Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD )

November 5, 2022


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Today children in class often have attention and concentration problems that lead to poor academic achievement. Also, your restlessness can be so extreme that makes them virtually impossible to stay in their places of work. Because of this professional referrals to neurologists, psychologists and child psychiatrists have become a modality within the education system. Is also often go to special education teachers or psychologists to try to solve performance problems that afflict these children. However, the solution does not seem easy or affordable through a single mode. Requires the participation of a multidisciplinary team to assess, diagnose and treat disorders that can be found. Unfortunately not always have the facilities to access the various professionals and solutions require a long time in the hands of a specialist.

Then we will address briefly the concept of disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the problems caused in children who suffer. Learning Disabilities and Minimal Brain Dysfunction. Within the range of learning problems or learning disabilities or primary as some authors have called, Dyslexia, find those that are produced or that show any change in motor activity. The concept of minimal brain dysfunction 35 years ago emerges from the description of the symptoms of children with brain injuries who had no specific neurological symptoms that indicated the existence of a brain injury. Its most characteristic symptom was the “hyperactivity”. The issue was that there could be a brain injury that was not detectable by instruments on contemporary assessment. In 1962 the concept of minimal brain dysfunction was accepted by the majority of specialists from around the world, however, it was often used as synonyms of the term dyslexia and disability learning. More information is housed here: ???? ?? ??.

The expert opinion is that learning disabilities may exhibit symptoms of minimal brain dysfunction. Some of the characteristic symptoms are hyperactivity, hypoactivity and motor restlessness. Hyperactivity and motor restlessness are included within the concept of hyperkinesia. Hyperactivity is a motive disinhibition caused by external stimuli and has a direct relationship to minimal brain dysfunction, ie it is related to brain injury and is the most common learning disabilities. Moreover, motor restlessness is caused by a postural disinhibition caused by inadequate physical information (internal stimuli, vestibular or proprioceptive disorders). Finally, an underactive corresponds to an inhibition of the cerebral cortex and is less common symptoms of learning disabilities. Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit:.

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