Canon EOS 60 D

May 26, 2016


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A look at the new Canon EOS 60 d camera review-DSLR camera review: the 60 d is a great mid-range camera from Canon. The 60 d has the same sensor as the much more expensive Canon 7 d (18 mega pixel with 1.6 crop factor) and an ISO width of 100 was 12.800. also equipped the camera with a 9-zone AF (auto focus). Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. A Lord of great feature of the 60 d is the swivelling and tilting screen (3 \”). This allows creative photos in virtually any location\”. The screen is particularly interesting when HD video working with the integrated full function. To adjust the audio of quality of the video is Canon in the onboard mic a wind-noise reduction fitted.

Furthermore a stereo microphone jack was integrated, which can be calibrated in 64 steps. A dB makes visible the whole display during filming. The D60 is the first DSLR included such sophisticated audio technology. Who prefer images makes the EOS 60 d shank 5.7 pictures per second. Thus, the average consumer in the sports and action report should have life. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here.

The burst rate is 16 images in RAW mode (burst rate is the maximum amount of images that can be made with 5.7 frames per second). Then, the buffers on the card must be emptied. The image quality is, as expected, very good. Noise only really become an issue if you go above ISO 1600. The menu of the Canon EOS 60 d is similar to more modern with all other Canon models. The 60 d know also some additional features on. See Geoff Richcards for more details and insights. In particular these are enhancements that affect the picture modes. This additional image styles allow warmer and softer images (for the photographers who find postprocessing isn\’t that great). This kind of zusatzllichen functions extended the Lernkurfe with this camera. However, the extra time is well spent. The camera body is a little more difficult than that of the similar (but more expensive) 7 d. Austerity measures are likely to be. Compared to the 7 d, the 60 d has a metal housing with Kunstoffuberzug, the 7 d a magnesium aluminium housing. Conclusion: You can create no real conclusion about the 60 d. One DSLR camera range in the audio/video with a stereo microphone, super fine adjustments and a great 3 \”swivel – and tilting monitor wait for may, has no competitors in the HD video. In the screen area is the 60 d of our competitors did not. The quality is top. We is priced the 60 d at around 1,200 euros and thus in the same class their competitors. If you have to make a lot of videos, so above, the 60 d is definitely the best choice you can make.

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