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June 29, 2020


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Is texting and driving worth bring your life and the life of others in danger? Some people are just better at finding new ways to get themselves into trouble. ation. Holly Busby, who calls herself a “textaholic” driver, missed the memo: text is messaging on her cellphone while at the wheel of a car, wave, dumb. But even driving through the height of rush hour traffic doesn’t stop the Edmonton driver from texting. “I’m infamous for texting at a light, and not realizing it went green, and people honk, and one time I even missed a whole light writing a big long text,” she laughs. That’s nothing. Recently, she sending what text messages and she nearly ran over a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. Oops! “And I thought, like, what if they were a metre closer? It what a little scary,”she says.

Not scary enough to make her stop though – just scary enough to make her want to improve her dubious skills. “I’ll be able to text better while driving, and be more attentive, which I actually on the better now at than when I started.” But recent studies disagree. Researchers dialing a cell phone and occupying one hand find that, which should be on the wheel, is a dangerous distraction to a driver. “It clearly puts everyone at risk,” says on AMA spokesman, who says that adding text messaging to the mix “magnifies the risk of 20, 30, 40 times.” Washington State is the first jurisdiction in North America to explicitly ban drivers from sending text messages while driving and from talking on a cellphone without a headset. The thought of that law makes Holly Busby only more defiant. She proudly claims that she can already send text messages safely while driving forth standard-shift car, smoking a cigarette and drinking her coffee. Not only that, if you ask her, and she’ll tell you she’s so perfected the art of steering with her pinch. Imagine! And some people friends even more than Holly does enjoy sending messages to their.

Spacelocker has more ways to stay in touch than even a smart girl like Holly can dream of. Spacelocker’s meet me at my locker feature is a place like the hallway in front of your high school locker. It’s your place in cyberspace to meet and interact with SpaceMates, friends, and new users who are currently at their lockers. Click on a user who is your friend to be linked to their loose page. To send your friend a message, type on their message pad and click on send message. Send your friend or a stikkmm, or a sticky, or a free virtual gift. Or decorate their loose page with widgets, graphics, videos, pictures, music, and games. You don’t need a driver’s license. And you sure won’t knock anyone out of the crosswalk. And it’s a whole lot more fun than driving with your pinch. Spacelocker: The happiest space on Earth. Share the fun!

Vienna Treaty

June 28, 2020


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Two years more United States afternoons it formalizes his possession of the territory in the south-east of Cuba with the perpetual concession that the first Cuban president, Estrada Takings Palm, them it grants. This treaty Cuban-American established the total control and its jurisdiction of EE.UU on the bay of Guantnamo. An agreement that the Cubans signed with the condition of which their renters recognized in paper that the Republic of Cuba maintained the sovereignty of the territory. However, actually, the Cuban government does not have interference on the enclave. In addition, this agreement was renewed during the regime of Fulgencio Batiste in 1934 and included a clause in which it remembered that to dissolve this treaty it was required of the company/signature of both parts.

Since then, EE.UU send a check of thousands of dollars by the payment of the rent of the bay and that until day of today has an annual rent of US$ 4.085. The arrival of I castrate With the Cuban Revolution, in 1959, the relations between the island and its powerful neighbor were broken. Since then Fidel Castro and now their brother Raul, has refused to receive the check. Years ago, Fidel Castro showed a television channel the drawer of its full old check office to receive. The rent has been received once, at the beginning of the revolution, and only was, according to Fidel Castro, product of the general confusion and the chaos that was at that time. Of course, a fact that always Fidel will remember, because it made use of that money in that opportunity. After the triumph of the revolution, Cuba it has insisted that treaty Cuban-American is a violation of article 52 of the Treaty Law of the Convention of Vienna of 1969, which it establishes that a treaty is null if its approval were made under threats or the use of force.

