December 16, 2016


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When the bullfigthers left by the great door of the place, some fans approached the activists. Both groups got involved, and interchanged blows and pushes. The Mossos has not confirmed haltings. A group of fans to the antibullfighting bulls and activists in excess one in this place has carried out argument in the outskirts of Monumental from Barcelona when finishing this last Sunday, that ends the bullfighting celebration in Catalonia. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. While the three bullfigthers left to shoulders who formed the poster of goodbye of the Barcelonian enclosure for bullfighting, about twenty fans approached a ten of activists who continued pronouncing itself in front of the place against the bullfights and in dnsa of the animal. In the middle of certain confusion, everyone got involved in a fight with pushes and blows to which a fast intervention of the police put aim to avoid more incidents. According to sources of the Mossos d' Esquadra, had not stopped after the argument, and the antibullfighting activists gathered their placards and left the environs of the place. A poster that counted on the matador Jose Takings in force closed the bullfighting celebration in the Monumental one of run Barcelona with a last one before the entrance, next the 1 of January, of the prohibition of the bullfights in Catalonia. Source of the news: Argument between antibullfighting fans and activists after the last one run in Catalonia

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