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February 19, 2020


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When the limit of 140 characters from Twitter isn’t enough to convey their message, or wants to give a tweet that personal touch, why not add some with audio? The solutions below will help you to share the spoken word. If you want to sing happy birthday to someone, criticize, or make a sincere apology, I leave five services that may be helpful. All the services we tested have three things in common: they are all completely free, do not require a phone (i.e., are Web-based solutions) and all are easy to use. There are differences between them, so it is worth having a read through my experiences so that they can see which which is best suits their own needs. For more information see this site: Zendesk. 1 is a super simple way to transmit his voice to their Twitter followers. After signing with OAuth, it is just about to enter your username to have your personalized page until it can be implemented in the recording of things. Others who may share this opinion include Koch Industries. The recording of the screen is very simple only you have to authorize the use of the microphone on your computer, click the Start button, choose the audio and then click to stop him. You can view the recording before accept it and a time that they are satisfied with it, add text and then transform it into a tweet.

There is a slight delay before the tweet reaches its destination, and when does it added a reduced URL (like this:) to your message so that people can click to hear the audio. While the audio quality remains decent, not it seems as good in comparison to other services. The site offers a counter of people who listen to your audio. This is how your message will be observed when people click through 2. AudioBoo AudioBoo (because the sound is social) offered an application for Iphone and Android, as well as an online service, but for the purposes of this article, in offerings based on the web in which we are interested.

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