Air Defense

June 26, 2020


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In addition, for the “Castle” designed for radio-bomb jamming. “Grad” multiple rocket system is the most famous in the world and is on armies of more than 50 countries. On the basis of this system are designed “Grad-I and the Grad-In. ” 122mm mlrs “Grad-I is created on the wheeled chassis ZIL-131 2C1 or crawlers with 36 runners; firing range of this system – 15km. For paratroop was developed by 122 mm mlrs “Grad-B with 12 runners. In 1974 sspe “Fusion” develops mlrs “Hurricane” with a range of 35km. As a base for combat, transport and loading vehicle used chassis ZIL-135LM. The system has 16 guides caliber 220mm. In 1988, weapons adopted by mlrs high power “Prima”. Connect with other leaders such as altavista here. This system is installed on URAL-4320 chassis and has a 50 caliber 122mm rails. Under the mlrs Prima developed special high-explosive projectiles, increasing the efficiency of destruction of 5-15 times compared with the “Castle”. Continue to learn more with: altavista. Presented before the system is used unguided rockets, and Smerch uses guided missiles that allows to increase the accuracy of a hit twice. The system is equipped with twelve 300mm rails and mounted on a car chassis MAZ-543M, and freight-loading system – on the MAZ-543A.

Firing range Smerch – from 20 to 70km. Volley by approximately 38 seconds, and the damage radius of a full volley reaches 60km2. Large radius of destruction caused by two-stage cluster principle. After reducing rocket head part is allocated to and from out cassette tapes of the fire back then combat elements (72). In addition to high-explosive bomblets used anti-tank and anti-personnel mines (self-destruct), and also bomblets. When discarding spbe revealed the first stage of parachutes, and then nominated by the antenna altimeter and infrared radiation detection device, at an altitude of 150m opens second stage parachute that slows the fall to 15msek. Catching Heat Motor spbe a shock core and at the height of 100m it shoots at an enemy. spbe not respond to a living force, guidance produced by the emission engines armored vehicles, armor 70mm. In the case of undetected target missile self-destructs upon contact with the ground. mrl has also been successfully used by the Navy and Air Defense. For the Navy created a complex “Dam” and “Rain” (to protect ships in the parking places from underwater commando forces), “Boa-1” (to protect ships from enemy torpedoes), “West” (to protect against submarines in the near zone).

Heiress Wangi

June 22, 2020


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Natasha exclusivity of the gift that she immediately sees the most dangerous processes in the human body, sometimes even in its infancy, when it is not possible to identify them using hardware diagnostics. And her the ability to instantly see the reaction to the applied treatment methods can find the best path to recovery. This gift, Natasha is not innate. It opened when she was 10 years. This was preceded by one interesting sovpadenie.Nezadolgo before his death, famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga said that her gift will go to the little girl who lives in a northern country. A few months after Wangi into another world, Natasha opened in his unique sposobnosti.Tochnost her diagnosis is easily verifiable, and this has led many scientists to draw attention to the unique gift of a girl.

The most meticulous research skills to the "girl-X" came the Japanese. They double in 2005 to do all the tests that Natasha has passed with flying colors. How accurate are the diagnoses established by Natasha? The accuracy of diagnoses was repeatedly compared with the results of hardware diagnostics, for example, with tomography. As confirmed by the head of the Center for Beam Diagnostics Mordovia Republican Diagnostic Center Alexander Syresin, Natasha, with excellent results passed the test. Typically, the depth of its research ranges from the analysis of the overall picture of what is happening in the body, to monitor processes at the cellular level. Here is one of many examples, which was shown in the movie, filmed on Natasha channel Discovery: One of the residents Saransk for six months unsuccessfully treated in tb prophylactic center for tuberculosis. Lack of progress in treatment caused him to ask for Natasha. To the surprise of this patient, she said that tb it does not, and there is a disease caused by other agent.

The name of the microorganism Natasha did not know yet, but offered to draw it. With the pattern on a piece of school notebooks patient went to Moscow, where in an appropriate medical facility doctor saw depicted in the figure granuloma. The patient was treated and recovered from sarkaidoza. Separately, we can say about another interesting side of her gift. Diagnostics conducted Natasha is absolutely harmless. This is confirmed, including, in the conclusion of "central expert-Qualification Commissions All-Russian Professional medical associations specialists Traditional medicine and Healer ", under the chairmanship of Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor V. Zagryadskogo. Here is an excerpt from this conclusion: " Diagnosis of the body is accompanied by pleasant for patients subjective impressions. Complications and adverse effects are not . diagnosis confirmed by hardware methods: Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, ct ". This is especially important for pregnant women. Today everyone knows that the so popular "ultrasound" is not harmful for unborn babies. But at the same time, many people want to know the sex of the child and how to pass it in utero development. On testing in Japan, Natasha identified abnormalities in the development of a 3-week fetus, which again is documented in the movie, filmed on a girl of Japanese broadcaster Fuji.

