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January 26, 2015


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As we approach Christmas much people start to turn a head on what to give to your boyfriend, husband, cousin, brother, father, friend, etc.The gift ideas for original and curious things already begin to dwindle after making so many gifts for many years. One of the best ideas in making a gift to a man is therefore resorting to technological gifts that are always well received in the vast majority of the male audience. Everything related to computers, players of music and video, video games and various gadgets, always liking us, to a greater or lesser extent, most of the men.Gadgets related computers always have very good acceptance, mainly, since many of these gadgets provide a utility to the user that goes beyond the simple grace or curiosity. For example: a heater of Cup usb, is a gadget that does is heat a Cup when plugging the usb cable into the computer. In principle, it seems a simple curiosity or Graciet, however you are offering a service to the user\’s computer that you will not need to stand up to heat your coffee and you can dispose of at anytime without it has cooled you. At first glance it may seem silly, but it is a product that is contributing something positive, albeit in a very small proportion, quality of life or the working conditions of the individual user.

Like the heater\’s Cup usb, there are many other examples of gadgets that contribute something positive in our daily life. A mini usb fridge which in addition to its design, shaped like typical American fridge of the sixties, with capacity for a can of soda or beer, manages to keep the boat drink fresh and avoids have to get up to the fridge.As you can see, although they may seem useless gifts or simple nonsense, is not true in the vast majority of cases and, therefore, are original gifts for man, useful and funny with which to be able to surprise anyone. And we want them very much, but at the time of give away, there are some rare but that very rare in my family live with the King of the rare, my father. It is difficult to give because you have all kinds of cachibaches nonsense that does not use, because you buy them without notice and in addition it has a very annoying mania when a gifts for men falls into their hands. It gives them turns, you apretuja them, trying to guess what is before you open it! But one that is rarer still, decides not to fall into the typical shirt and declare war on his father, trying to surprise you after Christmas, birthday after birthday. I know that I am not alone in the world of rare men who don\’t know what to give to a man, I decided to do a guide to what Valentine, as I did last year here, willing to all the rare men of the world are caught the next twelfth night! I hope to help you!

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