Alzheimer Day

June 13, 2023


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When, after so many years as a finance Professional, I decided to start my own project directed to the care of our elderly, didn’t think the gratifying that could result. I must admit that so far only had heard of residence for elderly and senior citizens Center. The first time I heard the term day centre for seniors didn’t exactly the benefits they could bring to the user. I imagined a center dedicated to the care of the elderly; care and surveillance, but nothing more. But by vagaries of fate I met Vitali day centre, specifically its centre in Madrid.

From that moment, my concept of day Centre changed radically. Vitalia day centre appeared as a place of assistance specialized in the treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly through the activity. And all of this with our own methodology and innovative known as Hoffmann method, created by the founder of Vitalia in Spain, Catalina Hoffmann centres. Starting at Hence I doubted not that my project would hand of Vitalia day centre. Their specialized assistance centres have excellent facilities and unbeatable professionals who, through rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive, get that elders with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other hemiplegias really improve and gain in quality of life for themselves and their families. Cultural activities, workshops, psycho-stimulation programs, monitoring the medical record and complementary services help to promote the recovery and maintenance of personal and social autonomy of the older person. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue.

Also, Vitalia centers allow assistance in days and timetables adapted to the user. Without forgetting the leisure activities for the elderly, so necessary for your complete and comprehensive rehabilitation. Also transportation at home and Telecare adapt to the user and their families. Geriatric service is provided, also, by highly qualified staff and with tremendous dose of affection.

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