Digital Environment

June 17, 2020


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At present, there is a wide technical and scientific production where discusses guidelines preparation and design of documentary tools (taxonomies, thesauri, classification systems, lists of header, subject, etc.) adapted to the new challenges of the digital environment (the cave 1999, Lopez Alonso et al 2000, Shiri and Revie 2000, Garcia Jimenez 2004, among others). The digital environment has opened new prospects to the use and construction of documentary tools of terminological control for representation and retrieval of information, since it enables the reuse and interoperability between applications and resources. However, the consideration of actual cases of thesauri in digital media makes us question whether evolution in the conception of the role of the thesauri for document management, is real bearing in mind a digital environment. Analysis of some thesauri in digital media comes from the persistence of problems that were already present in the printed editions, for example, in the conceptual structure. It is from elements like this observation, we propose as the present communication objectives, analysis of the bases of the conceptual structure of thesauri, the establishment of the problematic elements, who will call pathologies 1(Barite 1995: 41), and the proposal of alternative solutions. This communication takes place in three sections as a result with the above mentioned objectives.

The bases of the general conceptual structure of thesauri in accordance with the latest revisions are presented in the first paragraph, theoretical/practical of them. In the second, problems (pathologies) discusses the conceptual structure of thesauri in digital media (ISOC thesaurus of psychology, UNESCO Thesaurus and EUROVOCThesaurus). In the third section, possible alternatives of solution of the problems analysed from the use of the concepts of ontologies as linguistic resource of first-rate arise for the design and generation of thesauri. Finally the conclusions and future research perspectives are presented. 2. Thesauruses in the documentation the conceptualization of thesaurus that we support considers the thesaurus as a kind of documentary language that represents the conceptual structure of a particular field of knowledge, and provides a semantic organization through the explicitation of the relations established between those concepts of the meaning of the terms that represent them.

IT Department Dictation

June 17, 2020


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New from Brainworks with the iPhone extends the Brainworks GmbH its portfolio of mobile devices, with the ProMobile software are compatible and thus offer the opportunity for digital voice recognition and processing. The Brainworks GmbH presents on time at MEDICA 2009 with the Apple iPhone compatible version of popular dictation software ProMobile. IPhone to the function of a professional dictation can be extended, thereby spared the otherwise Additionally necessary device entirely. With the modulation of our software solution for the iPhone, we expand our portfolio of devices for mobile communication solutions. “Our dictation software ProMobile supports dictation capturing, processing, and transmission via iPhone to existing digital dictation systems and thereby protects the data using AES or DES encryption”, explains Eduard Meiler, CEO of Brainworks GmbH. The menu is controlled at the iPhone via the multi touch feature of the screen.

ProMobile supports this functionality and can be operated with multiple fingers comfortably and easily. ProMobile turns the iPhone into a modern digital voice recorder. Users get a flexible and offers mobile dictation solution, the ease of use and reliability. In addition, our software complies with the current safety and encrypted dictation to the current standards. Created and edited dictations can be respectively sent via UMTS, Wi-Fi, GPRS or E-Mail to existing digital dictation systems and allow for easy connection to existing business networks”, so pile on. ProMobile is suitable for companies that have different hardware in use, there are all the settings from the Web console make and achieve a significant reduction of the IT Department. You can save not only time, but also unnecessary costs.

