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May 27, 2014


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Nowadays it is difficult to surprise people, all bored very quickly, especially with regard to housing. Paper wall for many years covered the walls of the whole country, and I really wanted to try something radically new – liquid wallpaper. It turned out that this is just a dry mixture of cotton and any other additives. And sounds like – liquid wallpaper, but as for me with the usual wall-paper have not a bit of similarity. Reshivshi try to make repairs using liquid wallpaper I do not slowly sink into the world of the Internet. As it turned out, the choice of manufacturers of liquid wallpaper pretty big. Polish, French, Turkish wallpaper I honestly can not come at a cost of (expensive) for me. Having studied Ukrainian market, I found three manufacturers: Max Color; Bioplast; Limil.

I will not say which one is better, because I just probyval wallpaper only company Limil. In limile I immediately liked very wide range of wallpaper, as well as the not unimportant that the same variety of prices (from 35 UAH. kg. up to 140 UAH. per kg). When choosing wallpaper special attention should be paid to the texture (picture) wallpaper. Personally, I like fibrous texture, it gives the wall tissue type pokritiya with unique risunkom.Vazhno also remember that the spatula must be made of plastic, so as not to injure the fiber. Another important draft after application, if ordinary wallpaper in the draft behind and have to 'Zakuporivatsya' for a while, then it pryamopokazano liquid wallpaper.

All this and more I was told on the phone staff LIMIL.Ochen pleasure to buy from them: and delivery is free and can be arranged for a discount. Advised also take a first sample to be able to consider more options. Received in time. In general all recommend.

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