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November 2, 2014


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Explained above, it is understood that it has paid for exclusive products or that you have purchased some that circulate in the market, in both cases you can copy, paste and post (if it is articles) these products on a Blog or Web site. But that is not the only option. In This series of articles which I have called turn your ideas into profits, you\’ll be showing other ways of using the Plr products, particularly articles. Please note the following: If you plan to use the products as it acquires them, at least change the title of the article to one that not only is to your liking, but that is attractive to your readers. In addition, modify the first paragraph substantially, and if you think that you can\’t or don\’t want to contribute more of its part, leave the rest as you purchased it.

By now I should mention that there are some tools that allow you to make changes to their articles, so these are not equal to those who circulate in the internet network and so, offers unique content to its readers. This must be so, since as I mentioned earlier, when the products have not been hired for exclusive use of our business, there could be too many circulating on the web, and you don\’t want to offer what the world offers. These tools that I mentioned are programs (software) special to modify items without losing the main or original ideas. If write, burn you like audios, videos, preparing courses, seminars and other resources, and have the time to do it, obviously you don\’t need the Plr products. This is an option for those entrepreneurs who feel that they have no ability to write or create a product or, if they have the skill, do not have time. You decide!

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