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Internet By Call – The Flat-rate Alternative

April 21, 2020


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Internet by call is an alternative method to fixed rates with the help of which can be dialed into the Internet. In Internet by call no fixed Internet access is required, there are no connection fees due and there is no minimum contract period, but there is for most providers the possibility of the Internet by call use only with an ISDN or modem connection, DSL is not this connect usually possible . Nevertheless, this is at first glance, so use a non-binding good possibility the Internet. evant resource throughout. On the other hand, it is that is required for the Internet by a software call, each of the providers is to get. This software is used to connect to the Internet and the cost of this to the next phone bill together due. The charges are the equivalent of course much higher than for internet contracts with minimum duration and it is here also with any dial-a dial-up fee charged. The exact rates are from provider to provider different and may be brought in experience if interested. All in all Internet by Call is a good alternative for all who use the internet very rarely and is a flat rate or a different rate due to the rarity of the Internet was not worthwhile. In any case, it is advisable in advance to learn about the different rates of Internet use by call, so that a suitable and cheaper provider can be selected. Often, it is unfortunately also true that the providers want customers no good way to offer the Internet, or the intention of lasting customer satisfaction and thus possibly to recognize the chance of a binding contract, but the provider only the possibility a fast earnings are off. It should also be clarified, where the use of the individual provider is possible and where not.

Nesting Social

April 20, 2020


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In 1988 if of a occupation of the Farm Luzia Saint for a group of people who had denounced not the fulfilment of the social function of this property, as it prays the effective Brazilian constitution: it competes to the Union dispossessing for social interest, for ends of the Agrarian Reformation, the agricultural property that is not fulfilling its function social. (…) The social function is fulfilled when the country property takes care of, simultaneously, according to criteria and established degrees of requirement in law, to the following requirements: rational and adjusted exploitation; adequate use of the available natural resources and preservation of the environment; observance of the disposals that regulate the work relations; exploration that favors well-being of the proprietors and the workers. (LEITE& AVILA, 2007, p16) Verified this not fulfilment of social function of this agricultural property, the Farm Luzia Saint, in 1991 is made the dispossession. The historical process of the Nesting Good Village Hope is marked by the dynamics of occupation and dispossession of the private land. The Nesting, whose history perfaz about 23 years, considering since the period of occupation, is fruit of processes of collective organization with participation of the church Catholic conferred after order of support of members of this collective one. The history of the Good Village Hope is born, necessarily, here in the garage where I received vocs, then one day I was here, (…) somebody I beat there there in the cadeado one, I I was to take care of, I was 3 people who had come to talk with me: Edinho, Carminho (it is essential in this history) and Ioi; in the truth, to communicate me, then, they had not come nor to consult me, nor to ask for that Church wanted to take account of this fight. They already had come previously with a ready decision and of a done meeting, saying that They had knowledge of a vacant theory; they knew that it was particular property, but that they, in summary, (…) were determined to occupy.

HomeMatic Central CCU

April 1, 2020


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Empty entry level solution for the establishment of the HomeMatic, May 23, 2011 with their configuration adapters USB and LAN the eQ-3 AG ( has expanded its product range for the HomeMatic home automation. By the adapter user can configure locally their devices via PC, notebook or NetBook, without the need for a HomeMatic central control unit. “With the optionally available software homeputer CL Studio” can be also easily operated the home control actuators and managed. The software is compatible with the operating systems MS Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Depending on the fact and requirement, the customer has the choice between USB and LAN adapter types. The basic functionality of the equipment is the same, they differ only in the type of connection via USB to the PC or LAN in the home network. The adapter serve as the central unit of configuration in the HomeMatic system. With the help of homeputer CL Studio “software of eQ-3-partner contronics can operate the system also from the PC.

The USB adapter, the device will just plugged in the USB port of the computer, then up to 500 devices to the system can be programmed. Home Automation via LAN the LAN configuration adapter is possible an integration of the HomeMatic actuators in a local area network. This adapter has an Ethernet interface and can one send too far away from the PC – or reception conditions favorable space be set up. Up to 1,000 components to the home automation network can connect with the LAN adapter itself, which also applications in building automation can be realized. Together with the HomeMatic Central CCU1, you can also use the LAN configuration adapter to extend the wireless range and also in larger environments than in the home range of robust and reliable solutions. Both adapters support also the TCP/IP based, object-oriented XMLRPC interfaces with the applications or integrating HomeMatic easily from virtually any programming language can be implemented via a PC.

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