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November 2, 2014


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Petersburg, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia. Draw – we live metal frame construction technology building differs from traditional methods of construction due to their structural features. For residential high-rise buildings bearing frame is made of black rolled and welded profiles of individual section. In turn, steel grade depends on climatic conditions. And if the southern and central Russia fit the standard metal, the need for North alloy steel. On the metal frame attached external wall. For the individual dwellings for these purposes, "sandwich" panel.

This multi-layered elements, consisting of two facing steel plates and heat-insulating layer between them, made of polystyrene foam, mineral wool or polyurethane foam. In most cases, their dimensions are: length – 2,5 12 m, width – 1,0 1,2 m, thickness – 50 250 mm. Exterior walls of low-rise and high-rise collective houses run facade of thermocouples, which are large-panel self-supporting construction of full operational readiness (option panel in Fig. 1). They consist of multiple layers to ensure durability and low thermal conductivity for the entire construction.

For example, the front thermocouple company (Finland) Series Nordikon or Energikon consist of a frame on the basis of thermo Termo, insulation, vapor barrier, and bilateral plating from drywall. The perforated wall is made of thermo corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with thickness 1,0 2,0 mm. To simplify the installation of such thermocouples already in the factory equipped with built-in doors and windows of aluminum and pvc profiles with one-or triple-pane windows. To diversify the look of the building, such details are faced with may different materials or grout. Depending on the Climatic performance thick wall panels can be from 50 to 200 mm. Panel homes for the Far North are equipped with additional insulation. Figure 1 "Thermal resistance of Modular buildings – says Konstantin Kapustin, Head of the Housing Construction, – can easily be brought into compliance with any climatic conditions and customer requirements. It's enough to pick up the necessary thickness of the insulation wall panels. The inner walls of these houses are usually made of frame sections (panels filling the interior of non-combustible soundproof material) or from gypsum partition blocks. Such an approach guarantees the highest quality of construction of the walls. Stable trend of the last time was the construction of complete residential buildings of metal. The entire set of building elements, including domestic utilities, supplied by one manufacturer. Such a project will be implemented in the construction of residential housing complex in the village. Dagomys Lazarevsky district of Sochi. Existing practice of domestic construction industry and many years of European experience shows that the construction of buildings on the basis of metal in compliance with the rules and regulations assembly allows you to build houses that effectively protect from the impact of external cooling, overheating, blowing, precipitation, and noise and, hence, "the weather at home will always be good. Elena Grishina

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