Interested visitors have the opportunity to sit at the booth of Brainworks GmbH (stand A51 in Hall 15) from 18 to 21 November at the MEDICA 2009 Products and solutions to inform. As a highlight the visitors can pick up, as long as stocks last, free versions of ProMobile. Learn more about the Brainworks GmbH and the products and solutions are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/brainworks / contact for questions regarding this press release: Andre Bernstein Brainworks GmbH dairy field 2B D-14532 Kleinmachnow phone: + 49 (0) 800 5 45 45 09 fax: + 49 (0) 800 5 45 45 07 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the Brainworks GmbH the Brainworks GmbH with seat in Berlin belongs to the leading providers on the market of digital Dictation management solutions and voice recognition systems. In addition to large and reputable insurance companies, tax offices and hospitals nationwide small- and medium-sized companies have for years on the software and hardware of the Berlin company, a strategic partner of nuance in Germany. With the use of the offered products, companies increase their productivity and reduce operating costs at the same time. The efficient dictation and document systems automate daily pending tasks in the Administration with the help of speech recognition and processing. The individual software programs are flexible in their application and guarantee to be used on the desktop or laptop, Tablet PC, thin clients, or PDA. Interfaces also allow combining with third-party products and existing on-premises applications as the acceleration of existing work processes in the administration.

Alley Software

June 13, 2020


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Alley Company Software participated in the Congress-Workshop Infodocum-2009, Guild of Managers provedennom Documentation in support of the State Duma and Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Government of Moscow, Institute of Documentation and Archives of 15-17 April 2009 in the Russian State Service Academy under the President of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 84). In the organization of the forum was attended by over 250 people: representatives of administrations and legislatures in most regions of Russia, regional districts, municipalities, service managers and IT preschool ministries and departments, the largest Russian enterprises, companies and banks. To deepen your understanding Sony is the source. Infodocum is an important event among the experts in workflow – this confirms the fact that the partners and sponsors of the event were companies such as EMC and Russia CIS, IBM, STC IWW, EOS, XEROX and many others. With a number of presentations made by representatives of governments and legislatures in many regions of the country, the Russian Federal Assembly, IT-companies. The round table "Electronic document management in management: Problems and Solutions' CEO Alley Software, Stanislav Kim in his report" Problems volley scanning and entering data into information system "shared years of experience in implementing projects of different scale scanning and data entry for commercial and government organizations. The report was highly appreciated by the audience – in their opinion, it was one of the few materials that not only touting the company's services, but also affecting the real problems that arise for customers in the implementation of projects on creation of digital archives. At the exhibition stand was Alley Software a number of presentations of programs and devices, in particular – you build a company, an electronic archive of STOR-M (ex Alley Archives) used in the organization of electronic storage of financial, project, technical, regulatory and other types of documentation.

As a specialized scanning equipment and document input stream have been shown scanners manufacturers Kodak and Canon, used by employees Alley Software in carrying out projects. "Alley Software participates in the congress, a workshop for the first time" – said Stanislav Kim, CEO of Software Alley – "and the experience was a success. Over the last year production of our company has been extremely demanded by the public sector, and therefore participate in the event, whose participants are mostly representatives of state institutions, it was extremely important for us and interesting. We also plan to participate in the congress and exhibition, taking place in winter and dedicated to document management in the commercial sector. We thank the organizers of the event and hope that participation in Infodocum will become a good tradition of our company, except that our company has serious plans for cooperation with the Guild of Managers documentation. "

The Walls

June 9, 2020


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The remaining material parameters (Insulation, sound insulation, durability, weight, cost and installation time) are tabulated and you will find the most suitable material for you, or listen to the opinions of experts, which are Based on technical specifications for your room will give you recommendations. When installing any wall material is necessary, above all, to partition the room. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kai-Fu Lee. Set the vertical and horizontal future partitions (in the construction of partitions primary tool for determining the vertical plumb line is normal, when using the water level can be assumed sufficiently grave mistake, because its accuracy is sufficient large). Only after will be stretched cords around the perimeter of the future septum (vertical and horizontal), you are ready for immediate installation. Learn more on the subject from Kai-Fu Lee. In no case do not allow to build a wall on the 'eye' or normal level, otherwise you will get a curve partition, the alignment that you take much more effort and money than time spent in the correct layout. If you choose pazogrebnevye blocks, before their installation is necessarily flat surface at the base of most walls (a kind of foundation) is not recommended to erect the barrier height of more than 2 rows per day (otherwise, there is a displacement and subsidence of the walls).

