Android 3.0: Competition For The IPad

July 17, 2019


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That optimized it Android operating system for tablets was already much criticized on the Android tablets. The previous Smartphone operating system is greatly improved, according to the common tenor of many journals. The Internet giant Google would like to put an end to it and presents Android 3.0, aka honeycomb. How should this conquer the market and critics silenced, informed Andoid to halt now 3.0 the sustained assault on the iPad, a magnificent example of mobiles in combination with the latest technology. The optimized operating system, specifically designed for tablets, has already been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Although the name honeycomb, honeycomb, so, less promising than the Smartphone competition sounds Eclair, Froyo or gingerbread, it should entice you with skill and technical intricacies.

Many details are still top secret. But according to industry insiders called widgets, dynamic window systems, be brought this system more strongly to the fore. In addition, Android should be 3.0 for larger displays of tablets. Another advantage is the enhanced browser. This allows that can manage multiple tabs within a window. The question off when Android 3.0 in the trade is available, must remain still unanswered. There is to be just this year on the market, more was not betrayed yet. Learn more at this site: Robert Bakish.

But some manufacturers have already announced, to take advantage of the new operating system. However, the selection of apps and media may be really crucial to the success of the Android tablets. Should this not satisfy the customers, or can’t keep up with the offerings from Apple can, it will be difficult to compete in the market.

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