Electronics And Knitting

April 8, 2018


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Knitting – one of the oldest types of arts and crafts, which ipolnilos more than three thousand years. Clothing was discovered in ancient tombs in Rome, Greece and Egypt. Interest in knitting for neskolkihtysyach years, not only did not die on the contrary, he is constantly increasing. Psychologists say that in general needlework and knitting in particular has a positive effect on the body. The popularity of knitting defines beauty and original knitwear, creating warmth and comfort. Some women knit products to order, getting a lot of money, others find in it a kind of hobby that a lot of fun. An extensive range of colors, variety of combinations of tones and shades, one or other texture applied thread – all of this together allows you to fully exercise their imagination, taste and skill. In the manual knitting, you need to dial all the loops and then begin to knit. All loops are held on the spokes, while the work is the one closest to the end of the spokes. After completing a number followed by a rotation and work in the opposite direction. Today mankind enjoy the fruits of technical progress and gradually hand tools fade into the background. Knitting machine speeds up the process of knitting and allows you to concentrate on the creative power of the processing of the finished model. The main components of the knitting machine – knitting needle and slide the bed with 200 needles. Knitting carriage is made of plastic or metal with a handle and a large number of switches. Loops are recruited for each working needle, which reside in work. Upon completion of a number is not necessary to deploy the product wrong side, it is enough to move the knitting carriage in the opposite direction. Silver Reed – electronic knitting machine, which is ideal for create professional models jerseys. knitting machine contains two identical Fontoura forth one against another, and, accordingly, two carriages running simultaneously or alternately. On such a machine might knitting fabrics and all kinds of weaves through them. Uzoroobrazovanie responsible for electronic component or an ordinary computer is mounted with a software KnittStyler. Among Knitting keeps popping up and the men who successfully master this interesting kind of needlework. Become an author and designer of their dresses, do not be afraid to experiment, create!

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