January 11, 2015


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If these worldwide computer habras played the word defragment or defragmentation of the hard disk, and not everyone know what it means. It is a term that defines the process by which files on a disk in such a way that each one is in a contiguous area with no gaps between them are arranged. In small words when we delete and overwrite the hard drive these new files tend to not stay in adjacent areas, so a file can be split into many pieces over the disk and slow returns the same, with the desfragtamentacion travel eliminated those spaces on the disk. Many programs perform this process to compress the distance between files and accelerate the performance of the pc, thus windows itself has a native function to perform this feat, but we focus on excellent free programs for this task. Programs to defragment the Defraggler hard disk with Defraggler can defragment individual files or the entire hard disk. UltimeDefrag, this application improves the performance of the hard disk through intelligent file placement capable of moving the most commonly used files. Smart Defrag the main cause of the slow performance of PC is the fragmentation of the disk. These software are free and operate in the same way and even better that the own native windows program to unzip the system, if on the other hand you don\’t want to download any software can read the instructions how to defragment your pc navitamente in how to defragment the hard disk microsoft official forum..

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