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July 16, 2015


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Summary of the book the order of the Speech of Michael Foucault FOUCAULT, M. the order of the Speech. So Paulo: Loyola editions, 1996. Trad. Laura Fraga de Almeida Sampaio.

In the book where Michael Foucault pronounced when assuming the vacant chair in the Collge de France, in 1996, with update in 2010, which had to the great success and the deep relations and correlations between the practical discursivas to be able and them they permeiam that them and they control the speeches in the society, they are for forms of being able and of repression, as the author strengthens when he describes ' ' I assume that in all society the production of the speech is at the same time controlled, selected, organized and redistributed for certain number of procedures that has for function to conjure its powers, to dominate its knowledge random … ' ' (p.8-9). Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. In elapsing of the speech, Foucault clarifies that all speech is controlled for the interdiction, that is, taboos for the speech exist, and that, the right-hander is not had to say everything to any person, in any place or circumstance. According to Foucault, in the society types of taboos that still leave the speech, far from being exist transparent or neutral an element, that would be: the politics and the sexuality, where the sexuality if disarms and the politics if it pacifies, disclosing to the linking between desire and power (P. 10). The author still approaches another principle, of exclusion, thinking about the opposition between reason and madness, where, an insane person is that one whose speech cannot circulate equally to the one of the others, therefore can occur that its null considered word either and is not received, or still, the society does not understand it, and the speech became a noise, only being seen with masked truth in the theater, and thus exactly symbolically.

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