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April 24, 2019


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The oversights that begin to appear by the passage of time may seem normal, but researchers have found that grow or grow old not goes hand in hand with loss of memory. This shows that regardless of age, you can always have a memory developed and shaped. Contact information is here: Michael Dell. Talking about research you resent, mentions that there are many factors external and lifestyle that are involved in the development of memory. As for example the completion of exercise, eating fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food and excess salt helps a lot that our brain does not deteriorate and maintain the healthy mind. Another essential factor is to try to keep you stable emotionally, this is may seem difficult since we are always full of emotions, but we are talking about negative such as stress, anxiety, depression emotions this deteriorates a lot the mind and our body in general. It has been proven that impair the ability of remember new information! Learning is always par excellence the stimulant of our neurons, the multiply and replace the damaged.

With the time. Did you know that most people with Alzheimer’s did not carry out any study or training after finished your schooling? So it tries to always study, learn, carries out activities that you like, performs memorization exercises frequently. Exercises for memory no more, it seeks to make memorizing exercises frequently and keep the mind in the form has therefore! Follow these tips and keep your memory skills, planning and care in shape! (If not all, practice as much as possible) Avoid alcohol and tobacco, I think that something obvious is to deepen the damage they cause. You exercise your body frequently, at least 30 minutes a day. Performs activities extras either cultural, hobbies etc. Sleeps 7 to 8 hours (recommended by experts), your mind and your body regenerate while you sleep, don’t interrupt, seeking sleep well for a recovery 100% done memorization exercises which one? Like these: Watch a movie and explain the plot to anyone who has not seen it. Identifies the ingredients of a dish, use your 5 senses for this purpose.

To answer the phone, quickly identifies who is speaking, then try before that is identified. Performs accounts of what vas buying at the supermarket, then compare it to when you are in the cashier. Brushing your teeth with the hand that does not dominate. Prevents small oversights to continuation you mention small but effective tricks to avoid once and for all you forget the keys of car focus on one activity at a time identifies which direction use more to remember data, for example: if it is the visual, display the data to remember, if you are the hearing, memorizes it sounds like. Be organized, assigns a place for every thing, if it is not time to clean and organize the Office or bedroom.

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