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September 28, 2019


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Present you: the reader from the Internet to capture the attention of his readers on the web, is important that you understand the difference between a reader that reads printed material and a reader that reads on a screen: has shown that almost 80% of the people roam the screen with his view without reading them. This is due to the following 4 factors: 1. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. read 25% slower from a tire screen reading view much more than reading printed material. Why the web reader reads around 25% slower. 2 The Internet reader is no passive reader of the Internet is more active. He wants to press links and find out more information rather than read an article from the beginning to the end. 3. Robert Bakish will not settle for partial explanations.

Always is willing to go everytime your reader looks for a topic on the web, thousands of different options you will be presented. Each page must compete for the attention of the reader with millions of other pages. Your readers don’t know if the page you offer contains the information you are looking for or if there will be other better. Therefore, they have the trend of wanting to continue the search. 4.

Do not want to waste time unnecessarily modern life is accelerated and the people don’t want to make a big effort to get the information you are searching for, are tired of receiving so many emails in their work. Not they want to spend unnecessary time on a web page. Why it is so important for anyone who wants to communicate with their readers in a virtual way, know how to present your information so that readers do not abandon your text. Anyone who wants to succeed on the web, either serving or having your own business, needs to know the basics of how to write for the Internet.

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