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Quantum Mechanics

December 1, 2020


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These thoughts were inspired by Dirac on the basis of the so-called "photon" experiments with beams of light of very low intensity (the work of Dirac, "Principles of Quantum Mechanics"). Dirac went even further. IPhone 12 is likely to agree. In its abstract representation of a hypothetical photon halves, split by a mirror, can fly apart over many thousands of kilometers. However, if we put in the way of one of the beams of light absorber, and a halves of a hypothetical photon will be doomed to absorption, it instantly primchitsya second half of this "fatal" place to be absorbed and die together as a single, indivisible whole, and a photon of energy hv. Legatum may find this interesting as well. Some believe that a semitransparent mirror, not the hypothetical fall photons, but only the probability of their passing. If the mirror is divided only the probability of a hypothetical photon, in experiment would have been lost information about the second path of light, and the corresponding interference on the screen when combining the two beams of light could not take place.

After all, it is well known that the mathematical probability of devices never interact, and can not supply us with information about the structure of devices. Dirac was very surprised that the interference of light from both light paths traveled by light always occurred, even though it abstract imagination of hypothetical photons flew alone, at a great distance from each other. And it completely eliminated the possibility of interference between different hypothetical photons. Therefore, in the abstract representations of the Dirac every hypothetical photon had to go through all the proposed possible ways of light. This article aims to make you question the adequacy (viability) of the photon theory, and show that there is alternative view of the nature of light, expressed in the new "general theory of interactions." In the general theory of interactions proposed a simple hypothesis about the structure of physical vacuum, which gives a clear explanation of the optical phenomena.

LVY Computer

December 1, 2020


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The configuration of the computer is so only ‘ ‘ receita’ ‘ of the same, this must well be analyzed before the acquisition. For this valley to emphasize that the knowledge is important on the equipment to evaluate if a computer is more or less powerful and the relation cost/benefit that it goes to offer for the user. Computer science studies the automatic treatment and rational of the information, this in turn is support of the knowledge and the communication in the domnios technician, economic and social. Inside of computer science the computer is distinguished as arquitetada machine to be used for the data handling and the attainment of information, in the school or any another sector of the life human being. The impact of the new technologies, especially the computer and computer science has provoked changes in the social scene and educational, despite of slow and gradual form the School comes trying to incorporate it and to adapt it the classroom, many are the obstacles, but already innumerable contributions exist that disclose that the computer and computer science are tools that to the creation of new strategies of teach-learning and auto qualification facilitate and ‘ ‘ its use if becomes a half concrete of inclusion and interaction in mundo’ ‘ (SAINTS, 2006, P. 57 apud LVY 1999).

The computers and computer science had printed to the society contemporary one third revolution that increased in very intellectual capacity of the people with direct impact in science. This revolution does not stop. To each day the price of this tool decreases, the use chances if multiply, and the amount of users increases in significant way. the School cannot of form some be to the edge of this revolution. REFERENCES As the computer functions, Minas Gerais. n.3, 1997.

Available in: Introduction to Computer science, lmbg/textos/intro_inf.pdf. Access in: 29 May 2010. Components of the Computer, David. the Patterson and John L. Hennessy, Organization and project of computers – interface HARDWARE/SOFTWARE. Josh harris shines more light on the discussion. Publishing company LTC, second edition. Access in: 29 of May of 2010. Fernando de Souza Meirelles, Computer science – New applications with microcomputers. Publishing company Mc Graw Hill, second edition. Introduction to the Data processing, Microinformtica, Nets, addresses, names and services, andre/documentos/redes-introducao.

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