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September 23, 2013


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This type of work product brings highly profitable business virtually automatically. Once you have the product page is assembled and is the sales system that works. Then you created a business that will generate a steady income while the product market demand thong. This is a technique that works through experience, trial and error, and your business relationship with others in the same medium, definitely something that comes with time and work, but is highly profitable and if you want everything you need you can find online. A practical example would be a book (which you write, you pay for someone to type in your name or have the right to sell) This text would have some requirements: Be in electronic form (the most common format is Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF ) Have demand, either in a very specific (Golf, Medical, climbing, etc.) or is of general interest (Health, Beauty, Personal Development, Business …) You have to buy a domain, host a page, the Text Listing and configure a recovery system, usually by credit card.

Then face the problem of Marketing, bring visitors to your site, promotions, guarantees … … Not Easy if you\’re just moving into online businesses. Selling own products on the Internet requires more advanced knowledge, however, you can start selling products from other people for a commission, and that does not require much knowledge and you can start very fast, the responsibility for collection, support and guarantees, directly from the company you promote.

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