communication” offers daylight public relations International (daylight PR’) from immediately a comprehensive range of services around the product and corporate communication. The services of the Dresdner Agency aimed especially at companies and organizations from the fields of technology, industry and renewable energy in Saxony, Germany and worldwide. Daylight PR’s services as full-service agency and consultancy partner daylight PR offers its customers a total 69 PR and marketing services in 10 service categories: strategic conception & consulting media work including Press Office service and press releases editorial services including technical articles, user reports, speech writing and corporate publishing, etc. Press events & events creation & production including graphic design communication Surveys photography documentation & success control training on daylight PR for its customers provides this basis individual PR packages, by targeted individual actions to long-term image campaigns. Know-how and experience daylight PR was founded by the PR consultant Stefan Lange. In the Agency environment, this supervised national and international companies in the technology and industrial sectors for many years. Expert network daylight PR attaches great importance to its partnerships with specialists of different departments in Germany and Europe.

This network of partners brings together expertise and creates flexible resources for the fast, efficient and cost-effective implementation of large-scale projects at national and international level. Added value for the customers in daylight PR companies and organizations find a partner who takes care of your entire product and corporate communication and brings together different areas of competence in one hand. Daylight PR offers tailor-made PR services for the long-term market success of its customers. This sets the Dresdner Agency targeted information, continuous presence and maintaining contacts. Quote of the founder of daylight is the light to the public and that is our philosophy”, says Stefan Lange, founder of daylight public relations international. Daylight PR moves companies or organisations in the public light and illuminated their characteristics when compared to the competition. Here we focus on a close partnership with our customers and their stakeholder groups.

Automation Plug

August 17, 2019


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The Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5 and 10.4 compatible PhotoZoom 4 Pro is for euro 169.00 from end of January, the 4 PhotoZoom classic for euro 79,00 now as German boxed version in stores or shipping and available as a download version of. PhotoZoom 4 in detail PhotoZoom distinguishes itself through an easy to understand and clear interface, so is the software for all user groups. Processing steps are displayed in real time in a large preview window life. Usually unsightly artifacts blocks formation are the problem at normal magnification over the given resolution across corners and edges. (Not to be confused with Robert Bakish!). Thanks to the revised S-Spline Max edges remain sharp technology, which realistically calculated the missing information for the magnification, and receive detailed structures. Thus, not only enlargement of digital images of over 800% are up to a resolution 1 million pixels possible, individual framing can be enlarged and reconstruct in detail so that they can be printed out as your own photos in the highest quality. Even photos, which come from the first generation of digital camera with low resolution or were made with cell phone cameras, can get up so high-quality for printing. Highlights of PhotoZoom 4 Pro and classic – latest S-spline interpolation algorithms with newly revised S-Spline Max technology – higher quality image enlargements, reductions without Kompressionsversluste – free definable fine-tuning tools for different types of images – reduce JPEG artifacts and noise – extreme enlargements: up to 1 million by 1 million pixels – multiprocessor support for rapid and optimal work flow – batch conversion: resize multiple images in one step – stand-alone application or Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop – full support of the color spaces, RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and lab – full support of metadata types EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and ICC profiles – supports 16 bits per channel (including RAW) supported image format – 32 bits / channel (HDR) images (with Automation Plug-In)-supports levels (with Automation Plug-In)-advanced support for image file formats (with Automation Plug-In)-to new versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Adobe Photoshop PhotoZoom 4 for casual and professional users with high quality standards will be compatible the software in two versions, 4 PhotoZoom Pro and PhotoZoom 4 classic in the trade come.

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