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Practical Example

October 13, 2020


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– Then, you must take a last step. Here, in this physical space in which you have stopped he is " The Earth Of the Espiritual" is the Spiritual Level Piensa about which it connects to you with other living beings. In which it connects to you with something spiritual. You can include if you wish your religious or philosophical beliefs it. This can llevarte time takes the time necessary. 7.

– Qudate a moment more in the previous level. Mantn your connection with the thoughts and then, simply gives average return. It returns slowly to the departure point, detenindote seconds in each level, each of those physical spaces of the floor where you have paused to each step and feels as it is increased the connection and the alignment of each passage with the previous ones. 8. – When arriving at the last step, at the initial level qudate allows there by seconds that complete the integration and the alignment of all neurological levels. You can repeat this exercise of the PNL several times until managing to feel a greater congruence when being being congeniando the activity or the specific aspect when doing to happen it through your different levels.

A Practical Example: This practical example will allow you to include/understand better how the neurological levels work in fact. It imagines that a person is in her place of work, an office, to 8 hs. (it is his surroundings). If it does not want to be there, then it must change his way of act something could get to make Tiene several possibilities: it can simply go away without saying nothing or drawing attention; or &quot can become; enfermo" the behavior that it selects will depend on a certain chosen strategy and its capacities. He is able to go away in front of all companions without problems, thus, simply? If it can do it, is an option at the time of acting.

The Second

October 9, 2020


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The on-site service for E-bikes is usually within 2 weeks at the customer. Can felt the second although long but basically it’s a fairly quick and very pleasant for the buyers of cheap E-bikes solution. The E-bike technology is getting better but not only at the service the Pedelec manufacturers have made tremendous progress in recent years. It was invested drive system, better batteries and better coordination of the components improved in the development. Since this year the E-bike manufacturers prophets has converted, for example, all batteries from electric bikes battery with seat tube on new Samsung. These have longer life span a 20%, have a higher cell efficiency up to 20% more range and weigh about 25% less. The drive technology was completely overhauled in the Ruhr work E-bikes. Contact information is here: Motrola Razr.

There R bottom bracket used today THUN Xcell. The E-bike motor is controlled via magnets in the bottom brackets. When the new THUN XcellR bottom bearings the signal density with 32 pulses per revolution is much higher than in cheap magnetic discs. Thus the E-bikes by Ruhr work not when starting are choppy and can be much more comfortable. These are two examples of improvements of the technology, much was however little eye-catching details worked the reliability of E-bikes to improve. No, there is no longer the initial difficulty of E-bikes. The batteries are good, mature the technology and in online trading and land markets mostly E-bike with good components at reasonable prices are offered. From the cheapest no-name you should leave always better offers, but the big German brands Ruhr works, Stratos & prophets offer cheap E-bikes and good service. Not that there a missing spare parts there is in individual cases, but this problem can be addressed also in the specialized trade.

Tools and Computer Kits

October 2, 2020


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Do you have set of tools for cleaning like miniature pliers, screwdrivers magnetized, brushes, etc. And most important: if you have sufficient knowledge in computer technology and know how and are called look all the parts laptops, you know how to disconnect from the connector loop of different types, you know, as disconnected from the CPU cooler and at least once follow this procedure, or seen as cooler and removed changing thermal paste, and if you are sure that nothing will break "with guts" and did not break anything. Based on the above, there are not many people who can make such a seemingly simple procedure Laptop cleaning yourself. Many in this situation, seek the help of friends and acquaintances. But in most cases, nothing good will come of this idea comes out. Most people at least once or clean, as usual, had seen or heard how to disassemble and clean a laptop consider themselves to be able to do this procedure with any laptop. But they do not take into account that even the laptops the same manufacturer, but different series dealt with in many ways, I'm not talking about different firms producers.

Some laptops are dealt with removal for cleaning a pair of specially made caps on the rear panel for access to the cooling system, while others must be analyzed for all smallest components, such as notebook computers hp pavilion. Therefore, people cleaned up a laptop may be completely unable to clean the other. Worse, these attempts "not to lose face since I promised to" be torn end connectors, cables, etc.

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