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June 5, 2023


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Lots of knowledge and information related to health, success and quality of life in the upcoming ROMANUS lunar calendar, of the famous Moon expert Dipl.-ing. Michael Romer Stuttgart/Remshalden – the Moon is for the tide, ebb and flow, responsible. This is well known to most people. That this power but probably affects much more, than just the movement of the oceans, is an old, surviving in many cultures science for themselves. If you have read about David Treadwell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Also the farm rules are widely known. In part, these are also based on empirical values that can be mapped to the Lunar rhythm. Dipl.-ing. Michael Romer, author of the ROMANUS of book of moon Moon knowledge at a glance and co-author of an already very successful in the German-speaking Europe lunar calendar, deals for many years with these findings.

For over 2 decades, he deals with the alternative path, astrology, and the rhythm of the moon. He now combines his experience and developed knowledge of this study, to which is below the slogan: Health success – quality of life the ROMANUS lunar calendar, which appears for the first time for the year of 2011, to fill. It is a lunar calendar, as it so far still not has given him in this category. This calendar, which represents not only the Lunar rhythms, but due to its unique structure is simple and well structured explained also the rather inexperienced Lunar enthusiast, will be selected from specialist shops, or on the Internet at to get now. The masterpiece combines not only the Lunar rhythm with the zodiac signs, colors, tips and tricks, but accents by many more interesting content, such as the doctrine of the herbs and stones of Hildegard von Bingen and not to last through the fascinating look in this section. The power and the magic of the moon be limited not only to bring light into the darkness! As Dipl.-ing.

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