November 21, 2016


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All presented in the Ukrainian market chain saws can be divided into three classes. Household. Designed for short works. Possess a minimum of functionality, design of these saws and their engines is extremely simple, because there are relatively inexpensive. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. Semi. Suitable for construction and repair works, and for felling trees.

The only "weak point" – they are not designed to operate for 8-10 hours a day during the whole year (which is primarily due to the construction of the motor chain saws). These saws are often used as delimbers as lumberjacks. Professional. Have a high capacity (as Typically, more than 2.5 kW) and are mainly used as a "Valenod" Saw. Able to work day after day throughout the year to 10 – 16 hours a day, their range of possibilities is very wide. The engines of these models as adapted for prolonged heavy use. Determine which type of chainsaw, not too difficult.

Household and professional models are equipped with mostly narrow tire, but the first one it is attached, while the second – two screws. Professional saws are equipped with a broad headset, which is based on two screws. SECURITY SYSTEMS The most dangerous moment in the operation chainsaw is considered a "kickback" – sharp garbage tool in the direction of the operator. It occurs when the end of the bus "meets" with the surface of the treated wood. And if not instantaneously stop the chain, it can be seriously injured. Controls such contingencies special brake actuator which serves as a two-position flap, located in front of the left hand of the operator. Before starting the chain saw he was transferred to the state "closer to the hand" and thus put on the squad. In a "kickback", he rests in his hand and instantly stops the chain. The lever is able to change the situation of an "interaction" with the operator, simply by inertia.

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