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August 19, 2020


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The views of the so-called Metadescription is worth it (Web Designer help with this step) and the headings: These contain the most important keywords? 5. the correct programming yourself test: W3C makes it possible quick is good, says Google. Therefore, a proper programming of Web pages is the be-all and end-all. Even non programmers now with just a few clicks to determine whether the programming is OK: just W3C on Google type, then be issued the appropriate sites with the free test instruments. This is very simple and provides clarity.

6. Toshiba contributes greatly to this topic. as is known that is a Web site on the Web: how many links she could collect? Search engines are recommended instruments. As in real life: the more people a specific offer for example a website recommend higher increases the Internet page also in favour with Google & co. The number of these links necessarily among the information, which should necessarily contain the monthly controlling when compared to the competition. More tips about customer acquisition via the Internet can be downloaded for free at Monika Thoma: Newsletter_bestellen about Monika Thoma: Dipl.-BW. (FH) Monika Thoma 1990 founded her first company Monika Thoma – text & campaign. Today, the marketing expert and copywriter with their brand is the Web Queen”to the recognised Internet professionals of in Germany. The work of Monika Thoma has sold in the past 21 years for a range of industries: from production through the craft and advice up to the service.

Strategies and Internet texts that make successful companies in acquiring customers via the Internet are its offer. Their goal is to help your customers, as a human being and as a growing business, to earn, to attract more clients and customers, become more money influential – and to have more free time, who can enjoy them by heart. “Contact: Dipl.-BW. (FH) Monika Thoma Web Queen” Aloisiweg 12 85049 Ingolstadt phone 0841 9932710 mailto Twitter webkoenigin Monika Thoma

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