Blocks glued together with special glue. Electrical work Electrical work starts on site from day one. It begins with the dismantling of the old wiring, removing old wiring, sockets and other devices. Laid a temporary power system object. In parallel, begins laying the wires in gofrorukave in the floor, the walls and ceiling. The choice of cable type and cross section on the basis of technical tasks, ie calculates the load distribution in groups of sockets and switches on the breaker. The wires are placed in gofrorukave on the floor along the walls or beneath them, the wires to the outlets and switches are fed perpendicular or parallel to the floor, but not diagonally.

Wiko Construction Software

June 8, 2020


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One of the largest German planning companies opted for the wiko construction software Freiburg, mid-September one of the largest independent planning companies in Germany to control its projects for the project controlling and project management solution has decided with the OBERMEYER, Munich, group of companies wiko October 13, 2009, immediately after the start of wiko Bausoftware GmbH. With the new year plan are already about 700 employees of OBERMEYER + Consulting GmbH Germany and internationally their daily tasks in the project calculation, project management, and service entry with wiko cope. Interfaces to the SAP solution implemented at OBERMEYER guarantee the exchange of master data and movement data, and ensure consistent processes and information. A stylish floor lamps, practical baking forms in an attractive design, a beautiful wine decanter and new beer and bar glasses. That are just a few of the attractive novelties by Eva solo and Eva trio, which the Hamburger Lifestyle online shop now presented correctly nice

Solo, the award-winning, design presents the news from Eva solo Eva now innovative products for both the kitchen and the living. The baking forms with practical serving handles made of stainless steel are a novelty. The flexible handles are in a trivet and carrying bracket. The ends of the handles have a protective coat of bright silicone. At the table, eyes are folded down and so to the coasters. Is the baking dish is passed, so you folds up again the handles and the white porcelain bowl, moves it kept firmly by the handles, seat neighbor.

Another innovation is the wine jug made of glass. The designer by Eva solo have to present this beautiful decanter designed, stylish wine and to be kept. The elegant carafe also has the appropriate dimensions to wait for their next use in the refrigerator door. It has obvious one, for Eva solo typical, drip-free spout.

Easiest Software

June 5, 2020


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Real estate valuation for estate agents, architects, engineers and experts the real estate economy requires in many areas of valuations of real estate. Mikkel Svane may find this interesting as well. Ongoing reviews help to describe the real estate cycle and to uncover investment potential. All the actors of the real estate market faced regardless of their professional or professional background (Realtor, architect, expert, engineer, financier, developer) with the various evaluation tasks. Also the requested products, which are in particular are as varied as the valuation occasions: value calculations (without lyrics) short reports / opinions (on grounds of some important valuations) opinion (traceable and verifiable) the GfI has developed therefore a software, which is a simple, clear and compact, and meets the other products on the market required. Land value, comparative value, real value, earned value (3 variants) can ImmoWertV with the evaluation programme and Discounted cash flow (DCF) are calculated with few inputs. The market value is derived according to the user’s any from the valuation results. The software provides a calculation in the formats PDF and RTF (E.g.

Word) at your fingertips, so formatting and additional texts and comments are possible. Design no own reports and short reports and the users must construct, the GfI provides unique assistance here, too: depending on the software package (light, basic, standard or professional) template (Word) have been added to the commercial exploitation, in which the assessment results of the software can be inserted easily. Of course, even here any adjustments are possible. The software requires the rest no time-consuming and therefore costly training. So that might not be so experienced users can deal also with the basic fundamentals of the real estate valuation after ImmoWertV, the package already provides standard”a textbook company and contemporary to the Topic Introduction to the real estate valuation”included on. Packages of GfI (E.g. software with extensive help function, short opinion, textbook, opinion templates, boilerplate) will each value investigator, no matter whether casual or repeat offenders, offered a unique hand tool on the market. The new packages, as well as the free trial version of the software (10 days without any restrictions) are around the clock in the Internet (online service) available, just like the service team of GfI.

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