CCTV Cameras

January 12, 2015


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The spy cameras, also called hidden cameras, installed or micro-camaras, they are a type of surveillance cameras which are characterised by their high level of miniaturisation, which gives them a few tiny dimensions making them virtually undetectable. Cameras spy are used for hidden surveillance, espionage or Counterespionage in places or situations where you want to be guarded but without being noticed, so do not care that cables are the camera. Features cameras spy are photographic or video cameras that are hidden, hidden, disguised or disguised as another object, used to film people without their knowledge. Cameras spy are often integrated into common objects such as smoke detectors, radios, alarm clocks, caps, plants, Teddy bears, wall clocks, key chains, watches bracelet, pencil, lipstick, pens, sunglasses, bags, or a jacket button. Often these devices tend to work according to their apparent purpose, as the cameras espia-pluma who write really. Let\’s look at some important features in cameras spy: can be a stand-alone device or part of a system of video surveillance CCTV or IP. Wireless or wired connection.

Recording of images, either in a device (PC, VCR or DVR) external or internal (HDD, memory card or USB memory stick). In color or black and white. Cameras spy can incorporate microphone to capture audio. If you have presence detector, will only activate when movement is detected. Powered by batteries or mains adapter.

The resolution of the cameras spy not tends to be very high, from 320 240 pixels. Applications the cameras spy have become popular by its increasingly affordable prices, its ease of use and the benefits offered. They have numerous applications: monitoring of dwellings. Surveillance of the home, for example, to monitor the activities of caregivers or nannies. Security of business premises. Control of employees and centers of work. Researchers private in cases of marital infidelity, or researchers from insurance companies in cases of fraud. Journalism via hidden camera. Reality television shows of hidden camera. Capture images from unconventional angles, for example in sports broadcasts. Legality of cameras using spyware for video surveillance of people, include or not recording video and/or audio, affects fundamental rights such as the right to privacy, personal reputation, privacy, honour and the secrecy of communications, by which previously in the use of cameras spy the existing, very changeable law of a country should be checked to anotherto not to engage in crime. It should be noted that the rules applicable to video recording and audio recording, which is part of the laws of wiretapping is different on many occasions. For this reason many cameras spyware do not have audio recording, since in many countries it is illegal to record audio. Source: Original author and source of the article spy cameras.

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